How would a nobel bright ending for 40k go?

  1. After thousands of years of constantly fighting an endless horde of overpowered Daemons and reincarnating every time they die, Tuska Daemon-Killa and his WAAAGH just keep growing to match their foes, surpassing the Beast and the Krorks of the War In Heaven, until they finally become strong enough to give all four Chaos Gods the Doomguy treatment. Storming back through the Cadian Gate, all the galaxy's Orks flock to them in the world's biggest WAAAGH, as they depart the galaxy in the direction the Tyranid hive fleets had been coming from, figuring the main force of the Tyranids would make worthy opponents now that "them spiky pansies gave up".

  2. and with the greatest existential threats to the galaxy destroyed, the Emperor was able to finally die upon the golden throne and return to mankind to lead it into a new age of prosperity, Progress and diplomacy. The Eldar finally free of She-Who-Thirsts, carried the lessons of their long Exile to rebuild their long lost empire. the Laughing god and his harlequins, having finally succeeded in pranking Slannesh out if existence, decided to do Circ-De-Sole in a non-murderiffic fashion. the Tau Empire kept doing Tau Empire things, and the Etherials smoked space weed with the Emperor and they became actually utopian space communist.

  3. Jimmy Space dies on the throne, and simultaneously revives completely unshattered and unharmed, but also with a new power and perspective. Instead of making the grimderpiest decision he could possibly make in any given situation, he just acts like a normal fucking person.Since he's revived and repowered, no more psyker snacks and all those psykers instead get personally taught by Jimmy Space and turned loose to do good works.He revives or recalls all the loyalist primarchs, redeems a few like mortarion, and mercy kills angron like he really should've initially.He fixes the mechanicus to not be all servitors are the only acceptable computers anymore. Saints are all over the place like, turning back chaos corruption and shit.Somehow he closes off the eye of terror and the webway puncture and clears out the webway of daemons.All humanity moves into the webway, with proper genetic screenings to weed out genestealers and a saint at every entrance to blam away any chaos corruption.Humanity then proceeds into a psychic awakening for realz.While they're out, Jimmy Space gets the necron to pacify the nids and the orks.By the time the Humans come out of the webway all psychic custodes without drawbacks, they thank the necrons by finally fixing the whole soul transference thing and the fact that necrontyr just spontaneously go cancerous and die, and everyone lives happily ever after.The end.

  4. If i may add, mr. Universe should kick slaanesh out of their palace and fix the place up for himself, make the other gods his vassals or devour their portfolios, and leave a spiritual landscape too structured yet dynamic to become the same horrorshow ever again. (Permitted animal and machine spirits, nuetral demons, mappable warpspace, etc.

  5. Regardless of all the grim and bright shit, I would really love for the Necrons and Imperium to truly cooperate with each other respectfully.

  6. Regardless of all the grim and bright shit, I would really love for the Necrons and Imperium to truly cooperate with each other respectfully.

  7. This might be the greatest work of fiction I've ever read. I applaud you good sir and may the blessings of a thousand Eldar cheeks decend upon you and yours.

  8. Really need some unlikely hero to be fundamental to reviving him. Emps reborn is the paradise ending, but for it to be noblebright somebody has to rise to the occassion and somehow do that without doing all the grimdark stuff.

  9. Everyone finally realizes that everyone is Alpharius and stops fighting, then they just settle on agri worlds and live out their days as farmers, and small communities with everything being hand made as the emperor finally is able to breathe his last breath as mankind is finally united in peace

  10. The God Emperors vision slowly fades to black. A gentle rocking motion and the creak of an axle awakens him, slowly. Pine scent fills his nostrils.

  11. The war in octarius grinds on and on until the imperial guard and orks find rules for an old football game. They decide it would be fun to try it out.

