Google Pixel RMA Process is Absurd

  1. The lack of support is the sole reason I have a s22 ultra now. I've had, Nexus 6p, OG pixel, pixel 2, pixel 3, pixel 4, pixel 4a, Pixel 5a and I'm fucking done.

  2. Im on my way to the next Galaxy. Can't even sell this pos for a reasonable price. But hey, the moron fanboys will say I don't have any issues. Shit modem with a fingerprint is just a conspiracy theory.

  3. Next gen I'm switching away too. The 6 left a bad taste in my mouth. My 5 has been great since but between their support and the issues with the 6 I'm ready to risk a new vendor.

  4. Google's RMA process sent me two replacement phones and didn't charge me. I gave the extra one to a friend after trying and failing to convince Google support reps that they should take it back. Bank error in your favor, collect $200.

  5. Meanwhile someone else is screaming their head off in frustration telling support they have not in fact received their replacement device lmao

  6. Going through exactly this now. RMAd a pixel 2 several years ago and the process was so simple and convenient that I've had pixels ever since. Trying to get an obvious hardware issue solved on a new one now and your comment confirms what I suspected.

  7. There's always a small percentage that don't have a good experience, and they're typically the ones who complain loudest. I've had a couple of Google returns over the years and they've always been super helpful and painless.

  8. Same experience, I wanted to get a replacement for my 6 pro but I really can't be without a phone for such a long time. I don't get why they can't just ship the replacement and then once you received it you send yours in? It's really stupid and I just can't think of a valid reason.

  9. You can do an advanced RMA where they leave a temp charge on your credit card. They ship you a refurb first, you send back your phone afterwards

  10. In the middle of doing a second repair/replacement on my 4XL as well and am experiencing almost the exact same thing. My phone went down this last time with the battery/motherboard issue at the end of April and I'm still waiting for a repair/replacement.

  11. That sounds dreadful. My three weeks pales in comparison to 3 months. What's weird is the previous times we've had to go through this it was not nearly as much of a hassle. Something definitely changed in the past year. I don't know if they are just super short on supply of replacement phones, but if that's the case then start offering credit towards a pixel 6 or replace with newer phones. The current system and customer service is abysmal.

  12. So the screen died on my 5a but I still had my 2XL lying in a drawer so I sent my 5a into google to get the screen replaced under warranty. They sent it back and said there were "hairline cracks in the display underneath the glass". Bull fucking shit. I have never so much as set that phone down in a firm way, much less dropped it or anything like that. The glass doesn't have a single scratch on it. I took it to Ubreakifix to have the screen replaced and the guy there even said there were no "hairline cracks" as far as he could tell. But I'm the fucking idiot because I ended up paying for the repair rather than fighting with them AND I just got my P6 Pro today because I refuse to use apple or samsung products. So now I've purchased 3 of their phones in total. FML.

  13. I flipped their script and was successful in returning a 3 month old P6 despite getting a refurbished one during the RMA process. It's possible. Just takes a lot of persistence and escalations.

  14. Sometimes they do send new phones. My pixel 5a that I received following a screen failure was brand new. Screen was dying despite never having dropped the phone. I argued with Google about it for a month before they agreed I didn't break the phone... They were saying even small bumps can be enough to crack the screen internally (which, if that's true, the phone shouldn't have ever shipped in the first place because that's ridiculous).

  15. Same experience. Got pixel 4xl on launch and a year later had the battery issue. Super smooth support experience, they knew of the problem, and I got the "advanced rma" where they put a hold on your account and shipped the phone first. Everything was said and done in under a week! And then..... Got the battery issue again another year later and contacted support thinking it'd be another quick refurb swap.... It took over 1.5 months, MONTHS, before they finally shipped me a refurb. They made me go through email support, I'd say something and they'd take a day or more to give me a one question response, I'd immediately answer, and then another day later I'd get a response again. This went on for a couple weeks of them not acting like they had any idea about pixel 4xls having battery issues, going over dumb questions when I told them over and over what the issue was (battery swelling and the back of the phone literally coming off), they finally said they'd ship me the phone and another agent would be in contact to get all the info sorted.

