Thoughts on curing with Grove bags?

  1. That’s my question as well! My cousin just bought some and he said he couldn’t tell the difference between this and essentially a nice mylar Ziploc bag. I haven’t checked them out myself yet.

  2. Love them cured about 2lb so far with em. People saying they make weed taste like plastic or cost 5$ a piece are misinformed. I got 50 bags for 50 bucks and they hold and cure an oz each

  3. They’re amazing. Cheaper than humidity packs and a mason jar that’s for sure. You can buy directly from their site and get them super cheap! They are the future.

  4. Currently curing bud in 2 of them as we speak..well a LONG 2+Month cure. Sealed 1, just zip sealed the other. No problems.

  5. What RH are you seeing in the bags? I'm watching mine bounce down to 57% and up to 59/60%, I guess when it breaths and cycles. I'm currently contemplating throwing a 62% boveda pack in there for a few days to bring the RH up a bit. Thoughts? I don't want the weed to come out of cure too dry.

  6. I don't know man I tried them and I had a good friend trying and we ruined everything we put in on that time we had the 4 oz ones and some of the 1 oz ones. Now it could have been user error we could have went in a little too wet. I've got some more to try again but I'm kind of scared to try them. A lot of people say they work well on here a few people say they don't but a lot of people also burp their grove bags and if you're going to do that then you might as well just use something else I guess I don't know I guess whatever makes you happy really. I guess there could be some kind of technology they came up with in Ohio they feel good and they feel like quality stuff. If you're going to try them I'd recommend you getting some off eBay there's people that sell them on there and you can just get some singles or however many you want and it comes out way cheaper than the Grove website because they're minimum shipping is ridiculous I think it's almost 20 bucks even if you just want three or four bags but eBay you could get a few with shipping for like $12-$13 or at least you could a few weeks ago. But for it to work properly you have to dry perfectly in your tent and get your stuff to the right percentage then bag them up and Grove recommend you heat seal them it's really easy if you don't have anything to do with you can use an iron and a cloth. But if you go into wet you're in trouble though. Good luck.

  7. I do a 7-10 day dry, run my buds through my ACInfinity bowl trimmer, and then put my buds into Grove Bags. I use the 1 oz sizes currently, two week minimum in the dark before I'll allow anyone to touch the bud. Longer the bud cures in the bags, the better it seems to be.

  8. Very happy with the grove bags. I use the 1 pound bags and was definitely worried the first couple times sealing those bags up but it’s a great cure when you follow their directions.

  9. Seems like the big advantage is less maintenance? I'm sure I'll get to the point of wanting to be more hands off but I'm currently on my first grow so all the time I'm investing daily into my plants is just more learning experience.

  10. I just used Grove bags on my cut and couldn't be happier. First time using them, I went all in and put my entire harvest them. I hung them to dry for like 10 days (I don't remember) until it was dry enough to smoke and where I felt comfortable putting it into a jar (or grove bag).

  11. I cure 100oz at a time in grove bags excellent product but I see tools on here thats never used them but still disputing it lol

  12. I feel like they get astroturfed to death on here. $5 baggies for people that don't know how to dry weed. My guess is their actual cost is less than 25 cents and if sold for food use, would sell for less than a dollar. Just get large plastic storage tubs, put all of your open jars in tubs, and burp the tubs. Unless you're growing 20 lbs at a pop, it takes no effort whatsoever to burp a few plastic tubs every day.

  13. I ordered like 15 different bags for 15$, do people not order from their website? They're just laziness but they don't cost THAT much at all lol

  14. I’ve never had an issue with the seals, did you by chance order from Amazon? I’ve heard those are bag remakes and are not actual grove bags and have that problem with the seal. I’ve tried so far the pound, half pound, ounce, and quarter ounce bags and I have not had an issue with the zipper, you just need to know how to open it, don’t just rip it apart like a ziplock, it’s more like those dispensary bags where you have to hold down one side

  15. Can anyone highlight the magic regarding these bags? Are they just really expensive really durable Ziploc bags? How does the moisture magically escape?

  16. They have permeable membrane thay let's the gasses escape whilst maintaining the rh. They're really cheap too so I don't know where this myth of expensive comes from. To go.from having to burp lots of jars daily to just sealing a bag and opening it a month later made my curing process so much easier. Just try it man. Cheap and easy. The bags are reusable. Whether it's any better is debatable but its certainly as good as a jar cure

  17. I have a couple but I wont invest in them as a system. They are cool and do work however im partial to amber ball jars and burping. If I were growing commercially these or c vaults would probably be the choice.

  18. From what i can see there are several layers bonded together which consists of a breathable layer,light protect layer and so on.

  19. I love the concept so I tried them. I think they’re cool but I will need a lot of weed before I’m able to put anything worthwhile on the shelf for six months. I’m too much of a fiend to wait that long!

  20. I jar cure manually for small batch, grove bags for large batches, results are near identical, but grove bags tend to take a little longer for me. And to respond to the people asking about the difference of the bags, their claims have to be at least accurate, because I don't burp them and my bud is still about 20%mc when it goes in, when I open them a couple months later, there's no mold and they're generally 55-60%rh and but is 12-15%mc for a nice smooth smoke with no condensation if stored properly in my case it's the Bottom of my closet in a heavy duty tote when I'm curing. Find 4 people to split a 200 pack and it's a dollar and change a bag.

  21. SO worth it. They "burp" themselves, essentially. Keeps the weed nicely within recommended numbers, light, reusable, easy to store, and if you drop one, it's not going to break.

  22. I’ve got a pound been curing for 3 months. Seems to be doing a good job. Trichomes don’t stick to the inside layer either.

  23. Looked like a scam, I ordered some anyways, when I got them I felt I was scammed, but then I used them and they actually work very well. Some of the best flower in the market is cured in these bags.

  24. I use them for the first month or two. They really do keep the R.H in a good range. And the main reason I do it is so I don’t have to burp jars every day. But after a month I transfer to jars to keep it preserved better.

  25. I like them. I switched over to them 100% my last grow. I did a test the prior run with grove bags and normal jars and didn’t notice much of a difference, if anything my grove bags came out a little better. Bc of that I went with the grove bags. I’m not one of those people trying to make things more difficult

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