What is a baki hill your willing to die on ? For me it is baki is weaker than pickle and musashi🤷🏽

  1. I mean technically Baki is weaker then Pickle, the major thing is Pickle has a huge weakness in that he has a super limited understanding with Martial Arts, and thus he can be exploited with it. And Musashi, yeah after taking measure Baki's Mettle he seemed the better of the two.

  2. In a fight pickle wins, in a death battle (like who kills who) it can go both ways like for example a lot of characters are stronger than another but it can be different when your fighting to save your life

  3. Technically Baki is weaker than them, but he is a heavy expert in Martial Arts in his verse. Baki was destroying Pickle until he wanted to square up against him using brute force. Baki got defeated twice by Musashi, but during their last match he was winning without too much of an issue.

  4. Baki basically throws the first few matches to bizarre, exotic opponents like Musashi so he can observe without putting his life on the line, and then once Baki finally catches on to the parlor trick, the other guy is toast unless it’s Yujiro.

  5. The demon back wouldn’t have had the biggest affect in the fight when the strength weight and size gap was so drastic

  6. Yeah I dont think Baki could perform all of the inmense feats of strength that some beefcakes like Jack, Oliva and Garland did. But his strikes and holds surely are more devastating, let alone his versatility and speed advantage. He can be the strongest boy in the world, but as we saw against Pickle, it doesnt have to literally refer to muscular strength, but overall dominance on the "food pyramid" of fighters.

  7. Baki is weaker than Pickle but Baki can beat Pickle in a fight most of the time if he actually takes it seriously and doesn’t just get punched on purpose for shots and giggles

  8. My hill is that yujiro is stronger than yuichiro, I rlly don't understand how people can say the opposite with so much confidence and so little evidence, pickle got scared by his ghost? Well duh, maybe it's coz he's never seen a ghost? Yujiro got 'scared' by his ghost, maybe because it's a ghost and one of his father, whom he hasn't seen for likely years

  9. Because he talked down to yujiro like his little bitch, and he is a larger man with the demon back. His strikes and throws surely are more devastating, by virtue of physics. Yujiro defeated the us army to chase after his father, duhhhh

  10. Hatsumi the floating cloud? I don’t think he can quite tear through Olivas muscle Id love to agree because I love Kengan but we also gotta be realistic

  11. Pickle is stronger cuz he is mostly raw strength, Baki is probably better in every category outside of strength and durability. Musashi was way too broken tho and I can honestly say he beats Baki 9/10. Still cheesed how they ended the musashi arc the way they did.

  12. Baki only lost because he wanted to face pickle in a fight of pure strength in the end. The same way he beat Olivia. But pickle is physically the strongest character. If Baki wanted to he could dance around pickle and would eventually wear him down as we saw him do.

  13. The hill for me is that Yujiro just has to be beatable, somehow, one way or another. Call this a stupid fantasy if you like, but I truly believe that if Baki were to master and combine all of the following techniques he might finally be able to knock out or even kill his son of a bitch dad Yujiro (yes, I hate Yujiro for being a manchild who always has to assert his dominance for even the pettiest situations):

  14. Baki learns the Mach punch/kick and then use the antidote darts and use all his limbs to kill yujiro while his out, or have jack bite him to death

  15. A hill I'll die on is current Jack can beat Kaku Kaioh. Shaori ain't gonna help against bitting honestly it'll probably just make bitting through him easier cos his muscles are relaxed so less resistance.

  16. To me, Baki himself lost this fight, it was more a defeat of pure strength over martial arts. Pickle was forced to use a technique in order to win against a Baki who only used brute strength. He beat him at his own game yes, but nobody can deny that he was rendered unconscious while pickle was perfectly fine.

  17. Pickle one shot Baki during their first meet, is the only character in the series that he could never image train on, and got three tapped in their final fight, though to be fair to Baki he was outspeeding him landing many hits, including shaking the brain pan which not even Jack could do.

  18. Basically pickle could beat baki if he had any combat intelligence guy literally ko'd musashi for five minutes and played around with the sword instead of eating him i believe if he throws a canon like that on baki and doesn't stare at a bug for 10 minutes he could win

  19. I like to think pickle is the physicaly strongest character in the baki series but he just doesnt have technique to bolster it like someone like yujiro

  20. I believe pickles the toughest and strongest character in Baki in physical power but his limitations make it extremely difficult for him too you know beat the top 3 but if he could master his own martial arts I don’t know like “primal style” he goes berserk but uses tactics like if they kick go at them form below or if they dive or lunge forward use a grab in them or smash them from above you know a primal but intelligent way of combat because pickle should be capable of such tactics and skill and I promise you when he does he will delete like 99% of the cast with ease

  21. No way he's weaker than Pickle,i mean maybe you could argue he's still weaker physically but unless he makes the same mistake Twice of going for a Clash of Brute Force he can defeat Pickle with his superior skill.

