What ways do you guys spice up your anabolic ice cream?

  1. This is gonna sound strange but its really good. Put a few pretzels on top. The salt and crunch really elevate the taste.

  2. I have oat fiber, the package says it can be sprinkled on top of food but it has a saw dust consistency. I do use it in baking recipes and it saves A ton of calories compared to white flour, oat flour etc

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/GregDoucette/comments/h0b9wb/what_ways_do_you_guys_spice_up_your_anabolic_ice/

  4. Not sure how most like dairy translates but maybe we have that preconceptionas various regions across the world have strawberry milk as an option and little kids love it so maybe you and I have that relation of milk and dairy instilled and hence like it more in that way whos to say nuce to think so even if its wrong

  5. If I make a Chocolate coffee mocha based protein ice cream, do I use instant coffee grounds directly or brewed coffee liquid and add it it in basically replacing the almond milk or water portion ?

  6. I use 4 packets of sweetener in the large batch. The sugar free Hershey's syrup on top is awesome. Doesn't take much. Also, I add a tsp of vanilla and cinnamon. I posted my recipe a few days ago. Check it out!

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