Day 1 of flower. Just defoliated and put up scrog. Preparing for the stretch and hoping to create nice canopy. They where in veg for 8 weeks. In earthbox’s. Using build a soil amendments and living soil. Any feedback is welcomed.

  1. My advice. Don’t flip to flower until every branch top has reached the net. For those that are ahead of others, just bend them to move them under the net sideways while the lowers catch up. Once all your tops are even at the net, shave her legs under the net then flip to flower. I don’t think your plants are gonna stretch to reach the net. They might, but judging by their size 8 weeks into veg they don’t seem to be growing very big and I imagine they won’t stretch that much. just my 2 cents.

  2. Maybe try lowering your scrog since you have a ways to go until it reaches. I would of vegged them a little longer to get them to fill out more.

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