Sumeru lore crumbs

  1. Probably has like 6 doctorates lol. Alhaitham would be too powerful as a sage so the council decided to elect him as designated babysitter instead to keep him in check

  2. ' Having personally witnessed raving-mad scholars in the forests of Sumeru and powerful sages sitting underutilized on advisory councils, Lisa realized what uninhibited erudition can really do to a person.

  3. I think I get it now, perhaps the folly in Sumeru is this uninhibited search for knowledge that leads the researchers to madness and stupidity to have their research be acknowledged

  4. I'd rather not have the great sages of the academia be a bunch of tight pants super models in their mid twenties, which is what would happen if they're playable.

  5. I hope its similar to Ayato situation, where we knew there is some influential figure but he was released long time after the events of Archon Quest. Otherwise I don't see much chance in him being playable

  6. Sage of Six Paths aka Al Haitham neg diff Six of Archons, Vision user, Fatui, Celestia and Post Sealed Traveler he is stronger than everyone in his full power except Nahida, Unknown God and Pre Sealed Traveler!

  7. Hey now. At least some of them will have colorful hair like the blue one in the other story leaks

  8. I think this Darshan hasn't been mentioned in game before, so now we know 5/6 of them. It looks like this one is named after Asha Vahishta. I wonder what field of study it represents

  9. Oh, thank you! I was struggling to connect Rtawahist with one of the remaining Amesha Spenta cause of its spelling being like that, but Asha Vahishta has to be the intended match. With its romanizations being either 'asha' or 'arta', and its later Middle Persian name of Ashawahist or Ardwahisht.

  10. I am going to assume at least some of them will be playable, like the fatui. I am not going to hold much expectations until we see them though, they might just end up standing in front me as a npc, lmfao.

  11. I'd kind of been expecting Al-Haitham to be the head of the Akademiya. I'm feeling like Azar is going to be an NPC villain like the Tenryou Commission head was in Inazuma then, since it's been hinted that there are behind the scenes problems in the city.

  12. ninguang also has kinda the same high position so the odds of them being playable is not that low, not to mention we only have a few four stars and five star characters

  13. and Uncle Tian is also a Qixing, yet he uses the typical NPC model. Kanjou and Tenryou Commissioners are also just NPCs. iirc, one of the Favonius Captains is just an NPC as well. but maybe at least one of these Sages will be playable and the rest are NPCs

  14. Wrong. Darshan refers to vision. In some languages like Hindi and Bengali, it can be used to mean literal eyesight too. In mythology, it is mostly used to refer to a vision of a god or a future event, example meeting said god in a dream, or watching a future event (spoiler, if you will, lol) happening in a dream in sort of like a prophecy.

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