Came down this morning to £1.70 (washing machine was on during the night). Been out most of the day, came home and put the oven on for 30 mins. Not even 5pm and have spent £3.26 on electricity alone.

  1. The trick is to cook breakfast on the heater. Same and shitting in the shower. Gotta save those pennies every way you can nowadays.

  2. our gas used 18p to heat hot water for the day, it was 46p earlier I tested our heating out and that’s now 35p for an hour… Also our electric has gone up almost by £1, but it’s alright though because Liz supports us all… Right?

  3. Fuck sake, it’s not even funny anymore. I can’t wait for them to announce even higher quarterly profits despite there being no effect to supply…

  4. Omg 😳 why doesn’t the government do more and start taxing the rich. Fuck the conservatives. I’m voting labour or the Green Party

  5. Family of 6 here and our electric was a tenner for yesterday alone. Which is funny because the tv is rarely on and the only things we used were the oven and washing machine.

  6. I hear an air fryer is less operating cost if thats an option… I sure hope things improve for you guys over there…

  7. i didn't take the whole air fryer thing seriously, but my girlfriend did and bought one and like... it's really good actually. and it makes sense, when you think about it. much less space inside to heat up, and the vast majority of the time when we need to use the oven it's only for one or 2 thngs, which can easily fit into the air fryer. no regrets

  8. 100% is, our oven costs 56p to be used for an hour (old prices) bought an air fryer and it’s 3-4p for 10 mins.

  9. £6.20 and counting.. 2 bed flat, heating on for 30 mins in the morning, some cooked dinner, and tumble dried damp clothes for 15 mins.

  10. I know that in the depths of winter my bill was £3.50/day and so this is absolutely possible, and then some...

  11. Got it installed and threw it out 4 days after. I was obsessing over it so hard, would shower in the dark to no have to see that number rise at all. Was seriously hampering with my sanity blasted thing

  12. Unfortunately unplugging it is a bad idea, you're more likely to run out of credit without noticing, which means the power will switch off. You can only reconnect the power using the little screen thing. If you have it plugged in it will retain just enough battery life to reconnect the supply. If you have it unplugged and off all the time, for some reason it doesn't retain its battery life.

  13. Start taking yoga classes and meditation, I also recommend looking at breathing control as well as it helps tremendously when getting fucked in the ass by energy providers and the government.

  14. I’ve not went into my house yet, I’m sitting in the car but it was £3 when I left. It’s going to be a lot more than that. I’ve still not put my washing on because I know it’s going to cost me another £1. I won’t shower tomorrow so I can save some money on heating water. My central heating is at 15c. I’m going to be struggling this winter, especially with the asthma and the susceptibility towards pneumonia, there’s no way I can afford this.

  15. I’m sorry that’s the situation you’re in. I don’t see how things can carry on like this, I fear the prices will never go back to what they were before unless something drastic happens.

  16. Re: showering. I recommend getting yourself a £1 12lt bucket from BnQ (or any harware shop) and filling it up with cold tap water and boiled water from the kettle. Use something like a plastic measuring jug to pour water over yourself. Not as satisfying as a shower but it still does the job (plus you're also conserving water as you use a lot less than directly from the shower)

  17. Seriously, I wouldn't. I thought that. When that bill is stolen from your account, you'll be watching that meter like a hawk!

  18. Honestly, I was genuinely thinking earlier of meals I can make that don’t require heating. Just don’t really fancy loads of salad during the winter!

  19. At this point along with the usual stuff, fridge and freezer etc: the TV was on, a light, and a computer monitor (turned off but on at the plug, came down 2p when I switched the plug on).

  20. I tried this, but because I went from the top one of pay band to the bottom of another in the NHS I’m now actually worse off and working a much, much more stressful job for more hours (no overtime pay either).

  21. I’m on a smart prepayment meter, went to visit my parents for the long weekend, only things left plugged in were the tv, WiFi and my computer, balance when I left on Friday morning £18.22, balance when I got back today £15.47. Managed to spend money not even being here! Does anyone know when the £66 is supposed to turn up?

  22. Heating a pint of water costs the same no matter what electric kettle you use. You could rub the water between your fingers vigorously enough to boil it but it would take the same kWh as a modern or ancient electric kettle.

  23. It's going to average out to at least £10 a day...How the fuck are people going to manage with that?...Evil capitalist, Bastard fucktard energy companies and Tory twat cock wobbles...

  24. Air Fryers are getting all the attention for lower energy usage which is great but no one seems to talk about Pressure Cookers like the Instant Pot. I got one recently and its a game changer, cook 3 meals at a time with low energy usage.

  25. Instant pot is a good choice. I got a Ninja Foodi 15 in 1 (about the same cost as a regular oven tbh so there is that..) It air fries, pressure cooks, steams etc etc. and uses a fraction of the power of a full size oven. Does enough food for 6.

