Last harvest of this year🥲, Sour Apple. With less than 5 weeks of this year left, what's y'all's last harvest of the year going to be🤔.

  1. This SLURLATO that I’ve been putting in bondage so it stops flopping over because I’m a fool and didn’t use a net. Day 65 flower, so frosty but WHERE ARE YOU, AMBER? Trying to smoke it on NYE.

  2. Gotta love them floppers😂. I had to string up a few branches on this one in the last few weeks. I'm sure you'll be gettin lit on yours by new years😉👍

  3. I have some bottom of the random junk drawer special finishing up right now, day 45 of flower. Should be a nice christmas harvest, really REALLY wish i knew what it was because i like the bud structure and terps, but ive cloned it so at least i can have another go lmao

  4. Bag seeds suck when you can't pinpoint exactly what it is but when you know it's good, cloning is a smart idea. I clipped 2 off this one when I flipped it but I don't think their going to make it😮‍💨

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