  16. If anyone who works for Google reads this, please reach out or you will permanently lose a customer who's had Google phones exclusively since the Nexus S,

  17. I say the same. I've told Google several time that I have decided to stay with them after several device failures with my Nexus 6P, Pixel 2, Pixel 4XL, and now my Pixel 5. Google was even in a very large lawsuit over the issues the Nexus 6P had. Every device I have owned from Google has had issue with it. The customer service has been absolutely atrocious. They also want me to put a several hundred dollar hold on a credit card, which I don't have, to replace my device. I have never had to do that in the past as there has always been the option of "standard replacement" which you send them the device and then they send you a refurbished model. I brought my device to a uBreakiFix location, which is a Google authorized service center, and the rep their told me my phones issue is common and a screen and/or proximity sensor replacement should fix the issue. I was told by that rep to contact Google and have them enter a claim to replace the glass and that they would take care of it. I contact Google through their chat section and they claim there is no option for repair for my issue in their system and the only option is replacement. They claim that with my defect and device, the only option is "Advanced replacement."

  18. I had the charging port die in my Pixel 4a. They have local shops that can do the warranty work. I was able to take it in and it did take them two days to fix it and get it back to me, but overall was pretty painless and easy to get repaired. I just restored from my last Google backup and it seemed to work fine.

  19. That's my expectation with Pixels and I am fine with it. Apple has great support but the UI and software leaves me feeling constrained. Samsung is a no as I prefer stock Android and the Pixel call screening features.

  20. Their support has always sucked ass. The 5 is kinda old now too so it might be time to upgrade. Maybe even to a different brand. I've done it.

  21. They aren't offering that. Last time we did that, we had them put a temporary charge on our card for the cost of the phone. They are only offering for us to send ours in with no replacement until after processing.

  22. My 4xl crapped on me just like you and got the runaround with my warranty as well. I gave up and just got the 6pro without the warranty

  23. I got two Pixel 6s right at launch as a part of their "join Google Fi phone plan" deal. I set mine up, no problem...but it wouldn't ever let my partner sign up. No matter what we did, nothing fucking worked. This went on for, get this, 3 months.

  24. Completely agree - they actually damaged my phone opening it up, then said it had all these random issues that it never had when I sent it in, never fixed what I asked about, and then gave me a $5 gift card as a total 'fuck you' to top it off. Couldn't even believe it. For reference, the cellular antenna stopped working, so it couldn't get any service.

  25. I had the same issue with my Pixel 4XL. I spent 3 days and talked to a total of 13 people before they decided to send me a refurbished unit ( all while using an old Moto X to get by which still works flawlessly). As soon as I got the refurb I mailed it back as a trade in and bought the Pixel 5. Haven't had one issue with this phone so far.

  26. FWIW I've been rocking a Note 10+ since shortly after they launched (that Black Friday) and I have had no issues. I had a Pixel 2XL before that. It was fine for what it was, but I did have weird issues. Sometimes getting updates first is a bad thing. I will keep this Note 10+ until I'm forced to no longer use it.

  27. That's interesting actually. It's blows my mind that Google is such a large company. You would think they would have better customer service. If they had good customer service support, they probably would have kept their customers.

  28. This right here is why I prefer to buy my phone from the carrier. I know you get a locked bootloader but I don't do anything where I would need to unlock my bootloader. I deal with the carrier and they will replace the phone without the need to send it in first. Unpopular opinion but that's why I buy from my carrier. Not that they are great either but they are least do this right. This is basic tech support service

  29. I have had to do two RMAs and four insurance replacements with them. Never had to send the phone to them first ever. The only thing I really don't like about dealing with replacements is that they hold the value of your phone and an extra 100$ if you're doing an insurance replacement. Missing 1000 for a week really is rough these days and if the value goes up anymore on these things I doubt I will be with Pixel much longer.

  30. This is why I always get my phones through Verizon. I just go to the corporate store, and never get a fight over replacing a phone.

  31. I went through 3 P4XL batteries. Luckily I love about 40 minutes from a ubreakifix and they made it much easier. They looked up the serial then replaced then fixed it.

  32. I recently had a terrible experience with their support. I was really looking forward to the P7 this fall, but I think I'm gonna go with Samsung this time and see how that goes.

  33. In Australia they will send you a phone first but put a hold on your credit card for the purchase cost of the phone. And release they hold when they receive your device.

  34. This post is giving me flashbacks. Luckily I have had zero problems out of my 4a5g. I think that's what I have, hell I don't even remember now. Their customer service SUCKS. I used to get so frustrated talking to them.

