Honey, it’s time for your versus post: Iron Michael vs Mike Tyson

  1. I think irl Tyson is ironically more ferocious than his Baki counter part. Baki Mike Tyson doesn’t seem to have the venom of irl Mike Tyson, and that’s huge since that would mean the real deal would eat Iron Michael Alive

  2. I feel like this may be the one time an IRL figure can go toe to toe with a baki character. Michael might have more power, but I also think that Tyson has better speed. I could see it going either way.

  3. It depends. Prime Iron Mike was in the Maximum tournament which means he had to be superhuman like the other fighters and if thats the case he stomps. But prisoner arc Iron Mike got wayyyyy weaker/ became a jobber and because of that my money would he on Mike Tyson

  4. Bro I'm pretty sure even jobber characters in baki are nothing short of either world champions or actual specimens.

  5. Iron Michael exists in the Baki universe and made it into the maximum tournament - irl Mike Tyson would get jobbed

  6. Mike Tyson grew up on street fights. He would actually be more effective under max tournament rules and not just rely on boxing. RL Mike takes this imo

  7. I k ow everyone says “he was based on Mike Tyson, why do you think he’s in prison?”, but did they ever actually give an in universe explanation? He didn’t seem like too bad a guy at the tournament, then the next time we see him he’s in a cell with no explanation.

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