PLEASE don't let this man win y'all. I can't take this crazy political stuff anymore. How is any of this real life?

  1. What really grinds my gears is how insulting it is toward Warnock that he even has to run against this unstable potato while pretending it’s a real competitor.

  2. he played football for the university of georgia and trump-lord likes him, that was enough and will continue to be enough for the republican party whose sole reason for existing is to 'own the libs'

  3. So many conservatives genuinely don’t care as long as they don’t have a (D) next to their name. And there’s a small group of them, the rural traditionalist nuts, who probably view it as a positive.

  4. They don’t give a rats ass about “family values” or abortion like they say, otherwise they’d toss him to the curb.

  5. and a special "fuck you with a chainsaw" to B_aware. the election is the whole reason we have to see this family travesty.

  6. And yet Georgia Republicans will vote for this ass because they want to have the majority. All that matters is a majority, not quality, and certainly not country.

  7. Please remember who still defends Herschel Walker. They are simply bad people, and it will be a significant part of the Republican party.

  8. Aren’t you supposed to do opposition research on your own candidate before you decide to put them up for election?

  9. Lazy Georgia Republican leadership wanted to play the celebrity/race angle and it completely backfired. Warnock has his own faults but nothing stacks up to Herschel's nonsense.

  10. I seriously hope for humanity this walking case of CTE doesn’t win. He won’t even get in a debate with Warlock because he is basically retarded

  11. Can’t help but wonder if this is an attempt to discourage people from voting against your chosen candidate, now that you’ve got nothing left to vote for.

  12. And this is exactly how people like Walker have a chance because folk like this see a rock and an orange and before they decide only one of them is a fruit, they wanna wait and see what the rock has to say.

  13. Warnock is unlikeable because he has D next to his name. He seems to actually try and help his fellow Georgians vs self enrichment.

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