1st time grower... need advice on when to harvest. currently on day 62 of flowering

  1. First off you crushed it for a first grow! Be extremely proud of this Fr. (IMO) I still see a lot of clear trichs, some cloudy/milky but no amber yet in any of the pictures. Id wait another week or two, check them daily.

  2. Thanks man appreciate it. I'm getting a little bit nervous because week 9 of flowering is almost over and still have to wait, but thank you for your advice

  3. Once the leaves start to fade or change, it’s almost ready to harvest. People say flush the last week before harvest but a study by rxgreens shows that it’s not as necessary as we thought before. Main thing to look for as well is if the pistols are still white and the buds are still growing. The last 2 weeks of the grow are the most important cuz that’s where you’ll get your weight as it ripens, the buds will look more full and feel a lot more dense. I recommend defoliating all the leaves with stems at the end of week 6 or to desired size. It helps to get the needed light to the bottom buds to make those ripen up as well and overall it will make it a lot easier to trim the end product. From your pictures it looks like you’re basically good to harvest whenever you feel like

  4. At the very minimum, you have 10-14 days to go yet. The majority of the trichs on the flower that I see are still to clear and there is almost no evidence of amber on the fan leaves. Amber on fan leaves are a good indicator of how close you are to harvest the flower, they develop ahead of the flower.

  5. Watch your trichomes, you're gonna want about 80% (I believe) to be milky and the rest can still be smaller and transparent. Something you can have alotbof fun with however is weed harvested on the early side tends to be more psychoactive because as those trichomes mature they slowly start turning into things like cbd (roughly I'm going off memory rn) the darker the hairs and trichomes start turning the more of a medicated feeling you'll get from your weed, the lighter and less matured your weed is the more of that face blasted feeling you'll get. There is definetly still a turning point where the nugs aren't ready but I'd say if you wanted to try harvesting on the early side you could look at doing so in about a week, only thing with doing that is you will get wrecked off your weed but you might sacrifice a little bit of weight which doesn't tend to be plant matter at that point it tends to be weight in things like terpenes so your total harvest does get stunted doing that, it's just fun.

  6. Hey man, any advice on how to start? I’m looking to grow my first time. I am not sure how to start RE: soil type, storage, light/water cycle

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