Someone has destroyed the guide stones

  1. So if I understand… An unhinged conservative whose campaign of Jesus babies guns failed to win her the governor’s seat destroyed the stones (most likely) built by a eugenicist (probably) because she believed it was built by satan and the NWO.

  2. At least from the angle of the picture it looks to me that maybe someone was trying to destroy the capstone over the time capsule that is supposedly buried there. Not that I would put it past Q nut jobs bent on terrorism either.

  3. I love that she is already lying claiming it was an earthquake despite there being absolutely zero evidence of such an event.

  4. No surprise she is still contesting the election results of the May primary and said they were manipulated. She came in dead last or close too it. Gee, wonder why?

  5. Wow! yAl-Qaeda is starting to really show how brazen they are! Since this was a satanic symbol, I guess more non-adherent places of worship will follow?

  6. I have visited the Guidestones many, many times and there are cameras everywhere. I just hope they captured the asshole who did this.

  7. Not only cameras, but bright floodlights that are on all night. Unless those were tampered with, the cameras would have seen who it was.

  8. This is my hometown, while it’s a joke to everyone else it was something unique and fun about our town. Kinda sucks. We really took it for granite.

  9. Same here. I've been wanting to make a trip out there for years, but between life, finances and priorities, I've just never made it.

  10. Its a 40 year old starue about controlling whos born... created by a guy that loves david duke and his race theory. Why would you care to go there?

  11. My mother hates the guidestones because they start off with: "Maintain the population under 500,000,000" and "Guide reproduction wisely." She says, how could that possibly be enforced without killing people or violating their rights to their bodies?

  12. It's an oddity. Some place strange to go look at, make a day trip, and just something you can say you went to. The fact that people are upset about it enough to try to destroy it . . . . well doesn't surpise me. People have always been assholes in the name of their religion.

  13. Ostensibly the Guidestones were meant as a trove of languages and wisdom to be used by a post-apocalyptic group of humans to rebuild society. It wasn't saying to wipe out 7 billion people. It's more of a "knowing what we know now", perhaps we can do things more environmentally friendly in a new world.

  14. I'm not sure I really care about the guidestones, but I do hope they catch whoever did this before they blow up the next thing they decide they don't like.

  15. Ive stopped by them a few times just because it's neat. Too bad dumb conspiracy theory nits latched onto it and blew it up.

  16. Yeah seems plausible that someone went and got a bunch of tannerite and duck taped it to one of the stones and set it off. Like someone also mentioned earlier, there are most likely cameras there that would definitely catch someone in the act of running up there to set something up. Was definitely not an earth quake that caused just one of them to basically shatter.

  17. There was a GOP candidate for governor (who got slaughtered in the primary) and one of her campaign platforms was to remove the guidestones...

  18. It recently came out that the guy responsible for the writings on the stones was a eugenicist. Conservative Christians think it’s a sign of a Satan and the NWO... so it really could have been someone from either side of the aisle.

  19. Better to not know than to follow its instructions to commit genocide and use eugenics to keep the population los

  20. Yeah the guide stones are weird. But they are public property. An explosive device used to deface the property should be treated as a terrorist act.

  21. Those signs have been there for decades. I saw them my first visit almost 20 years ago. They were put up along with several cameras after a vandals sloshed paint on it. I’ll bet they have decent footage of the perps. Just not showing it yet.

  22. Probably some psychopaths involved with Kandiss Taylor? This is a awful loss, and at least it was not completely destroyed.

  23. So, nutty conspiracy theorists made the guide stones, and wacky conspiracy theorists destroyed them. Im definitely gonna need more 🍿 to get through this life.

  24. Wow. Georgia has a iconoclastic Christian Taliban now. Too bad we don't have ancient Buddhist mountain carvings to blow up here. You know, "because they offend baby Jesus."

  25. I actually 3 hours ago made the comment after watching the ancient aliens episode in season 2 that I was surprised given the extreme right that someone has not blown up the guidestones cuz "A language in my country other than english?! Not my murica!" and a hour later I read the guidestones were blown up. Feelsweirdman

  26. So someone took the "Stones are satanic" message seriously. I know it's just some stones and silliness but it feels like the Vandals are approaching Rome...

  27. Going to be a RedPilled White Dude with low education and he’ll be traced through his purchases and social media history.

  28. It's paradox art because it has aspirational humanist ideals to strive for, but those ideals could be up for multiple dangerous interpretations.

  29. If my memory serves, from the pictures it looks like the one with Swahili was the one destroyed but I can’t remember what language was on the other side

  30. Lol. America about to find out what happens when you raise a generation of idiots and then give them permission to be violently angry every time they feel dumb.

  31. I went an saw them last November , they were pretty cool to see them up close. sucks that someone would blow them up … losers

  32. I'll say it again. We are in a civil war. Some people recognize that and some people will continue to refuse. The longer we stay in denial the worse it will get.

  33. A weirdly asymmetrical one at that, where a tiny minority of radical white Christian nationalists see people who they don't like being allowed to exist as an existential threat, and the rest of us just want to get on with our lives without having to deal with them.

  34. Please understand that Americans killing Americans over what kind of people run the country (hint: it'll probably be some rich douche who doesn't care about the average American, regardless of the outcome) is the worst it can get, and that we are not there yet. That's something to be thankful for, I think.

  35. Well that was inevitable. I mean Y'all Qaeda is doing the same things the Taliban and the like did to ancient monuments around the Middle East.

  36. I feel conflicted, and dumber for it, they were a stupid monument with obvious, pointless, vague, and/or stupid advice that almost no one ever took seriously, but it's just more emboldening insanity fuel for dumbass seditious insurrectionists. There are no winners in this one.

  37. It's slightly different to blow up something massive and hand carved from 1000 years ago vs something from 1980 that uses the same technology used to carve grave markers and was lifted into place with a crane.

  38. That sucks. I never got to see them. Hopefully the vandal will be caught. Probably some conspiracy theorist who will boast about it on Facebook.

  39. So what are the chances that someone destroyed these because they thought they were satanic (kandiss Taylor) or because of the association to David duke ?

  40. We’ll, they’re some stupid Masonic temple stones in Georgia. Who cares really. Goodbye. One less crazy, soul sapping, disempowering conspiracy theory to talk about.

  41. The candidate Kandiss Taylor apparently just like a month ago made this huge build up an executive order she would make if elected. It was to destroy these guide stones.

  42. This pisses me off so much. They were a gift to a future civilization built during a time when we expected a global annihilation at any minute.

  43. I just read what was written on these stones. This is some fucking dogshit. It’s strange that Christians-who want to convert everybody-think this is going to attract people into their cult.

  44. Now that they have been destroyed, Jesus will come down Heaven's water slide and destroy the evil Joe Biden and restore gas prices to their rightful place! HAIL JESUS! HAIL TRUMP!! Bring on the porn stars of heaven!

  45. Who built it to start with? If it can be toppled over by a group of people or one person, it’s a bit of an comical contradiction lmao Supposed to withstand nuclear wars my ass

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