  12. Turns out that everything from the rise of the Emperor on to the current moment was just a vision he was having while doing deep meditation and gaming out how things would go. He realizes that not being a good father could lead to all sorts of problems, decides to honestly explain to them the dangers of the Warp, and makes Magnus his project manager on the webway portal in the basement, thus ensuring that he does nothing wrong. He understands that people need some kind of spiritual framework to hold on to, and so has no problems with Lorgar's approach to compliance on Crusade worlds, while simultaneously making sure all the primarchs know that that shit might work well for Lorgar, but it's a slippery slope and the other legions should find ways to accomplish the same ends without resorting to superstition. Finally, he issued an Imperial Writ specifically outlawing the establishment of the Inquisition or the Ecclesiarchy, while founding instead a "faith" based on science and reason with himself at the center.

  13. And nothing changes as no one ever knows that Ruff 8s sitting in the throne instead of Big E. For all we know this has already come to pass.

  14. Basically unity and collective action between all of the various factions to wipe out the Tyranids and push back chaos. The orks would basically just wind up a tool like they are in the octavius sector, though that might be the end of the rest of the galaxy eventually.

  15. If the emperor were to have a text to speech device put in his throne, that would be pretty swell. But in all seriousness, my preferred way of getting a good ending would be the TTS style redemption for magnus, magnus takes over the golden throne so big E can finally die and revive, big E figures out how to fix everything with the golden throne and such so that Magnus can come back, completes the webway project to unify the imperium again, and mills around getting all the surviving primarchs, loyalist and otherwise, back. All the people go into the webway, fast forward another few thousand years and humans are all psyker custodes with obscenely powerful DAOT tech that they can control again, they quickly eradicate the nids and Orks, the Necrons and Eldar can finally see humans as equals rather than primitive, and everyone splits the galaxy apart. Also Sanguinius comes back.

  16. The Emperor awoke from his stupor, naked and cross legged on the ground. The howl of the winds outside returned to his ears, drowning out the death cry of his favorite son, still ringing in his head.

  17. turns out humanity went out to colonize other galaxies back in the dark age of technology. they return and mop the floor with every other faction using op tech that makes even necron tech look like a flashlight.

  18. Or it turns out while humanity colonized other galaxies, they realized what a shitshow their original home had become due to the warp. As such they created a self replicating, anti-warp weapon capable of adapting to any situation. The Tyranids to be precise. This weapon is set towards the Milky Way and stops at the Magellanic Clouds to build up numbers until the signals of humanity’s old warp lighthouses are gone. Then they begin their journey to consume all life forms in the Milky Way to eliminate the warp in its current state. The fleets then would disgorge their stockpiled materials to allow the returning extragalactic humans to rebuild a better Milky Way.

  19. "And then, Games Workshop decided to reduce the cost of all its products. Xenos kits were promptly updated, as well as non-cadian guard regiments, and chaos no longer had to wait two years for their marines' rules to match the loyalist ones. The fascists were kicked out of the hobby, and everyone respected everyone else's army choice. Most importantly, however, GW changed their IP rules to allow creators to make media of their work, and If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device returned."

  20. In the Noble Bright future of the 41st millennium, there is only fresh produce, and imported delicacies. Run your local intergalactic food market by picking from a number of factions including Kroot Butchers, Sisters of Burgers, Ork all mushroom food alternatives, and Tzeentch Hooters.

  21. Chaos takes over the Imperium, defeats Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids and Orks, and converts the T'au and the Votann into chaos-worshipping societies.

  22. I was figuring the same outcome but a different way. Chaos consumes most of the imperium and in the final moments of Terra, Big E dies and uses all the saved up energy from the psykers and his own soul to purify the chaos gods. Chaos takes over but is now benevolent. Humanity united and with the protection of the warp defeats or converts all the other factions.

  23. Emps, upon consumption of some arbitrary number of psykers, erupts into existence as a warp god and with a mighty psychic roar he obliterates the chaos gods and their daemons and closes the warp storms throughout the galaxy. This leaves all chaos worshipers cut off from the warp and cowering in their holes, with a few realizing the error of their ways and begging for forgiveness and emps is merciful. Magnus is one of the repenters (he's still alive in real space cuz when emps offered him forgiveness if he would forsake his legion he put some kind of preservation device on his soul for exactly this eventuality). With all danger gone, the webway project is quickly and easily completed. Guess which big red man sits there now?

