Help Growmies! Maybe you guys can help me out. I have fought fungus gnats for what feels like an eternity. I have tried everything I can think of. Less watering, Diatomaceous Earth, BTI and even drying the soil out which isn’t good for living soil. But still these fuckers come back. Suggestions?

  1. I've had success with spinosad, typically spray prior to flower and then a topsoil drench, just enough to wet the top 2" or so, not sure how well it will play with living soil for those 2" though.

  2. I have been doing pest control for over 12 years, you can buy a electric fly light on Amazon the one with two tube bar lights on it $40 , get a giant rat glue board but a banana peel in the middle of it

  3. Try putting a small bowl of apple cider vinegar at every point of entry heard itll work.. but Iv never tried so get back to me if you try and it actually works

  4. Buy "Mosquito dunks" and keep one in a cup of water. They will drown in it. You can also buy this yellow sticky paper that attracts them and they stick to it. I use the mosquito dunks with good success. I've never tried the yellow paper but I hear good things.

  5. Nematodes, never tried it but read it’s effective. I use yellow sticky traps, neem oil, & D.E., none of it worked. But my buds did come out fine, (growing in DWC tho) and I was fighting a lot of them. In retrospect I was probably smoking them stuck to my wedding cake 🍰 but I’m alive and got high af sooooo, whatever works lol

  6. Use sticky traps!! That happend to me when I ran out if soil that I got from the grow store. The soil from home depot gave me the worst gnats! Hang the traps at canapy level. They will help greatly reduce the amount u have.

  7. I use mosquito bits, I soak the bits in water for a little while in cheesecloth, then water plants once a week with it and it kills them all.

  8. Gantral or azamAx soil drench 1-2 times a week for 3-4 weeks….honestly unless super bad I wouldn’t even worry about it a few gnats isn’t gonna hurt final harvest

  9. Ive been using Gnatrol twice a week for I believe two weeks now and i guess its helping a little bit really haven’t seen a big difference so far. And its like a damn infestation unfortunately

  10. Let soil dry out and then water with a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 4 parts water. The hydrogen peroxide will kill the larvae on contact. Follow up with sticky sheets to catch any remaking gnats.

  11. Mosquito Dunks one per pot , spray top of soil with essential oil mix, let that shit dry out in between watering.

  12. Mosquito bits. Sprinkle on top of soil liberally and water in. They release a bacteria the gnat larvae eat that kills them. Along with Yellow Sticky Traps its the best way i've found. When you start each grow build your pots early and water them with bits before you even plant. Then add some more on top two weeks after the seeds sprout. I keep gnats knocked way back this way. Some grows don't see any.

  13. Have you tried the bottle trap trick? Like some sugar water or soda and they get trapped in there... or at least most flying pests except mosquitoes... I think it should work for gnats as well but unsure.. I figured it was worth a mention

  14. I appreciate it! And yeah my 2gal grassroot pots have like a 2-3 week dry period before transplanting. Tent also gets a complete wipe down twice in that time period as well. I think they just reproduce faster than i can kill them lol

  15. Water when the light first comes on and dont keep the soil soggy. Let the soil dry out before watering again.

  16. Get a full garlic bulb,plus 4 hot chilli peppers.Crush these in 2lt of water.put in spray bottle n spray pots floor,everywhere bar the plants n pot that does the trick👍

  17. As long as it’s not super infested with them your plants will be fine but I also put fly sticky traps right near base of soil to help combat them but always have some

  18. Put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl pr something and secure it but leave enough room to make a good dimple. Poke a hole in that and it should attract the gnats they go in and can’t find their way out.

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