Why was Elphelt not in the season 1 story?

  1. Who knows they definitely haven’t forgotten her since she appeared in the ending of the main story but it’s weird how she’s been intentionally excluded. Maybe if season 2 has a story chapter she’ll show up

  2. Probably cause she wasn't a DLC S1 character and isn't a DLC S2 character. She'll show up in the story when they want to sell you on buying her DLC.

  3. They prob just haven't made her model yet. Although yeah, it is disappointing/weird that we've seen Ram, Sin, and even a little bit of Dizzy but not Elphelt.

  4. So Daisuke actually stated in an interview that he intentionally delayed putting her in Strive's story and roster so that all of the people who have PTSD from getting beaten by her have time to mentally and emotionally heal.

  5. I mean, I'm not surprised she hasn't made an appearance yet, but I do wonder what she's up to right now. We haven't seen much of Dizzy either, maybe Elphet's been hanging around with her?

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