  24. The Lion returns, busts out dome DAoT bullshit to revive Emps and bring back the other loyalist Primarchs. Together they beat back chaos into the eye, form a non-aggression pact with the Tau, eventually vassalising and integrating them into the imperium, ally with the necrons (in exchange for the material galaxy) and craftworlds to close the eye, and beat back the nids and orks. Strike an accord with harlequins and ynnari to help recover the last cronesword in exchange for leaving the imperium alone and help with the webway project. Humanity transfers to the webway with aeldari assistance, they wipe out the drukhari, humanity becomes more progressive again, thanks to Roberto, and they finally find a stc, so the mechanicus can fuck off and actually improve QoL for once. It then ends on a hopeful note with Emps telling his sons how proud he is of them as he steps out of a webway gate onto a beautiful planet with the night sky showing our galaxy from afar.

  25. A group of radical recongregator inquisitors stage a series of coups to fully replace the Imperium’s leadership at every level with just and competent leaders. The bureaucracy is streamlined to be more efficient than macragge, the Mechanicus it reformed to give laborers rights, the rule of law is applied regardless of authority or privilege so that justice is carried out.

  26. I hate to Necro but I was looking through your profile trying to find more of that one little girl space Marine comic.

  27. Emperor dies and ascends to godhood and releases the Eldar gods to help fight and defeat the chaos ones. The C'tan manage to break through into the warp briefly long enough to help kill the chaos gods but die eventually so they're gone too. In his ascendance he is able to see all of the galaxy and the stagnation of the Imperium and realises his mistakes and is humbled, seeking to right the wrongs of his sons.

  28. If the warp can be influenced by both negative and positive emotions and thoughts, then everyone having happy enough thoughts that they manifest happiness into the universe and everyone lives like a fairy tale would probably be the best ending.

  29. Every psyker that has been sacrificed to the Throne (1000 per day for 10 thousand years: 1,000×365×10,000=3,650,000,000) has had their soul preserved and sheltered from the warp by the Emperor; right when Tzeech is about to become the Warhammmer 40k, all 3.65 Billion super charged humie souls flood into real space and purge all heresy in a wave of glorious golden athiesm.

