felony fights Sapo vs Travis

  1. This is what we did before YouTube.. You found a copy of felony fights (bum fights was permanently sold out..lol) and watched real life violence like that.

  2. I remember seeing these dudes trying to recruit guys at the local sports stores like sports authority or GNC in socal funniest shit to experience them trying to convince people to fight for fun

  3. Of speed, wit, and strength, the best action in any fight...is wit. Or, retreating. No sense in dying or losing if you can return back with better knowledge.

  4. Felony fights is still a thing? I remember they were effectively death matches by todays standards of organized combat. I watched one where some guy got KO’d and instead of stopping the fight, they just let the other guy drop knees onto the unconscious guys neck until the unconscious man’s Cheyne-Stokes breathing became too much for them to bare.

  5. The guy with the hair is a dirty fighter once he got the bald guy on the ground he started grabbing his testicles and punching him in the testicles. That guy is a straight up punk. And even with that he still could not finish the guy. Bald Guy still got up. Once they were broke up on the ground the guy kept saying no hitting and the guy with the hair throw punches. Again straight up punk.

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