This is my 18 days old seedling, it’s a feminized XXL Critical by Seedstockers. But I’ve noticed slow growing and the leaves are turning yellow. What could it be. The yellowing started on the cotyledons leaves, those are now dead. Please help.

  1. That doesn't look like an ideal soil for seed starting from what I can tell, so this is probably nutrient burn or overwatering or a combination of the two

  2. And actually I think I overwatered her cause when the cotyledon leaves turn yellow it was really quick and the soil looked wet wet

  3. I highly recommend Ocean Forest soil. Go find some at your local grow store. I'd transplant it to that. And put it in atleast a 5 gal fabric pot with a saucer underneath.

  4. So just transplanting or do I need to remove all that soil, leave just the seedlings and it roots, or just repot it in a bigger pot?

  5. I think that’s what happened, I actually germinated 5 seeds, only that one was able to break and grow her root, the other ones just were able to break the shell.

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