Co-worker caught this on a camera on the side of his house. We’re speechless.

  1. Came down here to see if someone else already said it. Glad it didn't disappoint! I got chills seeing this clip, which is weird because i find the other Fresno nightcrawler clips weirdly...cute?

  2. I think ‘it’ is the parrot, honestly. I’ve rewatched it a few times and I believe it’s just a blurry clip of the bird flying off of its perch

  3. I have no idea if there are monkeys in that area but the wet lens mixed with the movement, as well as it coming from the white spot makes me think a monkey ran by. Really cool though. I’d love to be incorrect but it’s the most logical explanation I have

  4. Yeah, unfortunately what's happening here is there's a drop of water on the lens, and what you're seeing is the reflection on the inside of the droplet of someone walking by to the left of the camera

  5. Whatever it is is there when the footage starts. It’s sitting behind the bird. The bird sees it and takes off and the thing chases it.

  6. Looks kind of like a monkey, as has been mentioned. I’m not overly familiar Florida’ fauna, but that seems an unlikely explanation. Good capture though.

  7. For some context this is in the Tampa Florida area. It rains every afternoon this time of the year. I agree if the lens wasn’t blurred there would be an explanation but as a skeptic it’s the first I’ve been perplexed in a long time. Especially since it’s from someone who I perceive as truthful.

  8. It looks like if the lens wasn’t blurred, it would just be a person walking. As a skeptic, that’s enough for me.

  9. Look closely at the zoom in slow playback. It is a bird sitting on the limb of the tree, it takes off flying and looks distorted from the rain on the lens.. Just a bird, nothing ghostly or paranormal about it

  10. Dog or cat running past, their reflection getting distorted by the water on the lens. Look right before the thing starts moving, you can see a much less opaque section on white enter the scene above where the water sits on the lens.

  11. To think logically about this.... this is a water droplet on the lens of the camera. We all know Water droplets refract and reflect light. Since the camera lens is behind the water droplet it will refract the light back out of the water drop back into the sensor of the camera. This could absolutely be something moving in the tree above or a reflection of something off in the distance moving.

  12. its the bird, you can see the bird moving, and when the bird starts moving the thing also moves with it, the blur caused by the rain distorted the bird

  13. It's the parrot through a smudge on the camera. It's distorted, but that is just that parrot or MAYBE another animal that was standing near it and took off. I assume from a climate with parrots it's a monkey of some sort.

  14. Convenient that the movement is only in the blurry part of the lens and the video cuts off right before it exits the blurry part.

  15. Could this be on the lens? Wondering if it’s the perfect storm of a close-up spider on a misty day, lining up exactly the right way to look like it’s on the walkway. If not it should be further investigated because it looks bizarre.

  16. There’s a huge raindrop covering the spot with the bird/animal, you can clearly see it sitting on the perch/tree before it takes off. the fps of the camera + wet camera lens causes the form of the bird/animal to warp as the light is refracted. It became really obvious to me after looking at the other wet parts of the lens. It had me for a second tho

  17. Whatever is obscuring the lens is obscuring the human walking. The whole bottom corner looks like the lens is covered in Vaseline.

  18. It's clearly standing in the corner for a moment before running, I don't think it materialised or anything, whatever it is

  19. I’m not sure what it is, but seeing as how the lens is covered in condensation or water drops, I’m willing to bet there is a reasonable explanation that doesn’t involve the paranormal.

  20. Theres a water drop on the canera lense and someone walked by out of camera veiw but at the right angle for their image to be refracted through the drop.

  21. FYI there are 3 free range groups of monkeys in Florida. I personally think this looks paranormal even from my skeptical view there’s some interesting stuff but if not it could be a monkey

  22. The monkey is plausible, its Florida which has one of the least laws when it comes to owning exotics. Which is why you see a lot of “pet” tigers in Florida and wild reptiles. You can own monkeys. You can own other wild life like lemurs, kinkajus, coatis, etc…all could be similar to this. Id bank on some weird exotic. Not so much a bird just due to its movements are more monkey than the movement of a bird even when they take off.

  23. So much moisture and glare, but I'm going to go with the possibility of a white cat running by and camera just not catching it correctly.

  24. I'll open myself to ridicule by saying a ghost is the most likely explanation here. Anything else interesting been going on with the property or its residents?

  25. I've heard of spirits attached to palms and palm like trees that resemble apes. That thing looked like it came out of some palm plants and was running like a chimp.

  26. The bird looks like it's reacting too something coming in besides it. Plus the plant's don't move when the bird lifts off. Too me It looks like something grabbed the bird before it could take flight.

  27. That's not a bird or parrot. Until you have experienced something paranormal, you will not believe in it. I can personally say it is real

  28. water, maybe from condensation has magnified the flight of the parrot as it flies off, water drops acting like a fish eye lense

  29. Idk I don’t think it’s the parrot flying unless the shutter speed is extremely low. However, what’s the point of a security camera with such a low shutter speed setting that it wouldn’t be able to capture movement properly? It’d be useless at identifying anyone if all they have to do is run across so fast that they look like a ghost. 😂

  30. most likely a monkey, there's a slightly better detailed object by the fence that gets up and runs with the "ghost.". most likely a case result of the rain

  31. This happens when you have a camera trained on the same spot. If a person walks through the area, and the video is overwritten, the image of the person can persist. It is even called a "ghost".

  32. What’s up with the parrot? It looks like it’s there and then it disappears too. Also ppl need to stop saying “it’s a dog running in the rain with Vaseline on the lens..”. Like it’s so not and you know it’s not how that would look 🤣

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