The Rivalry Between Us & Philly Will Be Forreal

  1. Yeah but when they were drawing the schedule it was like “ummmm, will they have any all stars?”. Knicks seem like a terrible back up plan other than the NY market all tuning in

  2. I really think we match up well with them too. Embiid plays strictly drop on defense, and Kd and Kyrie are mid range snipers.

  3. 6ers fans will definitely be booing Ben but personally I don't really care about Harden anymore, I doubt there will be enough Nets fans who care enough about him leaving at this point to actually make the boos noticeable. I'm probably wrong though, we'll see.

  4. I would have cared greatly last season but zero care now. Everything Harden did to upset me has been done worse by KD and/or Kyrie since then lol I just want a good season and to contend.

  5. All it'll take to stop Philly is Ben locking up Harden. That entire team is built with the idea of relying on both Harden and Embiid having 30 point games each night to win. If any of them have an off night they'll lose. PJ Tucker won't do shit for them either.

  6. Recently loved close to Philly and way further from Brooklyn so might need to just buy a Simmons jersey and go to the first nets sixers game in Philly and embrace the hatred

  7. I mean between both teams there’s so many people to dislike based on the events of the past year I’m kind of over the rivalry thing - will be fun games to watch since both teams project to be very good, but all this drama has hit the point where it makes me less excited about these games.

  8. I don't really blame Harden for leaving but fuck Philly sports + Joel Embiid is a jackass + Doc Rivers is a clown still riding the coattails of that one Celtics team. I can't wait to watch our boys kick their asses

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