no left turn from stone to Edinburgh heading south

  1. Sign supersedes the light, sure, but you can bet your ass I turned left there last week when I got that advanced green.

  2. To all the people turning left going this direction at 8:20 AM, I may be in a car behind you yelling with the windows up about the giant no left turn sign while I wait AGES for you to be able to turn and then sit at the red again because you couldn’t get through. Also I realize this is not something to complain about, but every morning I am irritated 😂

  3. Literally every other time I am at that intersection someone turns left and stops all traffic behind them.

  4. It's pretty disappointing that the traffic department puts zero effort into improving traffic near construction and not modifying the traffic lights.

  5. City of Guelph: hey what if we make all the crosswalks in the city automatic so people don’t have to push buttons? Yeah, let’s do this like yesterday!

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