Some lore spoilers about the Scarlet king

  1. Scarlet king was probably a god that existed before the Archon war from what it sounds like. Basically Sumeru’s version of Boreas, Decarabia, Orobashi, etc.


  3. people from the desert followers of the scarlet king and people from the jungle followers of the greater lord? That's why they don't get along well?

  4. Could be like an Watatsumi Island and Narukami Island situation, where one side worships one God, while the other side worships another. And since it seems as if God of Woods and Scarlet King didn't get along well, maybe their people didn't get along either.

  5. perhaps but the division (wall of samiel) that the greater lord created between the forest and the desert could also be one of the factors why the two territories don't go along well.

  6. We have the Truth of This World infohazard and the Celestial Nail Leyline Nukes as the antimemetic division, it's always been going full SCP

  7. I wonder if the new debuff that works awfully similar to scarlet rot and looks like scarlet rot has something to do with this

  8. Was it confirmed in the manga where the archon residue injected in Collei's body comes from? Cause this guy right here fits the bill if it can be extracted while a god is still alive

  9. Scarlet King... I think I've heard that before anyway isn't it one of the strongest characters in the entire fiction

  10. Wouldn't be surprised if one of the Hoyoverse writing staff is a huge SCP fan and suggested the "Scarlet King" name.

  11. Hope we can fight this Scarlet king in the game.don't know how the MC gonna beat it in the canon story tho, maybe by power of friendship or power of sad backstories I guess idk.

  12. All of the traveler's other victories have used some sort of excuse. Signora was beat because she was the witch of "Embers" instead of flames, implying that she had grown weak. Ei was because of the vision juicing, but even then, fights in the Plane of Euthymia are decided by willpower, not combat prowess or power. Traveler didn't even fight the Shogun, Ei did.

  13. With most of the biggest god-level bosses the traveler has directly had an archon helping them for the fight (Venti vs. Dvalin, Zhongli vs. Azhdaha, and Ei vs. Shogun). At least with Azhdaha and especially Shogun it's implied that the archon was doing most of the fighting; no one even talks about the traveler being part of the battle in either case.

  14. Attention SCP-001 has escape . I repeat 001 has escape this is not a drill . PLEASE CONTACT THE 05 CONCIL IMMEDIATELY

  15. No info, Scarlet King seems the ruler of the desert, a competitor for he archon title in the past like Decarabian and Orobaxi, we don't know if he is still hostile to the Dendron Archon, or if they made a truce.

  16. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was I the only one who almost had a HEART ATTACK ❤️ when they saw first letters (Scar) damn! soooooo close.. will get there one day my fellow scaramouche nation ONE DAY...😓

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