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  1. Another rec for U Up? And J-Train…I’m married and still really enjoy them! Even though both focus on dating they also talk a lot about other relationships - like friends and family (especially on J-Train).

  2. We met at acme!! Follow her insta, she puts up polls that are so fun. She’s in her late twenties and talks dating in nyc and also incorporates a little astrology if you’re into that

  3. I like Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Beyer. She’s so naturally funny and candid. I also second U up? Their perspectives are more honest less self involved than GGE

  4. I started listening to Dear Shandy and I love them. Like, fun, intelligent takes on various topics, and then usually an ep with a guest once a week, or they have a couple on to fo a “love fest” episode. They are so kind and welcoming to their guests and it’s just a joy to listen to. They have a couple episodes a week, also, which is so great.

  5. If you are looking for a more mature dating podcast, I really recommend Just Break Up. It is less about the hosts’ dating adventures and follows a listener write-in/advice column model. It is way more inclusive of LGBTQ experiences than most dating podcasts I have listened to (although it’s not solely focused on dating while LGBTQ!) I love their approach - they treat each situation with such compassion for all parties involved, despite the name of the podcast being Just Break Up lol (although it’s really satisfying when they do say just break up). It’s a really refreshing change from the “all men are like X” and “all women are like Y” that I sometimes get from other mainstream dating pods. More of a perspective of change your mindset instead of changing your behavior to fit social expectations.

  6. Another recommendation for UUp and JTrain. For true crime, Scam Goddess is absolutely hilarious. If you like more of the banter between friends they have at the beginning of episodes check out Bad on Paper, Two Book Bitches, or @Betches.

  7. I stopped listening to them when I started GGE (For no reason other than I stopped paying for Luminary) and I just re-subscribed and I forgot how much I loved it

  8. i found GGE through GWF and I really loved GWF until they moved to Luminary. does anyone know if i sub to Luminary that i can listen through the Overcast app?

  9. I love Sex With Emily too! I'm also a fan of U Up?, Guys We Fucked, Shooters Gotta Shoot, and Call Your Girlfriend.

  10. This is a different type of Rec but if you watched one tree hill the three female leads are doing a rewatch podcast called Drama Queens and they bring in other stars from the show and I’m obsessed. Also really loving Armchair Expert

  11. So it’s not very similar in content but not entirely different - We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle has been my go-to. She talks about the hard things. Like last week’s episode, she had her ex-husband on and they talked about his infidelity, her meeting a woman and falling in love/realizing she was a lesbian, and how the three of them parent. Overall it’s been a good podcast so far!!

  12. She's amazing. Her book "Love Warrior" was life changing for me. No lie. "Untamed" is great too... a wee bit repetitive at times, but still sooooooo much wisdom. She's crystal clear in describing complex things. Love her! I am also listening to her podcast. Highly recommend.

  13. Hi! Actually I want to recommend the podcast I have with my friend, Toasting Our Twenties :) We are VERY new and VERY unrefined but we are going to be reflecting on our twenties as she is 28 and I'm 29. We'd love for you to give it a listen if you find yourself looking to fill some time!

  14. Trash Tuesday is my favorite woman led podcast for sure. It’s not really a dating podcast but those were are real comedians with real jokes.

  15. I really have been liking the skinny confidential. Not every guest is my fave but lauryn is amazingg and she has the best recs and her ads are legit, she’s a humble women and her husband is so awesome too! They cover every topic under the sun. Listen to their episode with Alice little- the number one paid legal sex worker in America! A great first ep

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