New type of voice line (ally at low hp) added to character profiles - Mero

  1. “Pace yourself before you erase yourself” “but the plan was watertight” “I’m feeling a little washed out” I’m so endeared this game is dead set on making Ayato a walking dad joke

  2. Everyone: *words of encouragement, telling you to get back, to take a break, that they'll take over, or misc. reason to not be dead*

  3. Really hope that’s the case. I don’t ever touch co-op lol plus it would make the combat team feel a little more connected if they actually talked to one another, compared to slime morphing between different people.

  4. this or co-op related. Mero said they were already in the game, at least some of them, but I've never heard them before. so if it's co-op voice lines then that explains why i never heard them before.

  5. maybe we get to see this side of her that's like "oh shit i was jk man don't die don't actually give me a job 😭@

  6. Meh... I won't get to hear any of these lines considering my extra ordinary player skills. *smirks*

  7. “pace yourself before you erase yourself” made me laugh aloud why is ayato stealing kazuha’s poet identity

  8. Which ones to do you guys hear already? I can hear hu tao, albedo, gorou, and Eula’s so clearly. Surprised Eula didn’t mention vengeance

  9. Zhongli lines would cause Hu Tao users would bled their ears to death hearing those same lines again and again lmao.

  10. Ive ever heard Ganyu said 'Please step back' once and I was so confuse, like, where does it from. Am i hearing things????? So there is it.

  11. I like how one of Yae’s is pretty much what she said when the traveler summoned her during the fight with Ei.

  12. I’ve heard Raiden’s lines in co-op before, and I think Eula’s as well. Not sure about the others though, I play Yelan a lot and have never heard her say those lines

  13. I'm still wondering Why currently there is no Traveler voiceline when he has low hp? Among all the other characters. The Traveler is silent when they have low hp while everyone else is just cursing their opponents.

  14. probably, a lot of the lines(eg. Yun Jin’s ‘exit stage right’) wouldn’t make sense in Chinese. they were probably localised for the English audience.

  15. I remember making a post back in 1.x hoping they would add something like this so that's pretty cool lol. I wonder how it would be triggered though? Will the voiceline trigger from switching from a low HP character to a different character?

  16. I feel like it existed in according to the Fandom page, but this is the first time they will implement it fully. Yes, I think when we switched out our low HP characters to a new one.

  17. some of these are really fricking cute. like bennett, tartaglia, kazuha, zhongli, even ningguang, sara, and raiden to an extent

  18. I assume it’s when your current character is at low hp and then you swap to person B, person B will say the line right after the swap

  19. Xinyan actually has said “Rockin’ to the rescue” before in her demo, from nearly two years ago before she released in 1.1. That’s a helluva long time for a voice line to just be there but never actually heard in game

  20. To my observation, 2 voice lines are put in quotation marks: Oz's 'Mein Fräulein, your presence is urgently required...' and Xiao's '...Weak.'

  21. Lmao dori like "wake up samurai, we got money to spend" you could be choking on your own blood and she won't want you to die just because you didn't make her enough profit

  22. I pray that Ayato's 'pace yourself before you erase yourself' stays cause it's fantastic. Yoimiya's, Fischl's and Xiangling's sound really cute too.

  23. "Pace yourself before you erase yourself" 💀 it's time for me to actually do coop, everyone deserves to hear Ayato say that

  24. I remember only triggering this once in co-op with Sucrose "Come here, I have meds!", and it was a nice touch because I was using Prototype Amber to heal the others.

  25. had to laugh at aether's first line lmao. didn't realize he was the type to focus on busting the enemy's head open first in revenge.

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