My beloved Pixel 4XL

  1. This. Do people not realize that over half of all Android users don't even update their phones regularly. Unless you're sailing in polluted waters, your phone will be fine even though it isn't receiving regular security updates anymore.

  2. Eh.. it depends. I did manage to inadvertently find a remotely exploitable persistent DoS attack that renders both the messages app and the photos app unusable (they crash at startup). Anyone with your phone number could exploit this. This has since been patched, but it goes to show what type of risk you assume when using an unpatched device.

  3. I have the pixel 4. Interested in the 7 but the four is still still snappy. Not excited about trading excellent face unlock for subpar fingerprint reader

  4. I'm also interested in the seven. My point is that this phone works fine, why do I have to pay $1,000 to continue to get security updates. It just bums me out a bit.

  5. I finally upgraded my pixel 2xl to a pixel 6 a couple weeks ago because it was damaged in a car accident. I don't notice a single difference from my day one 2xl. It's the same phone.

  6. Totally agree that it's very wasteful if the phone works well to not at least patch OR offer an extended/LTS option. Google could even offer an option at a small cost to offset the developers. I would most likely sign up for it. I love my Pixel 5 and can't seem to come to grips that just about a year from now, no more support will be offered. Seems crazy to me.

  7. After 2 replacements for the silly battery issue, and the warranty running out in December, it's time to move on. 7 Pro will likely be my choice.

  8. I'm likely doing the same. I hate financing but the Pixel Plan thing doesn't seem too bad, that'll likely be the route I go. But it doesn't mean I won't miss my 4XL.

  9. Seeing with today's deal I can get a 6 Pro for $400 (and promptly sell it for more, if I wanted), I'm strongly considering upgrading and probably trading in my 4XL.

  10. I know they stopped really working with the soli chip and fingerprint scanning is far cheaper and easier to implement. I speculate that they made the decision that the fingerprint is sufficient and went that route. :shrug:

  11. Why do you want face unlock? Anything that uses it sends that data to whoever is paying for it. The phone being in your hands should be enough.

  12. I'm most likely going to turn mine in for credit against the new one. Though I really would just love to keep it around the house to use or for when I travel.

  13. I seem to be the only one who's had amazing battery life. Admittedly it has fallen off a bit since 13 came out... But it's still really good! Right now I have a little bit over 4h5m (26%) of screen on time and I still have 48% battery left. 🤷‍♂️

  14. My 4XL is still my main phone.. OG unit had major motherboard issues this time last year just before warranty expired.. and had it RMAed for a refurbed unit.

  15. No, you're not the only lamenting owner of Pixel 4XL. Really sucks a perfectly working phone no longer is supported. Unfortunately the Pixel 7 doesn't interest me, and now that Samsung is once again under fire about their battery issue, breach, and Meta partnership, the only option left is the iPhone for me. But I'm probably going to just hold on and wait to see the Pixel 8 first before switching to the iPhone.

  16. Can we talk about how incredibly wasteful it is for Google to cause us to all have to throw out Pixel 4s away?

  17. It would be nice if they offered a greater return value for people who are returning phones that are close to their end of life date. It would not only reward loyalty but also cut down on e-waste.

  18. I don't understand this take, no-one's forcing you to throw your perfectly functional phone away. This whole "your phone becomes a sitting duck for h4ck3rs after it stops receiving updates" thing is getting ridiculous.

  19. Same! I'm really gutted that support will be ending as the phone works flawlessly. I've used it for over 2 years now. Face unlock is incredible.

  20. I have the same phone and the biometrics/face unlock is sick.. I can't imagine having to go back to using a fingerprint reader...I mean hell my phone face unlocks in pitch black darkness.

  21. I don't think P6 or P7 are worthy to upgrade from my 4XL. The only thing I care is Camera and the new phones are not that different in bright scene. It's a bit better at night but nowhere as good as iPhone 14.

  22. That's kind of my point, I don't really mind upgrading my phone... But it doesn't feel like an upgrade, more of a side grade to retain support.

  23. I don't wanna lose the [email protected] Netflix stuff... and I use tap to pay all the time and I don't think any of that stuff works with third party OS's. But it isn't completely off the table. It just kind of sucks that a phone that works so well is falling out of its support window.

  24. A couple other people have suggested that and I have been considering it since earlier today. The only hitch I'm kind of hung up on is that if I do get a new pixel phone it'll be harder to migrate my data from a custom ROM to the new phone.

  25. I have a 4XL and over the last 6 months, I've had various issues with it. The biggest is something is using a lot of CPU or memory causing it to run extremely slow. I even tried a factory reset with only the base apps installed and it still did it. So for me, Oct 6 can't get here fast enough.

  26. I love my 4XL minus the screen brightness. Man it had the worst display in terms of peak brightness.

  27. Thousands of Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and many, many more users don't care about security updates. As long as your banking app, shopping apps etc works - stay with old phone if you happy

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