Valkyries [Video]

  1. You know, I always think I’m doing alright whenever I play GoW, But then I see edits like these and I just contemplate picking up the controller ever again.

  2. Whenever you are not holding anything (blades or axe) aim and press heave attack, so hold L2 then press R2. For additional skills (frost damage on impact I think) you need something like 100 runic

  3. Can’t lie, I had trouble trying to tell the difference between a video game and a movie made by marvel with how good you did this

  4. Very nice friggin work. Amazing. Reminds me of Faraaz Khan or Game Breaker God watching the fights. Every so often I can dodge and hit her once or twice so there’s that. A comment on a no damage GMGOW Valkyrie queen sums it up for me (she was very predictable, she isn’t even that hard, I only died a few hundred times)

  5. Damn, I love how the entire video has a nice rhythm, and then the very end transitions with the wings. Can't wait to see what's next.

  6. You should really consider trying to become a professional video editor if you haven't already. Those translations were seamless and very professional looking. You seriously did an amazing job on this

  7. I found this extremely satisfying to watch. I'm struggling with my fourth Valkyrie at the moment (I spent yesterday trying to kill Gondul and all I could think was that I wanted a Super Soaker for Atreus so he and Pops could take her out like the Wicked Witch of the West) and it's lovely to see their wings being ripped off. I hate the Valkyries so much lol.

  8. I just started a GMGOW play through and I tried one of the easier valkryie (I forgot her name) and got absolutely destroyed

  9. It's called Gift of Apollo. I can't quite remember where I got the attack from, unfortunately, was quite some time ago.

  10. How many times has this kind of video been posted to this sub now? I’ve seen it pop up like five times in the last two months.

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