All the Law Enforcement Officers, what is your duty pistol?

  1. Definitely checks all the boxes. Pleated khakis, junk holster that is too big for the gun and the belt, open carrying a subcompact, dress belt. And some people say Cops don't know shit about guns...

  2. Hi point, that way if I leave my pistol in a public restroom again, the department can buy another one for cheap. Hi points are just as reliable as other plastic pistols. I’ve even shot my hi point more accurately than most normal service pistols.

  3. Never have I seen a comment that so personally disgusts me yet I can’t actually disagree with. Bravo.

  4. I used to think that, but I see them so often I don't imagine it's a huge problem. For this application, I still prefer one of those cheap GLS safarilands, though

  5. I carried a Glock 19 and Glock 21 on duty in a SERPA holster from 2011 till this past may (when we were issued a new safariland holster). No NDs. We shot at least three times a year: Tac shoot, Dim light shoot and a qual shoot yearly, plus Adv. Tactical and "practice" when offered.

  6. Never understood why people make that assumption. Sherpas are shitty yes but I’m the early days of gwot that’s all we were issued and I’ve never seen someone ND on holster draw.

  7. Because he's got a mammoth sized cock and doesn't need to compensate. I for one, open carry a 12" .44 Magnum with a scope on it. Just sayin.

  8. All the detectives and admin including the sheriff and undersheriff carry with yucky serpa holsters unless they’re in actual uniform (almost never) so 99% of the time they’re in a polo and Slacks with a serpa….

  9. In my local news a leo pulled her service weapon and discharged fatally thinking she was holding her taser… i sorta see why now reading these comments

  10. I gotta agree with the below. I retired from the US Army, then did a 10 year career in law enforcement, at the county and municipal level. I was shocked and disappointed in the lack of basic knowledge of firearms, their support equipment and employment of same. Even the "tactical" teams, who didn't know how to shoot-move-communicate, had never been shot at and shunned military veterans who had. Perfect example, my organization transitioned from G21 to G45 w/RMR. When cleaning the weapons for turn in, one of our detectives needed help disassembling his pistol, which I provided, only to discover a dust bunny the size of my fist in the magazine well. He had not taken the magazine out since last years qualification. The firearms instructors and officers were provided no training in how to operate or shoot with the RMR, just sent to the range to qualify. The operator manuals were not issued with the new optics, because the Deputy Chief didn't want to lose any, so they could trade retain their trade in value. I was reprimanded when I took one of the manuals, simply to read it. At the range, I had to show the instructors how to turn the optic on and how to adjust it, then had to give a demonstration and explain how to find the dot when aiming. When I moved in to FTO and supervisory positions, I took action to correct these problems and was told, by several administrators, that I expected too much of the officers. I believe if agencies spent a little time and effort on training officers, their confidence would rise and there would be fewer problem encounters with the public. As it is, NC basic law enforcement training teaches them to be scared and mistrust the public, but not how the handle themselves, much less training to proficiency in how to handle themselves. I'm glad I served in law enforcement, but I know that if shit gets real in Pinehurst, NC........bring a lawn chair and a cooler of beer cuz it will be entertaining!

  11. Corrections officer at a medium sized county sheriffs office. We have our choice between the M&P 45 or the Glock 21 both in 45acp. With the TLR1HL . . Within 2 year our whole office is going to 9mm glocks G19 or G45 MOS with rmr rm06 and TLR1HL

  12. Also in corrections. Our department just switched from s&w .38 revolver to G19. Parole officers also carry a G19.

  13. Also a CO and we use the glock 21 as well. Its an election year and I'm praying the new sheriff de fudds the dept

  14. M&P 2.0 LEO model(optic ready, suppressor height night sights, extended slide lock/release and with the full height front serrations) with a X300U.

  15. Not an officer myself but my dads been a Sargent for 30 years and has carried a Glock 21 for 20 of them prior to that was a Beretta.

  16. I didn't see any comments on the holster. This design isn't very popular due to the use of the trigger finger for release. Also, this man is left-handed.

  17. Met with an Oregon county sheriff to get my carry license, he carried a 19x that he won in a raffle that he was in charge of😂

  18. I used to be a police officer, and I could only carry my standard issue, both on duty and off, which at the time was a Beretta 92. If I were still an officer today, and could pick my gun, it would be a 48 with S15 mags and a SS DR920

  19. You say “Fuck Cops” but ask Reddit what size shoe you should get?! Sucks when puberty hits huh lol sis?

  20. In my time I have had more officers who weren’t “gun guys” but knew how to make their gun go bang. They also were perfectly ok with having bare bones department issued holsters, pouches and belts.

  21. Is this a troll post? An obese cop open carrying a 2 finger subcompact with a serpa holster? This is either bait, or an extremely pathetic cop with no useful training

  22. Glock 17 Gen 4 Modlite PL350 Taran Tactical Magwell + mag extensions Safariland holster True North Concepts MHA

  23. I get a little discretion as a firearms instructor so I'm t&e-ing a Glock 45.5 mos with streamlight tlr7 and a trijicon rmr (hoping to make it so the rest of our patrol can carry it as well). Our department currently authorizes Glock 22 and P320 for standard patrol, and then Glock 23 and 48, and P320 compact or p365 xl for plainclothes/special duty assignments.

  24. Our department went all 45 mos and it’s been great. The transition to red dot has really struck gold in the mediocre shooters. If you’re going duty guns why not TLR1s Instead of 7s? We’ve got the TLR1s and RMRs

  25. Glock 43x with a TLR-6 attached. I’ve recently been debating on carrying something more handier like a Glock 19 or 17, but I’m more for the concealed look.

  26. As someone that just left the force, cops are the last people you want to ask about anything relating to firearms. I would definitely say the vast majority of them only know what the academy teaches you and that is the most low level entry shit I have ever been a part of. Like 90% of my class couldn’t hit a human size target from 7 meters.

  27. Glock 19 Gen 4 with Trijicon HD sights. (Can have any gen but has to have 12 pound trigger which rules out the gen 5 because they don’t make it for that gen yet)

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