Anemo Combat 3: Electrosphere - General Questions and Discussions Thread

  1. Kinda rant-y but I'm really reconsidering my previous decision of getting Hu Tao no matter what 😔 She's the first character who really caught my attention when I first started the game and I was devastated when I found out I had missed her rerun by a couple months. I was really determined to get her but as time went on that hype and determination kind of died down and now I'm left unsure if I actually want her on my account or not, especially since there are characters I also want coming so close to each other.

  2. I personally found Hu Tao far less fun than she seemed after using her for a while. She feels kind of awful against groups. And you basically have to use animation cancelling if you want to like her charge attacks at all. Otherwise, you just get sent far away from the enemy.

  3. People believed we will never have to wait a year for a rerun and Hutao has broken that idea but it's up to you.

  4. Usually archons reruns after 6 months, or 4 versions, at least their first rerun. Watch Venti 1.0-1.4, ZhongLi 1.1-15, Raiden 2.1-2.5 so we can expect Nahida to rerun in 3.6

  5. Oh god, this looks so good. Pls hoyo I would give you money for this skin even if it's basically just recolor and nothing else. I like the Wanderer color pallette itself, but this is just so striking and iconic.

  6. The black/dark purple/red color theme looks so evil on him but I really love it. His current design still looks good. I can't wait to see the whole Splash Art and his 3D microwave render. There's something colorful at the top of his current hat. I want to see his back design too.

  7. Does WGS passive get activated by any source of damage from any team member as long as the wielder is on field? I've noticed the passive always procs (in the Emblem domain, it's always the same rotation so it always happens lol) while my Diluc is doing his burst animation but before he hits anything with it and at that point the only thing hitting enemies is Kazuha's burst.

  8. Or, potentially, it was a design choice they felt looked better. I could be talking crazy here

  9. I don't see why adding a new thing takes away from the old stuff that the game is already filled of

  10. I was so busy looking at Wanderer’s design I didn’t notice he had a Sumeru vision at first, I’m kinda disappointed in that I wanted an Inazuman one but I guess that fits him more theme wise :(

  11. Lmao I was planning to get Nahida and then save for dehya. But scara's drip marketing is tempting me to get him . Gotta do the trials for Nahida and watch scara's beta vids before I decide which of two to get.

  12. That sounds so nice and easy either way, I plan to get Nahida, then the rumored Raiden rerun (finally want C2) with Scara, then the rumored Shenhe rerun after that and then Dehya. Not to mention that I might want some weapons too.

  13. Can't help but think both scara and heizou would both look better with pants. Idk what it is. Don't like the shorts.

  14. I would love it if we got hakama, but that would have a lot of issues. In that case these shorts are better, imo. They look comfy at least.

  15. I love shorts on Bennett cause it suits the rest of his outfit. I don't like them on Wanderer, Heizou or Xingqiu because it's a really weird combination of shorts with more formal or intricate, pretty clothes on their tops. It feels dissonant and drags their design down imo

  16. I was walking around the mall a few hours ago and I saw a Hu Tao cosplayer taking a picture with someone. I regret not asking to take a photo with her. I was wearing my Hu Tao face mask too 😭😭

  17. it's like kaw-veh, the first syllable is longer and kind of sounds like "car" in a british accent, and the second doesn't end with a Y sound

  18. Cmiiw but I think it's Samiel, like the wall around Caravan Ribat. That's what I inferred from the 3.1 archon quest.

  19. Finally done with my nahida prefarming, damm I even completed 2 sets of artifacts, I guess I'm gonna spend 3.2 farming bosses to lvl all my unused characters to 70 because I won't be building more characters till Dehya, is gonna be fun to kill almost all the world bosses again.

  20. After the sheer wiplash of her design reveal I will say it has grown on me quite rapidly. The top part is very ancient greek robe looking while the bottom half looks like stained glass. Also she looks like she will have a decent amount of dark green (fav color) from the back much like Kaveh's red. I like it.

  21. I love how it références her leaked lore, and the primal construct accessories are so dang weird and cool

  22. Asking into the air in the middle of all the simping, but I'm having what I believe is graphic card issues with Genshin? Like half of the time when I start up the game (so after the launcher) my screen will just go black after showing the genshin logo for like 2 seconds. Sometimes it comes back but it goes back to black screen after that. The sound works fine cuz I hear the title screen music. I have to restart the pc to fix it. It happened before but rarely now it's very often for some reason.

