How is your Pixel 3, 3a, 4, or 4a holding up after 2, 3, or 4 years?

  1. My Pixel 4a is still holding up. The performance is still fine, but the battery isn't as good as it was when I took it out of the box.

  2. The battery life went up after the latest play services update, I get 1h more of screen on time: from 5-6 to 6-7h.

  3. Same thing with my 4a. Considering getting the battery changed as it only lasts about 3 hours with active use. Really want to get the 6a, though.

  4. 4a here. Working great. Battery still getting me through an easy day no problem. If I am on it a ton, i usually top it up in the car on lunch and its good to go.

  5. After more than 3 years my 3a is also running without any issues. I will probably go with the 6a. The only thing that speaks against the 7 for me is the size

  6. My 3a was my favorite phone, but after two years the battery was struggling to keep up. I had to constantly charge it. I took advantage of a trade in promo for a free pixel 6.

  7. I'm planning on doing the same because the charging port has gotten... loose? It is hard to keep some cables attached.

  8. Also 3, my experience is similar but not charging port issues, but my power button is wonky and opens the camera (as if a double click) ALL THE TIME. Started last year and I've been holding out on a good deal before jumping to a 6A/7. I had to disable the 5 clicks to dial 911 after it called them twice in a row.

  9. Pixel 2 XL here it's doing class, a few glass cracks and battery is still fairly decent. Looking to switch up to 6a or wait until the 7.

  10. My 4a is fine. If you get a decent charger (I have a 45w one) it will charge up fairly quick (an hour or so). Even 15 minutes can get you a decent amount of recharge. So, while the battery doesn't last as long you can top it up quite quickly.

  11. Ah, that's good to know, thanks. I'll definitely get a good charger. The camera thing is interesting - I'm a photographer so I use my actual camera for anything serious but I do use my phone camera in everyday life too, so I'd prefer it if this phone upgrade didn't feel like a downgrade in the camera department.

  12. This is something I love hearing about the pixel phones. Where phones usually slow to a crawl I always see people using pixels still saying its performance is extremely good. One of the reasons why I'm sticking with pixel.

  13. I've had the 3a since basically it was released and haven't had any major issues at all. Absolutely love the google interface and not a fan of the big phone (this is the biggest I've ever had and it feels nice in the hand and pocket, maybe a touch too big even) so I'm gonna keep this one until it dies or another Pixel of similar size is released.

  14. After 3 years my 3a XL is doing decent in terms of performance and battery life; it'll last a full day pretty easily. Yes, even on Android 12 I don't really have any issues. I still want something new though, and software support for it just ended. I unfortunately shattered the display glass about a week ago, so the 6a's release in 3 weeks can't come soon enough.

  15. Same! I'm actually repairing the glass because I get to keep this reliable phone. I was shocked when the glass shattered because it had done so well for so many years of drops. Overall, I'm very happy with the 3a XL

  16. Pixel 3a worked fine until the camera got something inside, and every picture from that moment had this blurry black spot which I hated. I never knew how this could have happened because I treat my phones with care.

  17. On my 3a, the little glass circle over the camera lens fell out. I think the adhesive just wasn't that good. Since my battery was starting to fail, I bought a new back cover replacement and a battery and replaced them at the same time. Now it runs great, though I broke active edge while putting on the new case and I scratched the back of my screen around the bezels. But at least the battery is like new and the camera has glass.

  18. Last year my pixel 3 bricked itself after about 2.5 years of use. Bootloop due to something in the motherboard frying. Wasn't too happy about that because I was trying to hold off until the pixel 6 came out, and my 3 was out of warranty. The 5 didn't offer anything my 3 didn't have except it was available for purchase.

  19. My 4a runs great. If I'm constantly using Data or wifi it will drain faster then it did since I first bought it at release. Looking forward to 6a and the reviews.

  20. 3, performance is fine, the battery isn't feeling so good. The camera has started to have a very strange couple of issues.

  21. Might be the optical image stabilization mechanism. That died on four of my Pixel 2 (figured out it was vibration from my motorcycle mount) and on its way out, the camera would fail to load sometimes and often make that shutter/clicking/whirring sound.

