All new 3.0 foods

  1. And yet people insists that sumeru is not based on specific culture. Sorry to burst the bubble but this seems like cultural appropriation.

  2. I was always the guy who said representation never matters but this time after seeing panipuri my mind kinda changed

  3. I shouted "They added Pani Puri to Genshin !" so loudly, that my parents who don't even play started cackling. I am satisfied. But immeasurably disappointed it isn't a five-star dish. So unexpected.

  4. now you're raising my expectations. rasmalai > sawaiyan > kheer/firni so if the others get in, imma be disappointed

  5. In India many people are obsessed with it i personaly am not a very big fan(trynna cope with my health) but its really delicious and mostly everyone loves it

  6. tandoor roast chicken is probably like tandoori chicken?? it's a shame it buffs attack instead of healing. i like dori's rendition of the sauteed/butter chicken a lot more though, looks nice

  7. 📞😐 yes. all of these, one of each, to my room please. medium spicy. yes, mineral water is fine, thank you. please leave the orders at the door. thank you.

  8. crispy fried puri shells that you fill with goodies like potato and beans and onion and then fill with sweet/spicy mint water and eat. It's like an edible water balloon that explodes in your mouth and it's incredibly delicious.

  9. same!!! I googled what it was since it was my first time hearing about it and now I'm curious what it would taste like.

  10. I'm not even Indian but I often get lost in the Youtube rabbit hole of Indian street food videos, so when I saw they added panipuri I immediately remembered

  11. Sadly Indian food isn't popular where I'm from, and I really wanna try butter chicken. So idk what to feel that I can scarf it down in-game but not irl lol.

  12. They put so much effort into this, I’m so glad I stuck with this game. The ROI is incredible. They really pay attention to the little details

  13. Lmao, pani puri, I didn’t expect that dish to be added but I’m happy they did lol. The masala cheese balls sounds like something my mum would make lmao

  14. Can’t wait to see these being recreated into irl food! Some of the people in the community are talented chefs…

  15. I'm trying real hard not to be salty, but there's something extra insulting about seeing brown people food without seeing the brown people who inspired it. It's like when the white kids from elementary school grew up, discovered Indian food, and suddenly were so #cultured #biryani #butterchicken #namaste ✌️👳

  16. Food does not have any unique effects in this game, so having more food is so useless... I wish they reworked the entire food system, for adding more complex effects that does not repeat. Though i think using food is stupid anyway.

  17. Panipuri is exciting, but unfortunately there's no yogurt rice lol, I hope they add it in the future. Is yogurt even in the game currently?

  18. This basically confirms that Sumeru is based on both Middle East AND South East Asia so people can stop using their shitty arguments that most of the people in Middle East are pale and so the characters make sense when people from SEA sure as shit ain't majority pale, but a very small amount.

  19. So Some Iranian, Persian and Lebanese specialities but no Egyptian or North African ones. Hopefully they will come at a later update.

  20. I compiled a list of what you need at a minimum to fully master every new dish on here (since I didn't see anyone else do that yet): 140 rice 135 fowl 125 raw meat 115 spices (new) 100 potato 80 Rukkhashava Mushrooms (new) 75 tomato 65 fish 65 flour 55 Padisarah (new) 50 milk 40 mint 30 beans (new) 30 shrimp 25 cheese 25 roses (new) 20 Zaytun Peaches (new) 20 onion 15 butter 10 mushroom 10 Starshroom The names I've given to the new ingredients here are what I've gathered from the descriptions of the dishes :)

  21. “the dish must be an embodiment of collei’s innermost adoration” WUEHEWWWYEEHDHDIEIDJGHGOFJSBWEUFNDIFID 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Butter Chicken Curry, Spinach Curry, Biryani, and Chicken Tikka/Tandoori. Now I’m craving for Indian foods 🤤

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