  30. My take begins with the birth of Ynnead, beginning the end times. Due to Ynnead’s birth Slaanesh is effectively K.O.’d for the beginning of the end times. We then cut to Trajann Valoris discovering the Emperor's true name, as well as Leman Russ finding the fruit of life. Lemen quickly makes his way out of the warp, unknowingly being followed by Magnus. Lemen First Reunites with his sons on Fenris, asking them to take to the leader of the Imperium, it is there where he meets Guillimen, the two brothers have a very sweet reunion, which leads to them heading to terra. On the way to Terra it is revealed that Lemon has one of Vulkans Artifacts, it being a compass that always shows its owner where to go next. During their travels The Lion Awakens, and makes for terra. But before he gets their he has an encounter with the Far-sight Enclave, this starts a short fight, witch ends when The Lion and Commander Far-sight, the way it ends is with Far-sight managing to overpower The Lion in his mech. However instead of killing him, he spares him, because he was told by an eldar farseer to make an alliance with the lion in order to free his people from the clutches of the ethereals. Together these two also make for terra. When Guillimen and Lemon Arrive on Terra they are met by Ynnari, Valoris, and what speed to be a 12 meter tall space marine with the mark of the salamanders. The five of them quickly go to the throne room, and begin to try and “Resurrect” the emperor. As they begin the process Magnus reveals himself, and he and Lemen begin to try and kill each other, as the others focus on the emperor. After a long battle, Magnus comes out victorious, but before killing Lemen, The emperor is revived, and stands up, everyone is temporarily frozen in awe and shock. Emp’s begins to approve Magnus, but instead of attacking him, he instead hugs Magnus. This split second interaction gives the emperor enough time to telepathically bitch slap Tzeentch and steal back all of Magnus’s soul. Reuniting Magnus with his soul in his demon form, not only turns him loyal once again, but also gives him an insane power boost and the abilities of a living Saint (therefore proving that living saints are the emperor's version of daemon princes). It is roughly at this time when the Lion and Commander Far-Sight enter the room. The three loyal sons begin to surround Magnus after the Emperor stops hugging him (which kind you is like 5 minutes to really hit you in the feels), before being called off by their father, who begins explaining what the hell just happened. Guillimen is inclined to believe it although having some doubts (which are quickly hushed by Ynnari), however Lemen and the lion are still suspicious and ready for anything. Except Magnus balling his eyes out begging for forgiveness. Although surprising to pretty much everyone (except Emp’s) it quickly ends when Lemen, in his brother's moment of weakness, hugs him, which surprises everyone again. With formalities out of the way the emperor begins to tell everyone a plan that he has regarding retrieving Fulgrim and finding Vulkan. It begins with contacting the Silent King. Thankfully that compass I mentioned earlier is guess what a massive fucking help. It sends our group on a long Journey outside of the Milky Way. But first the imperium needs someone to lead it while they are gone. Which brings us to Erda. Erda is the mother of the primarchs for those who don’t know. Erda is asked by all of them individually to lead the imperium, but she is throughly unconvinced by an Eldar who she just meet, four of her childern, the giant fuck you space marine, and the custoden. However when she sees the emperor again her long time friend (and in my head cannon, lover/Husband) she firsts, slaps him for being an idiot and an asshole, second cry’s a bit, third accepts and begins running the imperium temperalerly. Part 1/5 chap: 1.

  31. After a long journey they finally, finally, meet with the silent king, who just so happens to be in the middle of a gaint fuck off battle with, like, a shitton of tyranids. However with the arrival of these new Allies, the tyranids begin getting pushed back, with the final part of the battle being Commander Far-Sight using his anti-Tyranid shit. After the battle is won, the emperor gains an audience with the silent king. They quickly make a pact, a type of, “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” deal. The first part of this deal is to take the newly found Emp squad (whom I will now be referring to when they are a collective) to Tryzzans Museum. When they arrive The Silent King uses one of his command abilities on Tryzzan, allowing the Emp Squad to go undeterred. First they steal The Fulgrim Clone, and then The final Vulkan artifact, “The engine of woes”. Valoris (after they get back into the ship) takes off the Space Marines Helmet, Reveling, Vulkan, however Vulkan starts to speak in the orc language show that he kinda Merged with The Beast, and the WAGH Energy, effectively making him a Half Krork, he in his current ork controlled state, extremely unstable and aggressive, hence why they needed the Vulkan Artifacts. With this revelation they quickly head to Nocturne, where the other Artifacts are. When they arrive in Nocturne, they quickly gather the other artifacts and begin heading to the largest volcano on the moon. When they arrive the emperor picks Vulkan up, and throws him into the Lava. They use the Artifacts and begin to make Vulkan Sane again. This (thankfully) succeeds and Vulkan is now in full control of himself, only having minor ork related fits from time to time. With Another Brother back into the Imperium, they begin to make their way to Istvan 3. When they get there they awaken the Fulgrim Clone, and begin to inform him of their plan. The clone, not seeing any other option, agrees to help them. Part 2/5 chap:1

  32. Had to google Nobel bright to discover that noblebright is, in fact, the opposite of grimdark. So is your title a typo or a grimdank/dark play?

  33. Dreadnought Emps punching Erebus possessed by the four hard enough to be Squatted. He dies, leaving Gulliman to the throne, and allowing him to finally make peace with the Eldar and Necrons.

  34. They fight until the galaxy is an uninhabitable graveyard. The survivors decide they don't want to do this anymore and try to pull through together.

