(New guy here) Is this fungui or deficit in minerals? Should I remove affected leaves? It’s a 3,5 weeks old Purple Queen, and recently started producing this symptom. Her sister is perfectly normal

  1. You can make your life a lot easier by just ph some water and checking the level before watering. That way you know exactly where you are. It looks like u might need some calmag.

  2. I use a 5 gallon bucket and mix all my nutrients up in that bucket. Then use that water for watering my plants. Check out general hydroponics. Their a simple system to use.

  3. Thanks for the replies! Only thing I don’t understand is why not the other 2 plants having these issues. I put the same amount of nutrition in the same type of soils and I water all of them with the same water? Weird

  4. Are these plants clones or sisters? Just because one plant likes something, doesn't mean the other plant will. Do sisters ever get along? Do they ever like the same things growing up? No. So keep that in mind. They each will have their own preferences. Especially if these plants are different strains. I had this issue before. I had 3 seeds of the same strain. They were not clones though. One plants was purple and red color, while the other two were green. One was more bushy then the other two as well. I found my seeds in my medical Marijuana and decided to grow it. The rest was history. You will learn more and more as you continue to grow.

  5. The soil has Easy Boost Organic Nutrition from Royal Queen Seeds and I’m using generic bottled water for watering. They are kept in a 200x70x70 tent, under a 200W HPS light with a good distance between them. Sometimes I sprinkle the plant’s leaves with water because they seemed to like it

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