  22. Baki is the biggest plot armour character in the series without a doubt. Baki should have been one shot by Pickle when they fell from the top of the stadium. And for some reason he eats Retsus leg and Katsumis arm when he beats them but when he beats Baki he dosent take anything ?

  23. I mean if Baki had of kept being serious with pickle it would have been a different story. Also believe he could have beat musashi had the old women not given him the ULTIMATE SUCC. That said it wouldn’t have been an easy win that’s for sure

  24. My hill is that we should judge characters that use weapons as a separate tier, i can't for the love of me see musashi and motobe ecc in the same tierlist as other characters and think that it's fine

  25. In baki weapons don’t really make a difference most weapons are uselsss that’s why they aren’t in a separate tier because if they are skilled enough to make a weapon useful they are in the same tier (Ex: a Katana probably wouldn’t help yujiro or baki get stronger because of their already ridiculous striking power) but I still agree with u Motobe is probably weaker without weapons but musashi is the same with or without his sword

  26. Musashi? absolutely pickle? If you mean brute physical strength sure but overall um no Dude was bullying pickle in their fight decided to challenge him to a punch out started winning that too then lost when pickle used an aki technique

  27. From reading the comments I guess baki is stronger (who would win in a fight kind of thing) it’s just crazy to me how one panel baki gets one shotted through the stadium and the other his beating up pickle ? Bakis power in fights are so inconsistent but he comes out on top because he has main character blood which is why (realistically) I feel pickle can slip through a life or death situation

  28. Motobe is not an A tier of the verse, compatibility was important in his victory against Jack and Musashi was never serious against him.

  29. that’s fair but it would’ve been boring, you lose the fun of him because his “this man is on a timer” kinda goes away, sure you can say he’ll die in six months but his sheer brutality isn’t scary anymore because we’ll he shows up too much

  30. Not a bad hill tbh but imo during the father son fight Pickle obeyed Baki like a dog xD As for Musashi his own cockiness was his undoing lol

  31. I also think its funny how Pickle was proritized during the Son and Ogre fight, he might have picked up things. I think he will become much stronger later in the series. Maybe a Jack rematch?

  32. Ight hear me out even with demon back baki couldn’t win the punch out with pickle the reason he was able to last for a good while in a punch out with yujiro is because yujiro is physically weaker than pickle since pickle is the physically strongest and most durable in the manga(but who knows now,itagaki probably just changed his mind and made yujiro stronger)

  33. I'll die on this hill, size should very much matter and demon back is retarded. If size had anything to say like irl fighting sports, Baki would be one of the weakest. Also demon back is literally just flexing your back lol

  34. U don’t gotta die on the hill. ur right lol 😆 bakis only faster and more skilled than pickle and even with that he couldn’t hurt him(besides slaps and ball punches) and musashi knocked Baki out cold TWICE when they first met and let’s be honest if musashi chose to use his swords against Baki in their final fight it would have his win he was already cutting Baki without the swords.

  35. Ok I’ll admit it’s been a while since I reread Baki v Pickle but from my understanding, if Baki wanted to keep throwing pickle around and punching him in the balls he could’ve won. Baki’s technique prevented Pickle from hurting him at all. It was literally Baki giving up that allowed pickle to even land an effective attack. Maybe it was less one sided before the slug fest butttttt idkkk that’s not what I remember.

  36. Baki was defeating Pickle the way Musashi was, Pickle couldn't hit Baki at the end and Baki had found a way to damage Pickle via the chin punches.

  37. i’d say baki might be able to do damage to sukune and pickle, just pure physicals, and e saw how stupidly op baki was against pickle, which he did lose but man the fact that non demon back baki could even hope to out physical pickle, it’s wild

  38. Baki has some weaker attributes than they, but is a better/stronger fighter overall - moveset, mentality, and tactics matters

  39. I can agree with musashi as baki could barely do anything in the final fight. When it comes to pickle tho baki was absolutely winning without demon back against full power pickle. Only reason he lost was because he decided that he should use brute strength.

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