  35. The 14th black crusade is underway, the traitor primarchs have returned (except Lorgar because he's still being a bitch hiding from Corvus) and absolutely dicking the Imperium. Yvraine confronts Roboute with a plan to invade Slaanesh's palace, steal the crone sword, summon Ynnead and kill Slaanesh, thereby weakening chaos and giving them a stronger chance. The plan involves them going to the Farsight Enclave, rescuing them from their own chaos invasion, and recruiting them to help against Slaanesh. Roboute reluctantly agrees.

  36. It'll never end because GW will never turn off the money printer that is 40k, but we could see a status quo that is less grim dark and closer to noble bright.

  37. Everything dies, and chaos starve to death, but the knowledge and history archive remains, eventually the next generation of intergalactic species found it and stop chaos return, after many years of war and suffering, there is hope now

  38. The Emperor Sharded himself millenia ago after his foresight showed him the one and only Path To Victory was through unnutterable strife- the DAoT, Crusade, Heresy and over 10k years of miserable degradation, the neglect, abuse and death of his son-weapons, closest friend and confidante, brother and sister Perpetuals.

  39. It’s over… the necrons, the tyranids, chaos? All gone. The exact how abouts is unknown, there are hushed whispers of a secret battle that took place across the galaxy, where the eldar and humanity joined forces to trick them into something truly miraculous.

  40. The Emperor reawakens for just a moment, but for a superhuman being such as He it may as well be an eternity. In this millisecond of clarity, he realizes the truth of his actions. He sees what he has wrought of his sons. He ascends, empowered by trillions of Humans across the galaxy, and enters the Warp as a true God. He engages the Pantheon in eternal combat- at once both more than a match for them and impossibly outmatched by the four of them. Eternal combat.

  41. I picture a massive fight between a united force of humans, tau, and eldar, primarily lead by all ~20 primarchs (in various manifestations), and a horrific combination of Tyranid and Necron horror (like, if the two fused into one). All taking place around the year 45K.

  42. Leman Russ returns from the warp after having reunited Magnus’ soul and the two brothers worked together to through sorcery and the spear of Russ free Isha from the garden of Nurgle, bringing back births and life to the Eldar but also one of her tears which they use to heal the Emperor.

  43. Jaghatai khan returns and is crowned as new emperor with his power of cpmmon fucking sense imperium enters 2nd dark afe of technology and build alliances with aeldari and necrons and exterminate orkz and tyranids

  44. The Emperor and his stupid Primarch Project is vapourised by a well-placed nuclear shaped charge. Malcador takes over, quietly shelves the whole "bodybuilder pornstars in bright power armour" thing and appoints competent, human generals to lead the reconquest, at least partly onboarding their senior leadership with the ugly realities of the Warp. Being somewhat of a better diplomat and not a hubristic ape, he also manages to effectively compromise, fragment and integrate the majority of the Mechancium directly into the Imperium.

  45. Big E’s super secret planet project he started (super secretly) back after the age of strife ended where he isolated a single world and it’s people and just left them to redevelop the society humanity once had during the Golden Age was a major success! This new extremely advanced race of humans had managed to fix the issue the og men of iron had with them (it was all one big misunderstanding that got WAY out of hand) and now were spreading their utopian ideals and society across the galaxy. They were able to reverse engineer the Necron warp pylons and sealed up the eye of terror as well as all chaos tainted lands, made peace with the Eldar and the Farsight Enclaves. With chaos defeated and Humanity redeemed the emperor passes away on his throne, resurrecting and saying “damn. Good job guys. I’m gonna go retire now.”

  46. Some big boss ork mek finally figures out how to use the warp to reach enough Dakka. The multiverse enters a state of infinite and neverending explosion.

  47. Necrons or nurgle develops a dynamic evolving plague that can out pace tyranids counter evolutions, this withers them down. Afterwards Necrons go back to sleep, going from a galactic threat to just a planetary one if awoken. Imperium focuses its attention towards more surgical strikes against orc leader ship across the galaxy. Blast the biggest ork from orbit and dip, rinse and repeat. Orks become more disorganized, feral and weaker. Humanity creates entire new departments to monitor and merc orks when they get a bit too big for their briches. With less threats to deal with they take much more through approaches to removing any traces of ork spores on planets they own.

