New Weapon Ascension Material Domain details

  1. Love how the battlefield is a giant flower. Hopefully it can stand plunging emo boys that summon hundreds of spears at once.

  2. i think the plate is meant to resemble Persian pewter ware, pewter objects dating back to the Sassanid period have been found in Iran and Iran continues to be a producer of really beautiful pewter pieces

  3. tell me that there won't be a long ass road that we walk on in this domain like every other. IT'S SO DUMB like yea the scenery is pretty but we can see the scenery from arena too and it's really not tht beautiful in the 100th time of walking the same place

  4. i love how hyv created domains in Inazuma and Sumeru, you can tell from the first look that the first is the electro land, and the latter is the dendro land. Also Sumeru is so green, lively, full of plants and trees, truly a feast for eyes

  5. 2.9 isn't a patch, it goes 2.8, 3.0, 3.1,etc. The 2 just means that the current main island is inazuma, so the 3. patches will carry on until we get to the next island after sumeru and then it will be 4.

  6. How mHY does their version numbering as per the pattern we are seeing is the first number is reserved for the main update aka new region, while the second number are your typical content within the main update like new smaller region, new characters, new event.

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