  22. My 3 also has this rear camera focus struggle. I briefly looked into it a while back and it's a relatively common issue for this model.

  23. Still on my oh-so-orange Pixel 4. Still no plans on replacing it anytime soon. I mean, yeah, the battery still sucks and Soli is a waste of R&D and space in the phone. But other than that: it's snappy, reliable, the screen is pretty allright and the small size is awesome. I still like Google's flavor of Android the most and the camera can still hold its own compared to newer phones.

  24. We still have a 3. The battery swelled up about 6 months ago on it so we've swapped out the battery. We'll see how things go from here. It's only been a couple weeks since the battery replacement.

  25. Pixel 4a working great here. No issues I can think of and no plans to replace it as long as it keeps working as it is now!

  26. That's interesting! Great to hear. I wouldn't use battery saver all the time personally because I like the always-on display which it disables, but good to know it works for you.

  27. I have a 4A. Haven't had any problems that weren't solved with software updates--which I'll still get for another year or two.

  28. My 3XL is still going strong at almost 3 years old. In the prior ~18 years I'd never had a phone "still going strong" at the two-year mark, so I'm really impressed.

  29. I have a 3 for work and it's plugging along nicely. In fairness I don't USE it much at all since I work from home and everything is Teams calls, but it still seems to be functioning fine. I'll probably replace it when the 7's come out.

  30. My 4a is holding up pretty well but in the past few weeks I've been experiencing the first consistent lagging issues. So far the occasional reboot has been enough, hopefully it doesn't get too bad too quickly. Looking to go another couple years with it and then upgrade to whatever "a" (8a?) will be coming out in 2024.

  31. Pixel 3. Got it when it came out. Still being used as a daily driver today. The battery only lasts for a couple of hours tops.

  32. My pixel 3 is still working fine. Apart from the fast draining battery, the camera and performance is still good. The pictures taken from the wide angle front facing camera is sometimes better vs my iphone. (Low light) I still live using it as a spare phone.

  33. Bought my 3a cheap only to check out CalyxOS. This little poor guy literally was running for years 24/7 just so that customers in that shop could check it out. Display always on, battery always charged to 100%.

  34. My Pixel 3 overall has been fine, and frankly the longest lasting smartphone I've ever had. It's coming up on 4 years old this December and I plan on replacing it then too. Unfortunately the 4gb of memory is overwhelmed. I can not have more than a couple applications on at the same time, otherwise they will not hold their cache. I great appreciate that it is fairly repairable too. Here are a couple incidences I've had over the years:

  35. I have a Pixel 2XL which I bought from one of the refurb dealers online ~3.5 years ago. Still going strong and works perfectly, dont really see a reason to upgrade. My next phone will be another used 2yr old Pixel. I'm done paying $$$ for new phones.

  36. For your reference, I've had my 4a since Sep 2020 and as of now its battery health is at 95% according to Accubattery (based on 1236 sessions).

  37. Pixel 3XL for everyone in my immediate family and in-laws. Bought them renewed off amazon and they are still kicking strong and show no signs of slowing down. Next phone will be a renewed Pixel 6.

  38. Pixel 4a going strong. Still my daily driver and does all the things I expect a smartphone in 2022 to be able to do.

  39. Pixel 4 here after 2 years. The battery is really really bad. Performance works great until I get around 40% of battery, then things start to slow down (recording Instagram videos is impossible, apps won't stay open, basically a nightmare). With full charge, things work great. I will be upgrading to the iPhone 14 when it is released, but i really really wish my battery and performance lasted longer (really like this phone).

  40. I actually had a base model 4 on launch, used it until nov 2022 and then got an iphone 13. The pixel 4 is now kinda like my project phone, I have a clear glass back now and a replaced battery, charge port and bottom speaker. Pxl 4 is now my secondary but after not using it for a few months and now coming back it feels a lot better then I remember, I recently got almost close to 6 hours of screen on time. I’m telling you, a battery replacement with that pixel 4 will go along way, my main is a base 13 and it still surprised me.

  41. My 4 is still going strong. Battery isn't fantastic, but it still lasts a full day. Slight slowdown during usage, but I'd imagine a clean wipe would fix a majority of performance issues.

