Hello guys, I'm Daisuke Ishiwatari, here's a little teaser for tomorrow's character reveal. I hope to see you tomorrow and keep on rocking!

  1. He'd need a more intricate suit but with his football zoning and robot arm dragon punch I could see him as a Ryu type with a arm refueling mechanic.

  2. Why not Frederick? He seems like a cool guy. Kind of reminds me of Sol, but there is no way they are the same person… I mean, Frederick uses glasses

  3. Faust players have a disease where they are physically incapable of doing anything other than complain. It’s infectious, and I hear it got to the Anjis.

  4. What's your take on the current situation in South Africa? Please come back and be our new president. We can call it Eastern Daisuke Kingdom.

  5. President Vernon definitely got me hyped during the story mode, but I can't help but think his design is a little too simple to fit in with the rest of the cast. I can imagine him having some very cool moves involving his robotic arm though.

  6. If this really happened, how many other fighting games let you play as the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES?

  7. Off the top of my head, two. Samurai Shodown 6 has Andrew (Yes, Andrew Jackson), and Rival Schools has Roy Bromwell, who is basically Capcom's Chipp Zanuff although less interesting.

  8. You joke, but this man can launch footballs with the force of a rocket. He also has more screen time than anyone else other than Sol and maybe Happy Chaos. #makevernonplayable

  9. I still frequently spin the soundtrack to GGX Reload when I'm in the mood for shred, sweap between it, Jason Becker and Tony MacAlpine without missing a beat, fucking amazing 🙌

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