Strive isn't real

  1. Damn, you opened my eyes. I was just playing "Strive" and I decided to clean my glasses. Turns out I was just playing Arcana Hearts the entire time!

  2. I thought I'd been playing Strive for over a year, but this post made me realize I've been living like a wild man along the Appalachian Trail surviving off psychedelic mushrooms this whole time. I knew those Nago buffs couldn't have been real. I have to call my family!

  3. This argument is a classic example of a fallacy fallacy, where direct physical data is being ignored and the method of argument is being used to disprove conclusions without actually disproving the conclusion.

  4. You have opened my eyes. I now see that all my time "playing strive" was actually spent thinking about tekken. Thank you for showing me the truth, now I am free to think about other things like virtua fighter.

  5. The other day I was playing strive and I thought to myself: "Lews, haven't you been doing peyote for like, three straight days? And couldn't all of this just be in your head? ... And it was!"

  6. Do not accept bourgeoisie lie that is Strive. Reject this modernity and return to XRd. Return to the lab where we all belong.

  7. I don't play fighting games, so I can't comment on your main point. However. I'm a big fan of Daisuke's music. He has definitely released an album named "Strive." Maybe this is why people are confused?

  8. Where did Bridget's new design come from then? Not saying you're wrong, your points are very valid, km just curious.

  9. What about the game case on my shelf that says Guilty Gear -Strive-? Did I accidentally go to Best Buy and get the wrong game?

  10. Congratulations, you reached the bolsonaro's followers level of logic and argumentation!!!!! (the Brazilian "trump")

  11. I thought I was playing a character named nago this whole time, turns out I was having a fever dream, and I wasn’t playing a fighting game, I was watching the blade movies.

  12. The first time me and my friends launched the game we couldn't believe it was real, I still think Strive is just a one massive hallucination

  13. Counter argument, it took me ten years to play rev 2 I forgot about it in 2 seconds. But I remember strive. Checkmate atheists

  14. Dude. When you go on Steam and actually buy both Strive and the season passes, your wallet will make the game real for you. Even if you get bodied in both ethical and unrespectfull manners.

  15. It is not a parody of something else. I just wanted to post "strive isn't real" with no context but that wouldn't be that funny to anyone but me so I added some context.

  16. This is perfect. The only thing that could make it better is if there were a truncated version for twitch copypastas.

  17. Do you ask the sun why it shines? The flowers why they bloom? Sometimes good things do not need to be explained, they simply are.

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