What do you Guys think about Scott Murray?

  1. I have followed him for a few years now while, he used to give out pretty good info but his videos are VERY repetitive I find. If you follow him on insta, he sometimes boasts about the fact that he hasnt taken a rest day from exercise in a number of years. Like 4 years or something with no rest days (according to him) and how bad his sleep schedule is (getting 3-4 hours sleep most nights according to his screen shots) he advocates proper rest etc but its very hard to take someones advice who lives the complete opposite. I also think his eating patterns are very disordered and he pushes for ways of eating that arent feasible financially for a lot of people

  2. Genuine, cool guy but clearly is very fucked up nowadays, used to follow him religiously as he was fun to watch but recently it has become hard to see how bad he has declined healthwise due to his extreme lifestyle.

  3. He seem to be nice but definetly has eating disorder and exercise bulimia. Like bruh he buen 5000 calories a day and eats massive salad bowls

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