I’m about to trim the buds on my first grow and toss em in mason jars. Can I use a sanding screen to collect kief with parchment paper underneath? It feels kind of rough but it’s what I had in the garage

  1. I would not use a sanding screen as it might add minerals to your kief. Look at Ryot boxes with screen. They are small like this and have everything you need. They aren't too pricey either.

  2. Silk screen will get your kief with a green tent to it. Plant matter. Use a tea strainer after silk screen to get it to a golden color.

  3. Just trim on a tray you can scrape with a credit card or something. If you have a pound or more worry about a trim bin if you give a fuck.

  4. I got some good ass bud from old gardening supplies my mom let me take from her garage I didn’t even have to pay for soil or fertilizer everyone hates on miracle grow but it gave me some damn good bud mixed with some micro bloom in flower and dollar store potting soil

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