  48. Emps dies but becomes a new chaos god and cleanses the galaxy of various warp storms. Chaod gets pissed off and goes against the imperium. The necrons and eldar go against both in an attempt to kill all their enemies in one. Imperium, Chaos, Eldar and necrons kill each other and destroy each other. The Orks begin to crush the Tau and Votann but tire of them as they are not as entertaining. The Ghaz mega Waagh sees the tyranids and remembers that they come from outside the galaxy, so they leave the galaxy to fight the tyranids.

  49. A full reboot of the IP to be honest. It's so loaded with bloat, bad rules, and lore retcons that it needs a fresh start. Also fire every single Black Library author and start fresh. Even Sandy Mitchell. Have the writing team vette every piece of fiction written under BL by the new authors. Actual quality control and acceptable lore. Keep Primaris design elements but go back to tactical marine style squads. Make Dark Eldar and Ynnari just sub factions under Eldar. Resquat Squats. Make male only space marines canon but then sell official female heads for space marines just to make both sides of the debate confused and angry. Have all human factions be subfactions of the Imperium under one rule book. Forbid GW employees from using social media and force proof of purchase in order to provide official feedback. Cancel all media projects, even videogames, but allow YouTube shit again. Run the company into the ground. Close shop. End the nightmare.

  50. One race accidentally invents a bio weapon that destroys all sentient life and the Tyranids. Chais disappears because nobody can worship it and without living souls the warp is quiet. Only plants and animals remain in the entire universe. Every planet ever occupied by anyone is totally reclaimed by nature. No sentient species ever rises again.

  51. Golden Throne falls apart. Imperium gets fractured and warp travel becomes suicidal. Cults and Chaos invasions clean up surviving systems one by one. Without the Imperium to distract their enemies, Eldar hit their end times faster than you can say oops.

  52. Szarekh teams up with big E. Szarekh fixes golden throne, big E gives the Necrons bodies, but first they deploy antiwarp necron pylons all over da place. Nids? I don’t know

  53. Big e wakes up enough to draw in all the power he could possibly hold using the throne. Basically burns himself out into pure energy that mixes into the warp. By doing this he becomes the source that pulls all the chaos gods because i to one mighty deity. This god is not evil and not overly good, but helps guid the universe to true balance.

  54. Guilliman returns gets the bros back together destroys the imperial cult in the first months completely. While guilliman, Vulcan, and dorn rebuild the imperium and its infrastructure the lion takes Russ the khan and crusades into the eye of terror eventually meeting emo bird boi. In the following years the tau, votann, and less commit elements of chaos are joined with the imperium as ally’s not subjects. The silent king is force to sleep another 100’000 years while the tyrannids eventually wear themselves out fighting to much technology and AI from the scientifically advance groups. As the eye of terror grows ever weaker and weaker the emperor feels his need is no longer required and may finally sleep…

  55. Necrons kill the nids and go back to sleep until everyone dies, the Aeldari, Imperium and Tau form one united empire and close off the warp and share the webway, Orks fight together for the rest of eternity.

  56. Tyrranids clean the galaxy of biomass and then die out themselves. The ancient ones return and reseeds the galaxy. Having learned from their previous mistakes they don’t fck up bad this time.

  57. Orks and Tyranids trapped in a solar system leaving the Milky Way galaxy, Necrons get their body’s back, Aldari are free from Slanech, The Emperor is reborn, And the Tau is gone,

  58. Well, big emps goes Kamikaze on the inmaterium and obliterates chaos gods like he did on Horus and the explosion restores the warp to his primordial state. The tyranids nom the Tau and end in stalemate with orks. Necromancy decide to take a universal trip. Eldar decide to retire to maiden worlds and after dealing with the last chaos forces Girlyman goes full progressive on the imperium. Ministorium starts selling candles and everyone lives happily forever

  59. Ynnead gets revived and him and Emps team up to kill chaos. Emps gets revived as “thanks bud” and makes the imperium not shit. Somehow Necrons get their bodies back and stop wanting to commit Genocide and the orcs and tyranids fight eachother till the end of time. Tau and the imperium have a stable and mutually beneficial trade deal.

