I would unironically buy a singleplayer content dlc.

  1. I’d love the return of EX characters with an EX Arcade where every character is buffed to boss Nago level. Just make it absolutely cursed, that is all.

  2. I'm glad dnf duel is getting something like that, the idea is really cool... But yeah, strive's survival is a straight bummer

  3. GG final bosses ARE "character but on crack" though. Leopaldon is the only exception, and that is for a weird FFA/beatemup game

  4. I'd pay for something that's sort of novel, like maybe a M.O.M. equivalent or something along the lines of GBFVS rpg mode. I love modes like that when I'm maybe in a slump online and just want to beat on the hapless cpu.

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