  26. I'm just waiting for 5 to 10 years time when the big "smart meter con" is exposed and turns out it means fuck all and they've just been fiddling the numbers to get more money out of you. Or I am just been a cynic

  27. Cynic no. Paranoid yes. You reckon it is a con just like 5g, area 51 and Elvis on the moon with Elizabeth Taylor? Smart meters are more granular and help the thieving utilities balance and predict demand. It reduces their costs and pays more dividends to their shareholders.. like the French government for example.

  28. WTF kinda of rip off hell is this? I've put two loads of washing in. Had three cups of coffee. Charged my phone and vape. And had the TV and sky box/PlayStation on since about say 11:30am.

  29. I’m in an all electric flat. I’ve used my oven, ran a dehumidifier for a few hours, had a shower and did a load of laundry at 40C (plus all my other daily usage) and I’m at 5kWh which is 1.70 without the standing charge. Something seems off here OP needs to check to see if they’ve got anything else draining electric.

  30. I dunno how much I've used today as the app doesn't tell me and the cat knocked the monitor down the back of the cupboard...And I don't really care enough to get it out.

  31. I think you should turn off the smart meter in these times. you have to pay the same amount regardless of if you see it or not, and it'll be better for your sanity not checking it I would guess.

  32. Mine is at £3.25 for the whole of October so far and I’ve been at home virtually the whole time with the Series X on a lot in that time. Two washes done. MacBook Pro plugged in. I’m on a variable rate- basically I approached the energy crisis like I did covid “que sera sera” - I don’t buckle to any of the fear peddling in the media as it’s all designed to break your spirit.

  33. What’s amazing is people look at this see how much money they’re spending and go “yeah the people in charge of the country are doing a great job”

  34. And even if people make a lot of money and can afford the increase, are they really thinking “yeah this is what I worked for, to spend my money on my gas and electricity bills”….. ?

  35. Cous cous only needs boiling water ,(I boil a kettle in the morning put in a flask and use all day) cover it no cooking costs some noodles are the same .pasta can be done in microwave .A heavy pan (le crusie take off) once heated to sear mince etc and left on hob turned off can really finish cooking a meal .Think about cooking 5 days meals in one oven usage (with roasted veg) and micro as needed .We are all looking for savings .Any tips ?

  36. I have got one but I refuse to put it on I’m not living in fear probably fall in to debt with the rest of millions of people in uk I’m living normal what will be will be if we get cut off at least I used everything without panicking sod em not letting them control what I put on in my house not letting my kids freeze either

  37. Smart metres are false economy right? It draws electricity. Imo, it ain't worth the hassle. EON told me last month they were going to increase my bill from 100 to 140. Couple of days ago EON wrote me to say my DD is being reduced to 72.. thanks Government

  38. I'm sure they abstract before measurement. Even then running the tiny board and LCD screen would be less energy than spinning the analogue wheel in the old ones.

  39. I live on my own. Shower at the gym Work out or in an office 4-5 times a week and spend time on the evening at parents/friends. Cook 90% of my meals in an air fryer that doesn't need to be preheated. Probably watch TV for less than an hour a day and I'm coming in well over this and have no idea why.

  40. The £2,500 cap is not actually a cap of £2,500 for unlimited supply. It's a figure given for the 'average' family household and it would have been better if that was clearly communicated with everyone, but it wasn't but hey, what do we expect from this shit show of a government.

  41. Yeah I was wondering this… so does not get to £2500 and your bills stop going up / credit stops getting used?! I’m assuming not, but my Direct Debit is already £227 a month, so on average I’ve been paying more than the cap before the October 1st rise!

  42. We basically go round our flat checking all switches are off when not in use, only thing on 24/7 is the fridge, went out and bought a ton of blankets for the winter as we have no other way to heat ourselves, we’re hoping we survive this winter, on top of all that worry I’ve got uni exams as well, life’s too stressful

  43. I go round turning everything off. Nothing on standby. It was chilly the other night so we lit the woodburner. We go to bed early (am in bed typing this). Had the oven and the washing machine on as was necessary and ours is £5.20 just for today. Have told the wife that it’s cheaper to go to Maccies than cook at home.

  44. Of course. What do you think smart meters are really for? Part of this growing economy is allowing corporations and other similar entities to monetize the shit out of your whole life.

  45. Water meters do exactly that. Look basically this comes down to us the population resenting more granular monitoring of our usage. It feels intrusive. The sad fact is those corps couldn't care less about us as people and what we do. They just want efficient measurements. Noone is going to examine your electricity usage and judge you.. the computer will just bill you.

  46. Consoles are quite power hungry. I notice a big jump when I have my series x on for a few hours compared to a non-game day.

  47. Ok plumb the washing machine into the hot water instead of the cold. Should at least halve the cost of heating the water. Electric kw costs more than gas kw.