  23. Do you have the same problem with any other games, did you have this problem all time playing Genshin or is it new and have you tryed to reinstal the game?

  24. Probably a poor time to ask this given the drip marketing hype today, but who else is most excited for Dehya out of the remaining Sumeru characters?

  25. I'm really looking forward to Dehya! I've enjoyed her characterization a lot so far, and I really hope she's explored further in more future story content.

  26. I'm sooooo hyped for her. I loved her in the quest and I really enjoy the design and personality. I just hope we get a 4* weapon that looks pretty with her

  27. I think she's gorgeous! I've got my guarantee for her secured and a Wolf's Gravestone. She's probably my most anticipated Sumeru character, though I'm worried that Mihoyo will make her kit bad. My read on her leaked kit is that she seems to be a sort of Pyro Raiden.

  28. The only Sumeru character I'm interested in. I like how important she's been in ACT2, and how hard she carried ACT4.

  29. I'm not into the cat ears personally but like her otherwise and what few scraps of her kit we know sound interesting. I also don't have a single pyro 5* so there's that. I'll definitely be saving up for her once I've got Nahida.

  30. I just want more Claymore, no Claymore 5-star since Itto and no Claymore Waifu since Eula. In total there are only 3 Claymore 5-stars and 2 of them are guys..

  31. I am interested only cause as a hutao and yoimiya skipper I am starved for some good pyro 5 star so hope she delivers

  32. kaveh having megumi fushiguro and ash lynx’s JP VA i am rattling the bars of my enclosure screeching flinging my shit on the walls THERE IS NO WAYYY THEY MAKE HIM A 4STAR PLEASE GOD

  33. I was not set on Kaveh at all before this but now knowing that he’s voiced by my favourite jpn VA????? pulling out my wallet as we speak

  34. So am I the only one who doesn’t want Scara to run with Raiden because of the weapon banner? EL would be more or less a dead pull for me since my Xiangling already has the catch and other polearm users that like ER use favonious for extra particles

  35. I also don't want them to run together but not because of weapon banner but because I don't want to see the mom/son memes and the "mom carried her son's sales" slander

  36. Do you think it would be possible for us to get a short female with knee length shorts? And simply more boyish design? Ngl, I would love a female who dresses like Kazuha or Tighnari. But none of the female outfits so far come even close to that image, so I really feel like we are gonna walk out of Celestia with all females wearing skirts, tiny shorts and maybe leg paint.

  37. Not a chance. We don't even have a single woman with regular pants, just tighter than skintight spandex. Short skirts are the closest we'll ever get to shorts.

  38. I just wanna talk to the designer at hoyo's HQ who likes to cut pieces of fabric off of the characters' clothes. That skirt looks really uncomfortable to wear because you're showcasing your panties to the world.

  39. It is not even that she is one more of the "white cast", her really bright hair color makes her appear unnaturally or sickly pale.

  40. I did my best to keep my expectations for Faruzan low and they still managed to release a design which makes me feel disappointed. It's honestly hard for me to believe it's a Genshin design.

  41. Feels like people either love her design or they don't. I also don't really like it and idc if she's supposed to incorporate parts of those desert Doritos as part of her design 🤡 it just feels so uninspired. I especially don't like her skirt since to me it's like they decided her upper half was too plain so let's put a mish mash of everything into her skirt design to compensate. It doesn't even look like she's from sumeru.

  42. I'm glad someone spoke my mind. Her character art looks generic as hell (and doesnt really look like someone from Sumeru). She's like someone's fanmade OC.

  43. are there any leaks about who’s rerunning with scara? i have no interest in him but im willing to risk everything for faruzan 😩

  44. could be damn near anybody. People keep theorizing raiden bc they think she'll be involved in his story somehow, but raiden + new char seems too good. He might even get the yae miko treatment and run solo.

  45. wait two days for the beta and we might get some idea about them. and remember lately hyv were shitting all over their "story importance = rerun" rule so you might get surprised a month later with some weird rerun anyway

  46. woke up and grabbed my phone still half awake,the second I saw scara I woke right the fuck up oooh my god

  47. Haha same! I'm surprised I even managed to fall asleep before. He's gorgeous, I'm such a happy worm today 🙏🧎🏻‍♀️🪱

  48. I think there's been some sus leaks that he uses the aeonblight drake drops, handguards and rukkhashava mushrooms, but that's stc

  49. Faruzan is a scholar who gives simple explanations and only cares for humility and respect to help people looking for knowledge?