  42. My Pixel 4 recently broke after 2 and a half years. Battery wasn't great - it lasted around 2:45-3 hours out of initial 4 hours of my usage. But it was still perfectly fine, until recent heatwaves. Unfortunately, glass back glue has melted and back started to fall off. It impacted NFC, wireless charging and I was afraid of water damage - interior of the phone was exposed to rain...

  43. my pixel 4a was doing perfectly fine until i had just gotten it replaced with a new Samsung s22 ultra 2 weeks ago. the only gripe i had with it was that its battery wasn't as good as it used to be.

  44. I actually have the pixel 2 and it still works fine. The only problem is the battery drains relatively fast. If I replaced it, then it would still run as smoothly as the day I bought it.

  45. My younger brother's Pixel 3 recently hit the fan (encountered the EDL issue). I originally bought that Pixel during the year it released (on Black Friday) and upgraded to the Pixel 4 the year after (which I later gave him the Pixel 3). I ended up finding a refurbished Pixel 3 with 128GB for around $100 and so far he hasn't noticed any issues.

  46. My 2 died last year - camera broke first, then random crashes, 6ish hour battery life. It was pretty old at the time, around 3+ years. Picked up a 3 cheap and it's going strong. Gave that to my wife and now I have had a 5a for a while, it's a little slower than the 3 it feels like and I don't like how big it is, but the battery life is great and the price was right (225 financed through Google)

  47. My 3a XL still works great. Almost as good as day 1. I've had it since release day, and of course the battery doesn't hold up quite as long anymore and it's noticeably slower than my Pixel 5 and Pixel 6, but it's still a great device in its own right.

  48. Gave my old Pixel 3 XL + fabric case to a friend, and it is fully functional. Only the battery can't keep up, but I can't tell if that's normal wear or if it's just overwhelmed by the abysmal amount of apps younger people use. My friend keeps the phone in battery saver 24/7.

  49. I've tried to take pretty good care of my pixel 3xl, and it's still working well. The charging port sorta stopped working, even after cleaning. So I got a wireless charger. The original battery still holds a charge for most of the day, a whole day if I'm conservative. Still pretty quick, but it glitches out occasionally. 7/10 after 3.5 years

  50. Pixel 3a doing well. Battery is the one thing that I would complain but it still holds charge for a full day after 3 years. I want to get a 6a once they come out.

  51. 4a-5g here. Battery still lasts all day.40-50% left when I plug it in at night. No issues, and no plan to replace it any time soon.

  52. My pixel 3 battery died out after a few years, I had to charge it 3-4 times a day. Absolutely loved it otherwise.

  53. I had to switch from my 3a to a 4 last year because tmobile wouldn't support esim on the 3a. My 4 is nice, but I think it charges a bit slower than the 3a. I really with google would improve their fast charging tech to catch up to oneplus.

  54. Glad to see all these older Pixels in this thread carrying along nicely. Before getting my P6 I was a OnePlus 3T user and I have to say, I believe the 5-year-mark is usually about how long modern phones can be stretched in my experience if you want to have a comfortable time using them, both battery and performance wise. However I see a lot of people with even older Pixels here and that is definatly encouraging!

  55. Replaced the battery on my 4XL (I know that's not in your list) 2 weeks ago after it swelled the back loose. Damn thing caught fire while removing it, so if you do this at home (like I did), be cautious.

  56. My 3axl doesn't always receive messages or calls anymore. Sometimes I have to restart my phone and everything I've missed comes flooding in. Anyone else have this problem?

  57. Still on the 2. Battery life has become a bottleneck now. But with Google launching parts for Pixels through iFixit recently, I’m really considering a DIY battery replacement No issues otherwise!

  58. 3a is OK, albeit the amount of times apps close because of lack of memory is quite annoying particularly after using a smartphone with more RAM.

  59. My 4a is starting to show its age, but it's mostly buggy software stuff and not hardware. Battery is still solid, screen and buttons are still perfect, etc. Camera takes amazing photos but sometimes my edits don't take effect or I get the spinning circle of death and I have to close and reopen the app. Sometimes a picture message will display the wrong photo or at least an older photo from the thread, but the sent pic is correct. It can handle marvel future fight on low/medium settings, anything higher than that and it gets HOT. I plan on keeping it until the 6a gets its first price decrease, probably after Xmas, and even then I might keep it as a wifi only back up.