  35. Customer service gave me the middle finger when my 4XL broke after I moved from the US to Canada. Back & forth for weeks.

  36. This does not reflect my experience. I had issues with the last Nexus phone and after following through a quick trouble shooting they decides that a bew Pixel phone will be sent to me instead. All I had to do is allow them to put a charge of a new phone on hold and as soon as I returned my broken Nexus phone the amount was released back to me. I didn't have some extended warrenty or anything like that, they just replaced it in good faith. I also had an issue with my Pixel 4 XL years later and same thing, they quickly decided they will send me a new Pixel 4 XL as a replacement with the same process as before. To my experience, Google stands by their products and will find the easiest and sometimes very generous solution to keep customers happy and all issues resolved.

  37. Weird they won't send you the phone first. I had to RMA the free pixel buds I got with my P6P, and they said they could ship me the new pair before I sent the old ones back if I authorized them to place a holding charge on my credit card.

  38. They couldn't even coordinate with Ubreakifix correctly and they sent me there! They had me take it there for them to diagnose, see that it was a hardware issue and tell me that it has to be replaced. Then I had to call fucking Google to relay the message to them and they tried to have me go through troubleshooting steps. The same steps they sent me through to even get it to Ufixibreak and then I had to go all the way back to the them to get the phone, print a shipping label and ship it. I sold my 5a as soon as it got in on Swappa and grabbed a A52 5G. Never again.

  39. In the UK Samsung trade in program gives you a discount straight away before you pay for the new phone and also gives you two weeks to send your phone after you receive your replacement if you requested a replacement unit! Google doesn't do that and it is not appreciated 👎🏻 They will definitely not keep me as Pixel user. P6 is my very first and only Pixel phone!

  40. I just got an RMA number today for my Pixel 3. I'm dreading sending it off to be honest, best phone I have ever had (apart from the swollen battery), really hope they don't send me a shit one back...

  41. When I was in the process of getting my 4XL replaced, they wanted me to be stuck without a phone for roughly 2 weeks while they received it. When I told them them that wouldn't work, this was their actual response

  42. I did have a Stadia controller replaced and the RMA was smooth. I did got the replacement, then sent the original back in the same box with their free return label.

  43. I had to go through this painful RMA process of not having the device for 10 days. Decided pixel 6 would be the last one from Google. Never buying again.

  44. I agree, the RMA process is absurd. So much so, I am contemplating getting a different phone when I can afford it. I am currently using a Pixel 4XL because my Pixel 5 is having the screen issue with the proximity sensor not working and causing the always on display to shut off and also the screen to shut off when making calls. They wanted to put a several hundred dollar hold on a card, which I didn't/don't have, in order to replace it. I've had at least four RMA's on my Nexus 6P (Google had a large lawsuit over this phone,) possibly two RMA's on my Pixel 2, and one RMA on my Pixel 4xl. I decided to get the Pixel 5 when it was released because I was sick of wearing a face mask and always having to type in a PIN instead of just using a fingerprint scanner (which didnt work for a year and required you to use a piece of tape over the sensor to help read your fingerprint). On all my past RMA's, I've never had to put a hold on a card to get a warranty replacement, unless I wanted it as a advanced replacement. Now Google states they REQUIRE you to do it as a advanced replacement and WILL NOT allow a standard replacement. So now I have a defective phone that I pay monthly on with Google Fi, which I've been a customer of since owning the horrible Nexus 6P, and I can't afford to fix it. I brought the phone to a uBreakiFix and the gentleman I spoke to stated the issue with my Pixel 5 is common (it is, many post on reddit have discussed it) and typically a glass replacement and/or the proximity sensor must be replaced. He told me to request Google to put a claim in for the glass and they could fix it. I chatted with Google and told them what THEIR authorized service provider has stated and the agent claimed his system doesn't give him a option of "glass replacement" for my defect and the only option is the "advanced replacement" of the device. The discussion went on for approximately a half hour when the chat agent abruptly stated that he has explained to me all the option and has no further info to provide and that their were other customers waiting and he disconnected the chat. I had even asked him to put me in touch with a manager/supervisor and he claimed he spoke to his supervisor and there was nothing further they could do.

  45. The same thing happened to me for my dumpster fire of a Pixel 6 Pro. They said if I wanted it replaced I would need to talk to my carrier. I've been a loyal Nexus/pixel user since they came out and this is definitely my last Android phone.

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