Hey everyone. Serious question here. I’ve been catching up on the pod for the last few months since I found It, and I just got to the let’s talk about It bonus episode where Ashley and ray a address some issues. I was like whoa, had no idea about any of this, so I went way back on Reddit…

  1. I think what you find here on Reddit is frustration over their lack of growth and minimal effort they put forth when they have guests on (eg researching their guest and the topic). As a psychotherapist, I find it concerning when they describe themselves as experts when it comes to dating and sex when they have no education or experience studying the topics, relying on the fact that a large portion of their audience is significantly younger than them so they have more experience. It’s important to question individuals who have a lot of social capital and can therefore have a lot of influence on those who look up to them. Are some of the comments on this subreddit uncalled for and petty? Yes, but I would argue that a lot of what is expressed is relevant and also deserves space to air out.

  2. As someone who really avoided coming to Reddit because I do feel like it can get really catty especially when insults are hurled about their looks- which to me is just bullying. But there is a lot of good conversation about how challenging it is to remain a fan after some very unfortunate and hurtful episodes. I most recently posted in here about Kerryn Feehan (this weeks guest) because she’s a terrible person- you can Google or YouTube her excessive fat-phobic content and MAGA swimsuit 🙄. But it’s taken me a long time to come to the conclusion that they really aren’t as genuine as I believed they were. I found a lot of comfort in many episodes and also laughed a lot but for the last several months I’ve grown out of it. This weeks episode and Ashley’s incredibly cringe appearance on Jarred Freids “luxury lounge” podcast were the last straws for me. They don’t care about their fans, they care about money. $60 to go to a 60 minute show where they live-swipe on tinder while drunk girls scream? No thank you.

  3. I believe the Facebook group has been closed after the issues of them being called racist by some of the members of that group.

  4. Ashley doubled down instead of sincerely apologizing in that ep. Rayna didn't hold her accountable at all. They continue to do interviews poorly and just had a MAGA fat shamer on. They pretend to be allies but aren't, and until they admit that, their crowd of fans and former fans are gonna hold them accountable.

  5. That was 🤯🤯🤯 especially considering how vocally anti trump A is!!!! I think they are both gorgeous (on the outside) and I hope they are living their best lives. But over the past year they have proved time and time again that they are 🗑

  6. It’s titled “let’s talk about it”. And to my recollection, Ashley never said strait up “I’m sorry”. It was a lot of over explaining (she even said she has black friends as a reason to why she couldn’t be racist).

  7. Nobody is saying they have to be perfect. But do you want to be around someone who's actions contradict what they say they believe and have absolutely no self awareness? And no, her apology wasn’t good enough, but even if it was, her actions since then show that it wasn’t genuine.

  8. I would’ve completely agreed with you up until this weeks episode and when I heard Ashley on Luxury Lounge. She is a big personality and I am definitely of the opinion that everybody is not for everybody and we should just let people be. But the hypocrisy of the messages theyre sending to their listeners while their actions are the opposite of it is just too much to not comment on anymore. I’ve been a fan from the beginning, and I’m not even saying I won’t ever listen again I probably will. But I am incredibly hurt by who they gave air-time to this week because she has inflicted real pain on a lot of people and that was too much for me to ignore.

  9. Because of the influence and reach these women have, the things they say hold actual weight. We all do better when we all do better, and so many young and impressionable women idolize these hosts. The fact that they still have yet to issue an actual apology or show any type of growth in this arena perpetuates the idea that you don’t have to. Stakes are higher when you have an audience, it’s just a fact.

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