  60. Pixel 3 XL, replaced the battery in November of last year and it's still going strong. Got it off of eBay in 2020.

  61. Although not exactly what you were asking for, my Pixel 3 XL has been a champ. Battery life is still really good (obviously not as good as when I got it new). According to "AccuBattery" I still have 79%, battery health. It's slowed down some, but it's only occasionally a problem (Android Auto). Hope this helps.

  62. Pixel 3. Battery is shit. Performance is alright. Cant run games like Genshin though that's a terrible example of a mobile game. Sometimes the UI glitches out real bad.

  63. My Pixel 4a ran great until it didn't. One day in January after just over a year of use, it started rebooting itself and I got the dead Android. It gave an error message about possibly corrupted data over and over again with each reboot. Swung into Verizon and they couldn't help past backing up my files, and I didn't want to be without a phone in case it died completely, so I upgraded to the 6. I still have the 4a and it hasn't done it since, although I haven't really used it much since.

  64. Pixel 3 screen failed after 6 months. The 3 was probably the worst that I have own. The rest are doing well. My 4a still works fine along with my 5.

  65. I'm about 3 years in with my Pixel 4. The battery life isn't great, which is expected, but the worst issue I have is with the charging port itself. If I don't position it just so, my overnight charging plans are foiled.

  66. My 3a is going good. Still last the day on moderate use. Does what I need it to. Been looking at upgrading but I'm just to attached to the aux port.

  67. I have a pixel 2 xl and it's still going strong. When it dies I probably won't get another pixel just based on it how awful the new ones sound

  68. My 3a feels a little worse for wear, although definitely my own fault, partially at least. The battery isn't great and there's some burn in on the screen, noticing that some games are running slowly and it totally locks up every couple of weeks or so until I hard reboot the thing. Definitely looking at the 6a in short order.

  69. Pixel 3 XL, not bad tbf. Performance is still good enough, battery definitely has taken a bit of a toll but overall I wouldn't feel the need to replace my phone for at least a year or two, unless there is some big security flaw that pops up that my phone just can't defend against, seeing as Pixel 3 stopped getting updates this year. Also lack of unlimited high quality photo backup kinda sucks now I'm not gonna lie.

  70. My Pixel 5 has been a bit wonky for the last few months - a common theme among all of the Pixels that I've ever owned for over a year (1, 3a).

  71. my 4a is gettin kinda buggy, battery life still really good but the amount of times it's been unresponsive in the past few months is troubling

  72. My Pixel 3 stopped receiving texts and calls unless you reset the network and Bluetooth settings every other day. The battery life also started going downhill. I had to replace it, went with the 6 pro hesitantly but that's worked out so far.

  73. My 4a with 5G wasn't aging well due to a cheaper processor so I traded it in on Google Fi for a 6. The difference between an A and a premium device is night and day.

  74. I bought my Pixel 3 October 2018 and I had to replace it in Sept 2021 because the battery would last ~12h just sitting on my office desk, even after several factory restores. The OS was choppy and would often take a noticeable amount of time to launch apps, even if they were still loaded in the background.

  75. I bought my used 3XL 1.5 years ago. It was working well until the battery started to expand about 3 months ago. I was able to get a replacement from Google but had to provide the Google store order number. Luckily I still had the original owner's contact info and was able to get it from him.

  76. 4a here , the battery seems fine , not as good as day one but that's reasonable. Performance took a hit and the phone seems little bit slower and lagger but I think full wipe will solve this. Won't change or replace the phone until broken or out of date updates will come

  77. I have a 3xl as my daily driver and a pixel 1 that I turn on once in a while as a backup to see if it still works. The p1 battery seems to drain super quickly. My 3xl is starting to do some quirky things, it'll stutter and and lag a little bit. It boot looped on me twice now in the last year. I'm planning on a 7, so it's gotta hang on. Battery seems to be holding up fine. I had to delete some stuff because I was pushing up against my memory limits and that drained me a little bit. But keeping my memory use down I get good life still.

  78. Family is using my old OG Pixel XL because their 4a just randomly bricked. They like it enough they question if they will get the 6a when it's released.

