An amazing political message

  1. Imagine complaining about politics on a graffiti sub. In case you idiots haven't realized, graffiti has been about politics for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Theres political graffiti in ancient rome LOL.

  2. Originally it was a doc martens mural done by nomad clan - amazing graffiti artists based in Manchester uk The resistance part is done by someone else but it does go very well I like it

  3. I really don't understand how anyone can find this offensive, unless they simply don't respect other people's right to exist.

  4. Those who benefit from exploitation and oppression and don't like class solidarity which threatens the oligarchic status quo, which both political parties perpetuate.

  5. I find it offensive, because it's those kind of people that give us normal trannys like myself a bad name. I'm respected in a highly conservative town because I respect everyone else with not one bad experience yet. I don't demand respect, I earn it like everyone should.

  6. Agreed I’ve seen shit like this a million times before I’ve even seen the same quote spray painted before as if it’s some really hard hitting shit lmao

  7. Obey the law or expect resistance. Respect each other or expect resistance Educate yourselves or expect resistance Respect others or expect resistance.

  8. Thinking that everyone should always obey the law is a horrible and destructive mindset, and it is largely incompatible with the other 3 things you mentioned. Laws are written by wealthy people with agendas and have nothing to do with morality or what is right. Would you tell slaves who ran away from their masters that they should obey the law?

  9. I was going to say that its really only one person starting a political arguement, then I scrolled further to see all your comments... You helped to turn this comment section political and then you complained that it turned political. Pot meet kettle.

  10. graffiti has been political for decades, just because this stuff has turned into more of a three hour sub doesn’t change that fact

  11. What do you think graffiti’s greatest driver is then bruv? Ofc people are going to get political, it’s GRAFFITI bruv it’s used to protest

  12. No one gets the same opportunity in life. Believing this just shows how privileged a life you live.

  13. I wonder why you don’t see rich people stealing TVs? It’s probably because they’ve been privileged their entire life and now they use exploitation to become even richer and they can afford everything they want. poor people don’t think that they’re owed things asshole. sometimes they just need to steal to survive

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