[Cacciola] Kyrie says he plans to re-sign with the Nets: "When I say I'm here with Kev, I think that really entails us managing this franchise together alongside Joe and Sean."

  1. Kyrie and KD came here because (supposedly) they love what the Nets built. Then they proceeded to tear it all down, and not let the GM that put it together handle things. Then after this failure they wanna build it up with Joe and Marks? Arrogant.

  2. These two must think you can win a NBA title without playing defense which is mind boggling considering they both have rings because of their previous teams fantastic defense whether it’s LeBron, Klay Thompson, or Draymond Green. I really just don’t understand what is going through their head when we constantly ignore defense every single off season and than expect Bruce brown to guard guys half a foot taller and 25 pounds heavier than him. Yeah sure we might’ve gotten away with winning it all without playing defense when we had Harden which gave us 3 top 15 nba players on the same damn team but he is long gone so they better wake tf up and scream at the FO to bring in defense, size, physicality, rebounders and not just a bunch of sub 6’5” shooters as if we already don’t have enough of these guys.

  3. Why would you be happy about a delusional flat earther on the team that has been a poison on every single team he has been on.

  4. They are generational superstar talents. If that is what it takes to get those kind of players to join a team like the nets, you do it every single time.

  5. Oh GoD no. Please tell me he didn't really say that. He needs ro be as far away from management as possible. Like I want to go to the precinct and file restraining orders on behalf of Joe Tsai and Sean Marks

  6. I hope Kyrie Irving is happy as bad as of coach Nash is Kyrie decided the Fate of the Nets before the seaon begin his refusal to not be selfish and put the team First cost us in the end this is why Sean Mark's and the Nets should've put their foot Down like the Warriors did Wirh Andrew Wiggins

  7. I’m not comfortable with this guy having this much power. Wish KD had a co-star that wanted to play and didn’t force drama on everyone. KD too loyal to Kai at this point

  8. Holy shit what a clown take. Leave the management to the qualified people and focus on improving your game so you can help make up for this embarrassing shitshow of a season.

  9. Kyrie never wanted Nash. That is were his "I don't see us having a coach" comments steam from; nigga said it right after Nash was hired LOOOOOL!!!!

  10. Besides LeBron teams (and even those can go spectacularly wrong, and are always in a pretty bad spot when he leaves) has any team run by players won anything? I'm not very well versed on the dynamics of any team of the 2000s

  11. Do you guys think KD hears these comments and goes "yeah that's right!" Or does he just think "wish this guy would shut up"?

  12. Joe and Sean better curve him with the quickness. I don’t want any more DeAndre Bembry’s/Jordans on this team because they were friends or a high school teammate (saying this knowing that Bembry was alright with the team). Point being, the roster needs to be built on merit, not connections

  13. Bembry is a decent NBA player and should never have been let go. He would have helped in the series if available.

  14. Your point is correct but bembry is a bad example, as undersized as he is he played with great heart and energy anytime he was out there, Dandre Jordan is a better example

  15. Kyrie was all-in on staying in Boston after a horrible playoff run too. Dude is gone, and you'll be better for it.

  16. He admitted that he was in his own head. I’m not sure if someone would post the quote but it was something along the lines of “he felt like he was letting the team down when he couldn’t play”. Then he went on to say how it would distract him and be a mental challenge

  17. Pls give im a shitty extension and see if really cares about playing with Kev. If he walks so be it, we cant win with him anyway

  18. Re-sign Bruce and keep nash. Let’s these guys have one year of stability and then we can actually judge the coach properly

  19. "When I say I'm here with Kev, I think that really entails us managing this franchise together alongside Joe and Sean, just our group of family members that we have in our locker room and our organization."

  20. I hope they lowball Kyrie. He knows we’re about the only franchise that will tolerate his lifestyle. Hell, he has the perfect scapegoat in Simmons now that totally deflects the media attention. Maybe that’s the real perk of having Ben.

  21. We better give KAI 1 year deals, so we aren't stuck with his contract if KD leaves and make him take a discount for all he put us through.

  22. They're out of their minds if they bring him back. Maybe, just maybe, if you had Lebron in his prime to rein him in. Injury prone, dumb as shit, and a locker room cancer every place he's ever gone. Let him go take weeks off to argue over whether or not dinosaurs are real somewhere else. What an absolute waste of talent.

  23. What concerns me about this quote is that Kyrie had neglected to mention Ben Simmons. They're the Nets' "Big 3" now. KD, Kyrie, and Ben should be the ones to "manage the franchise" and select "the pieces" alongside Joe Tsai and Sean Marks.

  24. Holy shit. Is this a real quote? Get this cancer the fuck away from the nets. He managed it into a fucking joke already.

  25. Man fuck this guy and his arrogant ass. You want to manage the franchise together? Your dumbass isn't even there half the time. Fuck you Kyrie

  26. This may shock people, but this is not news. We've known that KD and Kyrie have a say. Same could be said for a lot of the vet stars in the league. That is the way it is in the NBA. Some folks may not know this, but this also is the way that any company is run. There is a CEO, there is an owner (or owner group or a board of directors) and their voices may be the strongest, but the executives have a say in managing the company. And stars are the equivalent of senior executives.

  27. exactly. you'd even be foolish if you didn't give your star players input on the roster. But with Kyrie I want to see a focus and commitment from him first. That's the first thing that needs to change

  28. Guys - let’s take a deep breath. We have none of OUR round picks and owe picks swaps FOREVER, we need this guy to stay. Ben, Irving, KD if healthy and motivated is a championship team. I know that’s a solid IF especially after tonight, but realistically with our situation bringing these guys back and hoping things are “normal” is our best bet.

  29. Things are never “normal” with Kyrie. Ever. Despite the persona this joker tries to put on, he’s only ever carrying negative energy with him in every basketball situation he’s in. Having his aura around is almost as bad as the aura Simmons has around him.

  30. I think Joe Tsai, who just spent $266MM on payroll and tax for this season's shitshow, sees this kind of thing and gets about 10x more PO'd than we are.

  31. He's an elite talent. Can't get one on the open market, so gotta resign him. Ideally, I'd give him the money but short term. I don't feel comfortable giving five years to someone whose commitment I question. Already got one of those in Ben

  32. It’s hilarious how they’re assigning the roster composition onto those guys. Kyrie may very well be a nut job, but Sean Marks is ultimately responsible for how disastrous the roster was built. He has his work cut out for him this summer.

  33. So many Celtics fans here. Their team advanced in the playoffs but still here obsessed over Kyrie like a crazy ex

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