  79. I use a 5 now but still use my old 128GB P3 a bit. The battery is pretty shot and there's debris in the camera that requires me to zoom in a bit to take a picture without that speck showing. Otherwise, the phone is still really snappy.

  80. 3 XL owner for over 2 years now. Holding up as well as the day I got it. Want to upgrade, but I feel no actual need to.

  81. My original pixel 3 was replaced at 1 year mark for camera issues. This replacement phone has been going strong. Performance is good, battery life is good, I have no complaints. I hope to keep using it as long as I can and then I may replace it with the second to newest pixel at that time

  82. Gave my OG Pixel to my dad a few years ago. He still uses it, no issues. Battery life isn't great, but he also expects it to last all day. It lasts a reasonable amount I think, about the same as when I switched it out. I got it in 2016 so for it to be 2022, the original model, and still working with most of the new features, is pretty impressive IMO. (Also, to boot, he uses the original case I had for it and it's still holding on strong 🤪)

  83. Love my Pixel, I've had all of them... that said, all this will change if they decide on allowing adds to be displayed in my lock screen like they're talking.

  84. My 4a is pristine, and working perfectly. I've just started to notice some decline in battery life, but it still gets through the day.

  85. Pixel 3a is holding up but I have had some weird touch screen issues and screen freezes. It could be that I need to reset the phone.

  86. I know I'm in the minority but, you should NOT expect more than 3 years out of the "a" series phones, and you shouldn't expect more than 4 out of the main series phones.

  87. My P4 is on the struggle bus. It often just gives me a black screen for about 5-8 seconds before finally loading whatever I was accessing. Swiping up to go home almost never works. I have to swipe it about 5 times.

  88. I still love my 4a, getting a lotta use out of it and i hope to use it until it completely dies too. Battery life is a lot shorter than i remember sadly but maybe I'll get a battery replacement done.

  89. My 3a runs just fine. A bit slow but very usable. The issue is that Google decided it didn’t want to keep updating it.

  90. I bought my Pixel 3XL shortly after launch and just replaced it in January this year, so I had it for about 3 years. The battery life was average at first but was pretty poor for the last year I had it. Other than that & the occasional slowdown (really not a big deal), it was great. I only ditched it because it was no longer going to receive updates from Google.

  91. I had to rma my 4a recently because the battery expanded whilst connected to a power supply during a hot day in the UK.

  92. Pixel 3 with android 12. Very great, smooth, battery is fine lasts me enough for a day. Need to clean up my storage.

  93. My 3XL was replaced under warranty due to battery swelling. Replacement is holding up well for most purposes, but the memory management seems really flaky. Even with adaptive battery turned off, background apps are getting suspended frequently and memory-hungry apps will crash.

  94. My pixel 4 is fine for the most part, the only issue is that the swipe up to minimize the app glitches out all the time now. Even wiped my phone to try and fix it but it's still happening.

  95. I just traded in my 3a after about 3 and a half years of use. Latest android update killed my battery life so bad. I would be using the RIF app for twenty minutes and watch my battery drain 20 percent before my eyes. It was crazy.

  96. 3a is still running great. Battery life hasn't significantly worsened, but it's a little less than was new. Security updates should be over soon, so I'm planning on switching to Lineage in a month or two.

  97. 3xl here that I got on Swappa a year or two ago. I have signal issues every now and then and battery life isn't stellar, but it's still rocking and mostly capable of handling most things I need to do. I may look at upgrading to a P7.

  98. 4a Cooked one in the car while evacuating from hurricane Laura, had to get it RMAed. Second pixel 4A I cracked the camera lens somehow, and then dropped it, cracking the screen slightly, and the touch digitizer underneath/below that crack was broken. Then I was walking my dog holding my phone in the same hand his leash was, when he decided it would be the perfect time to run after a squirrel. My phone flew out of my hand and landed hard on the driveway killing the oled underneath.

