GOA's Antonia Okafor Testifies before Congress: "The 2nd Amendment’s primary focus is not about hunting; the 2A was put into the Constitution as protection of the people against an oppressive government.”

  1. House Oversight Committee has started their hearing on gun violence. Gun Owners of America was invited to testify to represent our millions of members and millions of gun owners. We will not back down from the fight for your rights.

  2. Great that this awesome presentation was made by a black woman. Leftists don't like when members of "oppressed" groups have conservative viewpoints. Ms. Okafor was articulate and well-reasoned. Kudos to her and GOA for a job well done.

  3. "The Second Amendment guarantees a right we already have; it [the right] preexists the Second Amendment." This cannot be emphasized enough

  4. Based, my only critique is referring to the 2nd amendment as a protection against tyranny without citing the relevant writings from the founders. The left know people talk about protection against tyranny but they like to pretend it's just a made up talking point or is irrelevant in the modern Era

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