We need to talk about Youtuber Scott Murray. I believe he suffers from exercise bulimia(it’s an actual thing)

  1. Are you seriously saying that if he has an eating disorder, that’s okay? Gross. If he actually does have exercise bulimia, it’s not healthy at all. Not saying he has bulimia, but just saying if he does then that’s not okay.

  2. I was today years old when I heard of this condition. Did you try telling him about it OP (though he likely would not have heeded it)? Maybe it is something he would have investigated had he heard of the condition. Sad.

  3. I did. He said he knew his limits. So sad. Such a good, genuine dude. Again we don’t know for sure what happened if/when their family releases an autopsy report. I’m sure they won’t. It’s so tragic for his family. Young dude

  4. I noticed the same thing, however, if he does enjoy the whole process and commitment, ive got nothing to say, he is free to live how he chooses to see fit

  5. I was just looking up the guys name after hearing of his passing. He ruined his heart. I guess OP was right, the boy needed help and he never got it 😢

  6. Some people like to eat and workout a lot especially if he makes a living out of it . You cannot diagnose him through videos he actually needs a psychologist for that . Assumptions are dangerous

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