Really hate how I LST these plants, my second grow, YouTube made it seem so easy now I feel I fucked I my plants, not gon lst my other plants cuz I don’t like my results

  1. I've never seen lst being a problem, due I don't think that is the reason of your issues. LST is good practice in general.

  2. If I Lst I use plastic pots way easier to work with than net pots, you can just cut a slice in the top of the pot with a blade and slide you garden wire in between and it grips the garden wire, which makes it easier to adjust too....I'm generally not a fan a fabric pots, mostly because I like to lst and they aren't ideal for that in my opinion....everything seems looser.

  3. Lst is more for the switch to flower. If you top your plant once at 3 to 4 weeks(from clone) then flower at 6 to 8 weeks, that is when you should aim for a flat canopy. Use a trellis or whatever and flatten that bitch out the best you can. With the momentum she has already created without unnecessary stress, the flat canopy you've created will grow vertically with many level colas. LST is all about using the momentum of a healthy plant in an efficient way. Look at my profile for proof ✌️

  4. I did a bit too much on my first grow and stunted 'em. Try hooking the top loop around the stem without grabbing the side growth too. It can be hard to get the garden tie in there if your node spacing is tight. You can still make an adjustment and back off the training on these girls. Do a little training and wait for the plant to grow up into the light and then make more adjustments. Do a little each day for best results.

  5. You have all of the branches and stem bunched up into one wire, that's not going to help. Take the main stem only and tie it down to the side, this allows the branches to move in separate outwards directions opening up more bud sites.

  6. First never wrap the leaves, your tie downs should only be on stem to stem or stem to tie down in soil but never around your leaves and new growth like photo 1,2,5, and 6. You just need to “study” lst more before you employ it again.

  7. I like the learning material Bud Trainer has on his site, I'd love to check out his grow bags, they have grommets holes for LST (I've ordered his clips, anchors and training wire too). I've had some good successes and plenty of fails, I think some strains lend themselves better to LST than other; my Samsquanch, Sami was a beastly Bush of a freakazoid. The plant in the 3rd photo looks good.

  8. One major problem I see is that you’re tying (essentially strangling) the top leaves. You’ve created a tight bundle near the top of the plant, you do not have to do that. Just take one part of the stem, no the surrounding branches, and tie it down gently.

  9. How about you let it become a plant first, then LST the lower stems like you're supposed to do? This endeavor requires a little knowledge and a lot of patience.

  10. Lst is a good practice, just have to do it right. I like using plastic buckets when I grow which let's me run a string in a loop on the outside, then i can tie a branch down and anchor it on that string. Check out my pfp for my lst setup. I'll update today since my last pictures were right as I tied the clones down.

  11. What results? Those are still infants. That is like exercising for a day and giving up because you don't have a 6pack for your efforts.

  12. Seems a little too tight. I’d wait for more leave to branch out then lst each one slightly. Also as others have said, lightly bend/tweak stems until the give a little more beforehand

  13. These look to be in the very early veg stage. I'd wait until there's 4-5 nodes/branches before LST next time. As it is right now I don't see a need for LST since all the current nodes are getting equal parts light more or less.

  14. Yea I untied them had to throw 2 out cuz how damaged they were, one branch snapped and it was no saving it and the other lost all the leaves from me trying to bend it being an idiot, I blame YouTube for making it seem so easy

  15. Those plant will jump back no problem and let can be a multi step multi day process to get them the way you want and if you don't like the way it turned out if it's not to long from when you did it just untie them n they be fine in a few days

  16. Your humidity has er all upset... Not ur training... Maybe if u shoved that stake in the root ball it would hurt it but not really that big of concern... Althoufh it is a concern lol how far is ur light? Are u using ocean forest soil? Cuz little ones really dislike that soil in the beginning... Bro... U have to train in order to get those bottom growths to be top.shoots... I promise do it again until u get it right cuz dude... Lst will double ur end results guaranteed if not quadruple plus!! Don't stop training bro! Please... Just a hickup

  17. Could really just take ur time and let it grow taller while just bending until you get those bottoms to come up... Just get light to the bottom more than the top... Then when they're long enough to need to tie then tie em off...

  18. I like to mainline or just top a couple of times. But some strains react differently . Usually those bottom nodes would start growing up towards the light. But maybe it just needs a little more time? 🤷‍♂️

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