Cheating in 90% of my matches.

  1. did the other thread posted a few days ago get deleted? was trying to find it to send to some friends who deny how common cheating is in mm lol

  2. I've been experiencing the same deal, almost a cheater every second game. Genuinely in 8/10 games, I have had cheaters in. Not to mention being qued up against Globals and Supremes as a Nova.

  3. Trust factor doesn't send messages anymore. You ain't high trust. Real 'high trust' has 1 cheater in 10 games, if that. Some people see like 1 person get banned in 6 months worth of games.

  4. When did trustfactor stop showing messages? I just assumed it still did and it wasn't my groups issue.

  5. Thats interesting, I knew it could change but didn't think it would be affected so heavily by report bots. I did have someone explicitly say they did that to me though so that might explain some of it

  6. Agreed - while it's still playable for me I'm setting cheaters in over 50% of games I've been playing recently. Majority of which have not been banned yet - including spinbotters in recent games.

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