Biggest diet hack ever!- Idk if you guys saw the will Tenny vid of the Diet Coke brownie but it’s absolutely insane! You could also optional throw in some chocolate chips or dark chocolate like I did, Anyways here it is I promise this is bussin

  1. Not a huge soda fan. Is the soda taste really noticeable? If not, I gotta try this recipe. Sounds to good to be true.

  2. I've used any fizzy stuff. Bubbly, Perrier..... Whatever. Just have to adjust the amount of sweetener to compensate.

  3. Just popped mine into the oven. Used monk fruit sweetener instead of erythritol, and diet 7up instead of Diet Coke. No choc protein powder so used cookies and cream protein.

  4. I mean yeah, you tried to mix cookies and cream with a lemon flavour, it’s not exactly a good mix like coke and chocolate

  5. Also game changer to know (because I am in patient lol) you can also make this in the microwave! Only do about 2-3 mins though. Experiment with the time because once you figure it out these brownies can easily be made in a pinch.

  6. I doubled the recipe and I wasn’t big on the Diet Coke. The flavor is too prevalent IMO. Cream soda or maybe Dr Pepper would be better IMO. I remade them with 200g seltzer and added 35g mocha skinny syrup and they were much better. I think aspartame in the Coke breaks apart at high temps so it really doesn’t add sweetness anyways

  7. i use diet orange soda or cream soda now tbh, diet coke is just what everyone usually has across the globe!

  8. Polar seltzer also makes a diet fudge soda (for some reason). That might actually work best for this recipe

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