If yujiro was in the one punch man universe would you consider him S class or A class

  1. Thanks for the in-depth description. I’ve seen reasoning point to high A class but it’s nice to see a well thought out explanation.

  2. Musashi is not subsonic man, text bubble stated that in order to stop his technique you need to be faster that 0.000... That is at least 10 times faster that a military grade sniper rifle

  3. Nerve control to ignore pain? Sauce on that? I remember most of this stuff, but not much about Yujiro ever admitting to feeling or needing to deal with pain.

  4. I think Yujiro is around Puri Puri level, who is bottom S class, i also think he could beat tank top master. Silverfang Yujiro matchup would be weird, Bang is mega strong but could Yujiro just copy his fighting style.. i think.

  5. A-class maybe even B-class, one punch man heroes like stinger who can fucking jump around between buildings and demolish monsters like the deep sea kings minions are barely on the same scale as Baki

  6. Bottom of A is snek bite snek so I definitely think yujiro is somewhere in class A but definitely nowhere near the main characters.

  7. Probably mid to high A class at the very most, but that's about it. Doesn't really hold a candle to any S class though.

  8. Except all the s class heroes are far stronger than him, and he’s only technically stronger than a country because he can outsmart them, he couldn’t take them head on like s-class heroes can. He’d be somewhere near the top of A-class

  9. He’s only stronger than a small country military in his own universe. If he came to the opm universe with that same energy he would be instantly humbled

  10. Yugiro is like garou. They're both martial arts genius so, I'll say he can reach S Class but will be place in A class at the start.

  11. Lol no, villain hammerhead could level a building with a single hit, puri puri was confirmed stronger than him, puri puri can swim in concrete and everything, and puri puri is the weakest of the s class

  12. Baki's canon Yujiro? Probably A and nothing else. Yujiro scaled to OPM verse power level? A very strong S-Class

  13. Low a class he just can’t stand up with the likes of tatsumaki genos to tank top master. It would be a very rapey naked oily fight between him and puri puri prisoner tho

  14. It’s been asked before and I think the best answer was around A Class Rank 10 or so. He’s stronger than Stinger but not by much.

  15. He would be around the top 5 A class. His speed is the only questionable thing. Given Baki series just throws out random outliers all over lol.

  16. He'd be probably A-2. He doesn't have the feats to jump above Sweet Mask like Genos did in the beginning, and he probably isn't stronger than him

  17. Nah. All the desciples got far stronger. Iaian Damaged the Narinki's soldiers' battle armors and he blocked several of homeless emperors laser attacks. Homeless emperors a certified dragon in terms of his attack power

  18. He’d be an A class. But not even number one there. Mid A level. Maybe high A or even Maybe top ten with demon back going all out . The heroes in one punch man are something else. And S class is another level entirely.

  19. He'd probably be mid-high A class. If I had to be more precise I'd say he's either above everyone other than amai mask or above everyone other than amai mask and atomic samurais pupils. Out of all the s class I'd say he could probably take puri puri prisoner for about a minute before getting mid diff raped

  20. top of A class behind sweet mask i think, We also never seen yujiro go all out though so he could be higher in the future

  21. I think Mumen Rider has a fair chance of keeping Yujiro below him if Yujiro were to climb the ranks of the Hero Association /s

  22. If Yujiro is being completely serious? I think he'd make S class. He'd definitely be on the low end though. That is until he Inevitably got stronger from fighting the absolute freaks in the OPM Universe.

  23. The only reason he stays behind in A-class is because of Amai Mask preventing him from going up because his threat lvl is Low Demon for sure & Mid demon at most. I can see him taking on TTM, PPP & Garou when first introduced which are all Mid Demon at Most

  24. If he was in the one punch man universe. You might as well classify him as a muscle anomaly like Saitama but beyond Saitama in the sense that yujiro never stops training at all so he would be god tier or above in my opinion. No s class or a class needed he would be in a class of his own.

  25. Weakest S class /the guy that beats the shit out of sweetask every morning but still doesn't get promoted to s class.

  26. I've mentioned this in other posts but you have to also factor in that humans develop differently in the OPM universe. So Yujiros body would most likely adapt and change and I could see him reaching A and or S class.

  27. That's like saying Superman couldn't beat Goku because Kryptonians don't exist in the DBZ universe, so Clark Kent would just be a regular guy.

  28. S class. His physicality alone makes him stronger than any known A class hero, and with his genius in martial arts and battles, he is a damn monster, both physically and tactically. worth of S class. He would be at the very end though, because the only S class he could possibly, if ever, rivalize, are tank top and metal bat, other low S class. Yujiro must use both his physicality, technique and brains to reach S class, but I believe he would.

  29. I mean if we verse equalize in the OPM universe peoples limiters are far beyond that of the baki verse and yujiro is a better martial artist than base garou so if he trained hard enough he maybe could be S but as of now I see him being A class or even top of B class

  30. If you gonna put him in a universe like that of one punch, you gotta change the amount of potential he got, he in a "normal" universe is the peak of human potential, in a universe where human potential is so grand you gotta think that a person like Yujiro, with the Hanma mentality and genes, will be 100% in the S tier. I can make a case that he will be number 1 on the list, cause you know, the Hanma genes are one of the most op things in fiction.

  31. A weaker yujiro (because all baki characters especially hanmas grow astonishingly fast) punched the ground to stop a high category earthquake in one punch. And casually tanked a lightning bolt (again a very long time before current yuji) also dodged lighting. I'd put him in s or a

  32. if he got the martial art of opm universe probably one of the top of rank s, if as he is in baki mid high rank a

  33. Okay so it's a weird question, in OPM the level of power raises with desire/ambition. So in his current state and based on his feats, low to mid A. BUT if he was actually a part of the OPM universe he wpuld easily rise to the top of the S class, maybe even Garu's level

  34. Tank top master is somehow s class soooo I think yujiro would def be s class but I think he’d go the gator monster route without the character arc one and murata are adding

  35. Believe me I am well aware of how weak he is in there universe. But if he was there he would have to receive an enormous boost in his physical parameters for it to be fair. Did you read my first comment his muscle density would be quite similar to saitama's.

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