  60. Szarekh and Imotekh finally get over their feud and are able to work together to re-unify the Necrons. The combined forces of every dynasty are sent to search for remaining tomb worlds, with each find fueling their crusade even further. Nearly all life in the galaxy is wiped out, driving Chaos to the brink, and what few biological samples remain are used to create new bodies that eliminate both the physiological and psychological issues of their former selves.

  61. An STC is recovered by one of the less selfish forge worlds, which extremely carefully distributes the newfound tech. The Custodes, after some deliberation, allow the Mechanicus to hotwire the Golden Throne in such a way that it can accelerate the Emperor's healing process.

  62. Humanity is wiped out destroying the orks, tyranids and necrons and as a result the chaos god and demons starve and dissipate and chaos space marines just die and the T'au and Votann just get on with things.

  63. End times happen orks tyranids and chaos are delt with the other lads just don't tread on each other anymore problem solved

  64. Some folks go back in time and give 30k E a Stern Talking To about what to do and what not to do, perhaps accompanied by a psychic message from 40k E.

  65. The humans the eldar the tau and the necrons put aside their differences to fight chaos and the tyranids and the orks as they fight alongside each other they better each other until the xenophobia in the factions is gone and then they strive to make a better world

  66. The Ynnari, Guilliman and the imperium, the Necrons and the Tau join forces to dissipate the great rift and then focus on fortifying the galaxy against tyranids. The orks keep being orks.

  67. Guilliman legitimately starts doing his best to try and repair the Imperium. Against all odds, with the help of the mechanicus, some of the aeldari, and maybe even something unexpected like the Tau, he actually manages to start making progress, reforming the imperium’s government, driving out corruption and stagnation, and pushing back against hostile aliens and chaos. More and more lost loyalist primarchs start returning, Khan, Dorn, Vulcan, Corax, etc. Maybe at one point they even confront the Emperor about his awful parenting skills, gives the skeleton something to think about. All the while the Golden Throne is slowly failing, and they all know it.

  68. The Imperium assimilates the tau and elder after the fall of slaanesh, the primarchs never fall to chaos, angron gets the butchers nails removed, the tyranids are either beaten out or never show up, the orcs are exterminated, the Necrons are either turned into an ally through the silent king or are never awakened

  69. The Ultramarines and Lamenters recruit the Eldar and Tau to fight off the Tyranid hive fleets, the primarchs come back, most of the traitors are welcomed home by Robot Guerillaban, and Slaanesh finally asks Khorne out

  70. Jimmy Space, after ten thousand years of getting turbocharged by psykers and faith, unleashes every scrap of his psychic might and scours the galaxy (and the rest of the universe if applicable) of any trace of Chaos. The Immaterium is burned away entirely and the realm that replaces it is pure, calm, and suffused with a golden light. The psykers of humanity are free to reincarnate again.

  71. Guilliman disbands the inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy and pulls the plug so he can be Reborn as a god of order. They unite the Tau, Necrons and Eldar in an alliance and Big E sacrifices himself to thanos snap the DE, Chaos, nids and orks out of existence.

  72. G-man gets on a ship to Terra, demands private audience with the big man himself. When alone, he bashes the empras skull as the vision has foretold him. Upon death, the Emperor becomes a full warp based entity, immediately attacks and devours chaos, including the hordes at the webway on Terra.

  73. Damn, an entire sea of comments and I couldn’t find one person to give me the sauce on this image. Anyone know where it came from, or at least a Hi-Rez image. I kind of love it and want to hang it in my room.

