Anybody ever use this? Guy said I won’t need any nutrients, sounds kind of suspect to me 🤷‍♂️

  1. Wrong. Look at the Ingredients. There’s almost no nutrition in that mix. It’s meant to be fed heavy. Who’s the ‘Guy’ that said you won’t need nutrients?

  2. Dude at my local hydro shop, I was looking for the coco brick and add perlite. He told me I should use this and not run nutes until I see yellowing leaf

  3. That’s coco coir not soil, use that ocean forest behind it. If you’re spending money like that just go to Buildasoil’s website and get the best ingredients pre mixed for a decent price

  4. Yeah you're probably going to need to feed with that doesn't have much nutrition in it from what I just read. If it's only your second grow and you're switching to Cocoa be sure and do some research if you haven't it takes longer to water they need nutrients usually immediately and the pH is a lot lower than soil. Good luck.

  5. I’ve grown some really good weed, big plants without adding a shitload of nutrients. I like to fertilize the soil naturally before I plant the seed in. I put some eggshells, grass clippings etc.. and add some earthworms then I plant the seeds and they grow nice and healthy ✌🏽

  6. Yeah but this isn’t one of them? Unless I’m reading this wrong this is basically coco perlite with Mykos mixed in.

  7. nectar has a rare and different kind of feed program. If your able to do more research on there brand i would. they have a wonderful host on there Youtube channel to. they give a ton of insight on how to use there products correctly.

  8. My growth medium says it doesn't need any fertilizer either. And the guy that sold it to me stands by this. We bout to see cuz I'm getting ready to flower. This is my first time gro and I'm just using water and the Sun that God sends us. Big Rootz

  9. You're going to need nutrients. It barely have anything. You may not need it for the first few weeks but you will definitely need it later throughout the grow.

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