No wonder, Baki beat Jack. This mfer used the jobberfication speech on him.

  1. Nah that's the toxic work environment cooperate experience, Jack did everything he told him to with no complaints, and he does this to Jack. Sad

  2. Aside from kengan it also showed up in RoR where the guy said "you're magnificent" or something. Basically fighting mangas tend to have characters compliment their opponents (you're awesome/too strong/amazing) before beating them

  3. Basically in kengan omega when a character says something like "you were too strong", the character they are facing loses. So the kengan community decided to name this phrase the jobberfication speech,where if u say this line,your opponent will lose, and a lot of kengan fans are also baki fans.

  4. Besides Baki and Kengan most manga characters often pull this "you sure are strong" quote before beating their enemies, or some side characters watching the fight say "X is strong! How could Y beat them?" or "X is strong, I can't imagine X losing this!" then X loses the fight.

  5. I really wonder what this guy would think if he could see Jack now, relatively healthy and on decent terms with most of his peers

  6. Bro katsumi’s whole introduction was the jobberfication speech. They said bro “completed karate” when his most powerful technique is just punching really fast. Bro didn’t even win his match in the sumo arc.

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