  74. There’s always gotta be the storm first. Jimmy space dies, and ascends to true chaos godhood. With nobody to hold back the veil on terra, the planet is consumed, along with the government of terra. Without the mortal coil to hold him back, and the entirety of the human population believing in him, (power of friendship) in a big beam of light he kills the chaos gods. And like In the cartoons and movies, the clouds clear over the countless battlefields, as chaos worshippers shrivel and fall, deprived of their abilities from the pantheon. Guilliman, without the corrupt high lords, or ecchlesiarchy to stop him and with the guidance of his father above him rules the new imperium from ultramar, unshackling the imperium from the fascist zealots that ruled it before. The freedom of religion drains Jimmy Space of his power, but he withers away happy, knowing future for humanity is bright in the hands of his Son. The end :)

  75. Big E unleashes his golden army the surrounds the astronomicon and purges the warp. The chaos gods get burned out of existence. Corax does terrible things to lorgar. The lion wakes up. Russ returns with the khan. Valdor brings Jimmy space back now that the warp business is done. They team up with the rest of the races and wipe the tyranids out. Then they kill all the xenos. The galaxy is at peace until Jimmy spaces next Big idea.

  76. The Eldar, Imperium and T'au put aside their differences to drive back the tyrannids, then recruit the necrons in order to close the eye of terror, reducing the threat of chaos to a manageable degree. The new alliance uses their tech to reverse bio-transferrence, giving the necrons living forms again, and have galaxy wide purges of the Ork population, severely curbing them, much in the same way as chaos. Once the threats against them are removed, the alliance works together to create a galaxy wide society built on fairness and respect, repairing the damage all races caused, only having to deal with minor scale conflicts with chaos and the orks every so often.

  77. Necron and eldar set aside differences to eliminate orks then join with humanity to eliminate chaos and set up extensve webway paths to connect the whole galaxy safley maybe nd idk like tyranids because cute pets or smthn

  78. It's revealed that the entire setting is just a novel being read by Hanse Davion as he laughs at the complete incompetence of the majority of the characters.

  79. “My emperor, your awake?! What’s this about horus, a heresy, an imperial cult, father you know your sons would never betray you, come now let us meet with the II”

  80. With the warp fuckery of the ordo cronos Gulliman finds him back at the start just after the primarchs were scattered. He recruits them 1000's of years before the emperor (yes including himself) and stop any corruption of horrific circumstances that would alter them permanently. Now theres 21 primarchs but without an army outside of their own systems as they have been avoiding Big E. Enter the Eldar. Gulliman knows about how to bring about the eldar god of death. Primarch squad can get the 5 crone swords before the last one is punted into the palace. Daddy Death rises and proceeds to curb stomp Slaneesh who most likely loves it in her final moments. Chaos is in shambles, the primarchs have their individual planets and very happy eldar at their side. The eldar start uniting as a people and squash those damn dark eldar. Now Daddy Death and Daddy Clown are in charge of their people and this overwhelming eldar force strikes down the Emperor. It would still likely pain Gulliman deeply but he knows the monster his father is and humanities future under him.

  81. Everyone kills each other, leaving the galaxy lifeless. In a few million years, new life emerges from the sludge and learns from the ruins and enters a utopian eternity, free from mortal desires.

  82. The Tau's sixth sphere of expansion plops them right in the middle of a particularly benevolent Necron dynasty. An alliance is quickly forged. With their newfound technologies, the Greater Good spreads like wildfire, taking in Xenos species after Xenos species and quickly reaching throughout the Ultima Segmentum. The Tau eventually stumble across WAAAGH! Ghazkull, and their attempts at keeping it at bay seem to be in vain.

  83. Guilliman brings the Eldar, Kitten brings the T’au , Vulkan brings the Orks. They all defeat Chaos and uncorrupt the warp together. Then they create a benevolent dictatorship that protects all species. The Necrons just go back to sleep because they are bored and the Tyranids are domesticated. All the Primarchs become completely benevolent living saints as the Star Child purifies them of all evil.

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