  48. Smart meters are not designed to save the consumer money, it gives energy companies enormous amounts of data so they can optimise profits

  49. Make sure you're getting all the help you're entitled to. If you have social care and contribute get some help discounting all your disability related costs off your social care charge. Sounds like a lot of effort but I'm playing a lot a week on healthcare costs not covered by the NHS (stuff they won't give on prescription and stuff like gloves) so getting them taken off my social care cost is making a difference.

  50. I live in a new block of flats and our "smart" metres are locked in cupboards we have to ask permission to access so you never really know what the reading is. Before the electricity price hikes I used to mine crypto (to sell each month for bills), use an A/C unit all day, game, cook on an electric hob multiple times a day and it cost £46 per month for my first year. When the prices went up (tripled for me) I stopped mining crypto, using the A/C and specifically turned alot of things off but my readings of use were still rising... I literally think its rigged fraudulently, I looked at my metre today and it's gone up by another few 1000 kwh in 6 weeks and I'm not even using as much electricity?! Guarantee my bill will double again and I was not even in my flat for a week or 2 so every single plug was turned off but it made no difference.

  51. i live in a house of 3 with my mum and my girlfriend and we are at £15 a day we both play video games and have a portable air conditioner but this is a joke we only cook twice a day between all of us

  52. We have a morally corrupt government in the form of the Tories that are working with an equally morally corrupt energy sector. They made billions extra in profits, the Tories won’t stop them charging stupid prices (Ukraine war always the excuse). They also refused to windfall tax these obscene profits instead opting to borrow money to ‘cap’ the rate per hour at 1.5 times more than it was last year and this was vailed as ‘help’ for us plebs. This is part of the reason out economy has been royally fucked the last week. What a country to live in! 😁

  53. I'd advise all people to check their bills. My energy provider decided to try and start the October price early (1st Sept). Check your bills every month. Never let them have a chance of pulling the wool over your eyes.

  54. They basically cost about £1 a year to run. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and already worked out few things that were costing a fair bit to leave switched on, so will be saving money already.

  55. Remember that your standing charge will be part of what you see for running your washing machine. That's the biggest thing that bugs me, even with energy going up there's no reason why standing charges have gone through the roof

  56. Making me appreciate my lack of standing charge. We average £1.50/2 a day if we're out the house. £3+ if it's a Sunday with lots of washing, cooking, TV

  57. Don't worry the Tories will make the rich so rich they can leave the electric heaters on with the windows open to support the poor energy companies. It's a sound plan as far as I can see.

  58. We worked out a few thing, such as the tv is running around 8p per hour, and then some fancy light bulbs my wife bought cost 2p per hour, there was 4 of them on. Turned everything off apart from the fridge, freezer, internet etc, and it dropped back to 2p per hour.

  59. I came down at 8am to £2 showing on the smart meter. How?! Only one shower taken, no lights or heaters on. It makes no sense!

  60. You switch everything off at the wall? Try get into that habit. Don’t need to be powering an led light to tell you an extension cord is plugged in or some shit.

  61. I do need to remember to do that more. Always do it with my computer monitor, but never the tv. And yeah we do have one plug extension that has 2 LEDs lit up all the time for some reason!

  62. Mine went up 1st of October I assume that’s the same for most? This is fucked now. I’m going to speak to my boss about a pay rise today fuck it

  63. We have an electric shower that we normally use and one that runs off the boiler. Will not use the electric one now with gas being much cheaper in comparison (even though that has doubled in price too). Is the only option we have really of cutting down on the Electric use.

  64. Moved house and yet to receive my electric bill, the supplier I selected I'd fighting with the previous supplier to see who controls my electric, I'm fucking dreading the bill.

  65. Mine is at £1.23 now. Doesn’t seem as bad, sure, but all I’ve done today is boil the kettle to make a pot noodle. So that’s basically the fridge being on and charging phones overnight.

  66. Been writing down every week what's been put into the meter, and honestly it break's my heart ,💔it's over 3 pounds to have the meter a week and then daily it's costing me near 5 pounds and that is just the electric not even on the gas yet , these companies are taking the p-ss !!😡😡

  67. Shell Energy are sending me about three emails a month to tell me my current meters have “reached the end of their life” and that they have to install a smart meter as soon as possible if I’d just be so kind as to tell them when I’d be at home. Naturally they can’t tell me what time of day they’d be coming so unfortunately I’m unable to confirm whether or not I’ll be at home. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  68. Yeah I feel for you, I have a condition which requires me to have a fan on permanently otherwise I will overheat.

  69. At the moment, heating your home by gas costs about half as much as it would by electricity. However, there will, over the next few decades be a move to all heat pumps, meaning that your heating costs will de facto double. Hope that makes everyone feel better.

  70. Heat pumps are about 250% efficient from a energy in to heat out pov though, so you would probably end up paying slightly less.

  71. A pre payment meter is a good choice, you can’t get into debt if you can’t afford you just go without I recommend during these times

  72. Not gonna lie, every single person I know who got a smart meter said their costs went up by like 25% just having it installed. It', dead obviously rigged in the power companies favour.

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