  50. I'm sad to see the veil and the touches of red go, but I really like the color blue and the long-sleeved inner clothing on Scara/Wanderer (never gonna get used to that name lol). I'm also glad that they removed the Inazuma symbol on his chest.

  51. I saw a tiktok of old quest with Venti mocking Paimon and I’m kinda shocked how Paimon sounded way calmer back then. Idk how they made her voice even higher pitch than it originally was

  52. it's so bad, if they want it this high pitched they should turn her audio down, she sounds way louder than other characters, it actually hurts to listen to her sometimes

  53. yeah her original en voice in early-game was very similar to the tone in how cn paimon sounds like, she's sooo much more bearable. i don't know why en changed it over time bc it's clear no one really likes it😭

  54. I just hope that Raiden (and consequently Sara) is featured in the same banner as Scaramouche & Faruzan I can't stand having that tengu at C5.

  55. In order to not get spoiled, I went on all major daily [insert Sumeru character] accounts to (temporarily) block them without viewing spoiler screenshots from the leaked archon quest cutscene

  56. Well, Scaramouche and Faruzan have my favorite color schemes and they're so beautiful. Sorry Nahida, I'll get you next time lmao

  57. Faruzan reminded me I can’t remember the last time I saw drip for a character without having any hints of what they’d look like, with scara we at least knew his new color scheme (which I love) but faruzan is completely a surprise

  58. That always happens with drip marketing and big leaks. Iirc the Yelan gameplay video that is 2nd most upvoted on this sub reached 4th on popular

  59. We don't know yet, based on the information we do have I don't see any reason why she shouldn't work with Xiao but uptime might be more of an issue without C6.

  60. On the other hand, going "Your Maguu Kenki's wind blade attack activates my trap card: Diluc's Constellation: Noctua, Constellation 4: Flowing Flame, which grants me... " out loud feels perfectly normal for a TCG :P

  61. I often think about what it would be like if genshin did the battlesuit approach that honkai does where valkyries get re-released with different models and outfits and move sets. Honkai usually changes the elements but obvs gensin couldn't do that bc of how visions work except for maybe with tartaglia. Weapons would be possible though. I'd love to see a claymore jean in the future (like maybe when she gets that promotion to actual grandmaster that she deserves)

  62. I just want a tall female 5-star Noelle Knight version, since by now that damn Knight exam should have happened already.

  63. Scara is also a robot and Faruzan is a machinist, so maybe she's literally there to fix him 😂😂😂

  64. Well I don't need a xiao buffer OR a lamp come to life, so the best thing for me would be to just forget faruzan exists, but man she's cute, and I hate being 4 star incomplete.

  65. I went back to sleep after the drip marketing and then woke up for work to 14 messages on discord about how my friend doesn’t like the blue for Scara’s new design. Girlie I’m so sorry😭 Scara was her most hyped character.

  66. tell her it seems like he has a full black translucent bodysuit if you realize there's hip holes on his pants, maybe it'll cheer her up

  67. Manifesting new pyro character that has role as off-field damage dealer, like Xiangling or pyro Albedo or anything.

  68. okay but tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Faruzan looks like a discount Hatsune Miku (she's still super cute but I want to know I'm not alone in this)

  69. It feels so weird that in a little over a month from now I can play Scaramouche. It's been two years in the making.

  70. Feels like I can take a breath of relief, we're finally done with the phase of wondering what they look like, no clown makeup for scaranation XD. But a lot of story details are also out so I'll have to take a step back until I get through 3.2's archon quest. Thanks to everyone who spoiler-marks, hope you win your 50/50s.

  71. Just finished books for Nilou and Nahida and now I have to start all over again for Scara and Faruzan... 😭

  72. sucrose told us her parents were very encouraging and never shamed her for not being outgoing and etc. so i guess it would have to be pretty wholesome

  73. Miko is a 10/10 mom who encourages Sucrose in all aspects of life, makes sure she's always safe and happy and generally uses her influence to arrange the best possible outcome for her daughter. She also spends time brushing Sucrose's fur, teaching her how to take care of it and be proud of her lineage. Additionally Ei also basically sees Sucrose as her daughter and spoils her very, very much wow I got way too into this but omg it would be the cutest thing ever someone write a fanfic

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