  99. I've been using AccuBattery and unplugging at 80% charge level for the entire 3.5ish years I've had the pixel 3. Have only lost 6% max capacity according to the app, but I do feel sluggishness here and there when using navigation in combination with anything else (spotify, browser, messages, etc)

  100. my 4a 5g still holds up fine minus some minor software issues prob cuz of the custom rom I'm running. it's not being used as a main or secondary anymore after being replaced with a iPhone X, galaxy S8+, and the S9+ but it's still a good phone to use while in bed when want to watch something before I sleep or when I need a phone quick while my other ones are charging. the camera quality is still excellent imo despite the camera app crashing every time I open it (possibly a rom issue). I bought it brand new two years ago and I might end up replacing it next year with a 7 pro because I want to experience mmwave 5G and test the other cameras available with the phone

  101. The Pixel 3 has been my daily driver since late 2018 and everything has been flawless. The battery still holds a charge surprisingly well. Hardware-wise, the phone could continue to meet my needs for the next year or two.

  102. I let go of my 3a and upgraded to the 6 Pro a month ago when I shattered the screen and the battery life reached a point where I was charging 10 times a day.

  103. Pixel 4 XL. Perfect except for no longer charging on Pixel Stand and Pixel Stand 2 since January. Google Support determined it was due to the battery having lost contact with the wireless charging circuitry due to swelling, authorized repair, and extended the warranty for one year. Battery replaced at no charge by ubreakifix, and wireless charging works once again.

  104. Still using my pixel 3 as main phone, lasts pretty much until early evening for me. I got a 3a XL as well, and it lasts the whole day!

  105. Pixel 4XL here... It's underwhelming with regards to performance. And I seem to continually be learning the lesson that there's never enough storage, so I think my next phone will have expandable storage.

  106. 4a was running great until Android 12 hit. Multiple factory resets didn't fix the issue. Got stuttery and consistently laggy.

  107. My wife and I both still rock OG Pixels. They are on their 3rd batteries (replaced every 3 years) and still working great. Also had to replace the cases which had fallen apart around the phones. :-)

  108. Have a 3a, it's doing ok. Just basic use, no games. I wouldn't get a 3a only due for the fact that 64gb of storage is not enough. My recommendation - wait for the 6a

  109. I would be wary of using a device that is no longer getting security updates as my primary device. But we still have a pixel 1, 3 and 4 around the house somewhere. It's occasionally useful to have a spare calculator or whatever. The Pixel 3 and 4 are doing fine.

  110. My Pixel 3XL is working fine. Quite fast, compared to other smartphones I had after 3 or 4 years. I changed the OS to Lineage OS, because there was no more updates. Other than that, nothing to say. Very happy of this phone, and I hope to keep it at least another year before switching to a Pixel 5 or 6

  111. I replaced my launch OG Pixel XL's screen and battery in late 2019. Battery was pretty much dead and screen suffered massive burn in. Did the same to my wife's Pixel 2 in late 2020. Neither phones are daily drivers but they're still holding up for some occasional in house use. The gyroscope in my Pixel XL was going crazy so I thought that was toast, turns out Google pushed a really shitty Google App update that makes the gyroscope go haywire. Disabled that and Dayrdream works again (and so does auto rotate).

  112. I had a Pixel 3 until April when it got stolen. The battery life sucked, but it was otherwise great. I was planning to keep it at least until the end of this year. After that, at four years, I think I would have upgraded, as I imagine the battery would have got worse and worse.

  113. My Pixel 3 got the EDL bug last month. Had to replace a swollen battery in 2020 and a bad camera in 2021. I believe the battery and/or replacement doomed the camera. It started having issues not long after. I should have taken it right back to ubreakifix but it was April 2020. The swollen battery was an emergency. The camera wasn't. I tried to live with the camera until the Pixel 6 but when I saw how big the 6 is, I got my 3 fixed instead.

  114. 3a after 3 years I still love it. I don't want to get another phone cause I am afraid it won't be as good. I do miss monthly updates though. Battery is getting to be not as stable.

  115. Love the pixel 6, I personally never get any problems from my phone (maybe I'm lucky) but apparently there are a few who get (connection issues, camera issues and UI issues) Also many don't like that the phone does NOT have facial recognition, which does bother me but I suppose the finger print scanner (on screen) is good enough, but you have to pay £25 for just "Google screen protectors" which are the only ones that work with the scanner, it's a bit of a rip off.

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