What body builder would you like to see as a main ark protagonist in a Baki ark?

  1. Ronnie coleman would be super freaky in Baki style, Arnold schwarzenegger would be cool too i guess. And Markus Ruhl would probably end up looking like current jack body wise

  2. Does it have to be a bodybuilder? Or just anyone crazy strong? Cause bodybuilder would be ronnie coleman and anyone would be kyriakos grizzly

  3. I'd rather see a strong man like Hall, Shaw, or Bjornsson - they are stronger and bigger - we already got Olivia and Kureha to represent bodybuilding

  4. I don't know Bodybuilders,and sincerely Oliva is enough,we want fighters after all no bodybuilders, although i guess if Itagaki did a thing like when he made Usain Bolt the Runner into a Boxer it could be interesting.

  5. Arnold but only as one of his movie roles. Ronnie, as himself. Dorian Yates who brings a different kind of back that challenges the Hanma bloodline

  6. Do we need another body builder? Having another body builder/strength athlete is kinda pointless due to Oliva being a brute force fighter and a bodybuilder. And Sukune already has the power lifter build.

  7. I don't know if he is a bodybuilder but I would like to see louis cyr in the manga, the man who is considered the strongest in human history.

  8. I'd rather see some golden age MMA fighters like Anderson Silva, Cro Cop, Vitor Belfort, Don Frye, or Fedor.

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