If you can change something about a character who and what would you change?

  1. Or at least give me domains/areas where pushing enemies off cliffs is actually a useful combat tactic.

  2. The knockback is just the result of all plunging attacks, but having a split second vacuum like Heizou because of his burst would actually make him fantastic so it counteracts the original effect.

  3. I’d go one further and not make his plunge the main part of his kit. He has beautiful burst NAs and plunging gets far too repetitive. All my unga bunga characters have been benched.

  4. The ability to control where his burst lands would be a huge QoL. Shortening the distance between him and the cast location would also help a lot (more often than not you need to be right next to enemies in most rotations).

  5. This. It wouldn't even ruin balancing, bc honestly xiangling still probably out performs her pyro application in terms of consistency, it would just make klee more fun to play.(although her c4 would have to be reworked)

  6. I was about to comment that, Thoma and Diano. Wanna mention Chongyun he should ascend with Cryo dmg instead of ATK cuz his whole kit is cryo dmg.

  7. Qiqi 4 cryo particle upon E cast. 15% critdmg for teammates while attacking marked enemies. Rework in all her cons

  8. This and I add party shield either in base kit or constellation for co-op. Since he'd be scaling on HP the passive that add damage from HP could be instead adding damage from ER or EM.

  9. Crystalfly do not run away from their archons and they ether come closer to the archons or staying in their place so we can take a close picture with them.. For example the anemo Crystalfly don't run if you are Venti.

  10. The tick rate is fine. The problem is that Mihoyo gave her a custom ICD on it to limit how quickly it can apply Dendro. Giving her the normal ICD would fix the problem.

  11. This is the one thing that must be the most fun part of barbruh kit development. Devs must have laughed their ass out imaging the players freezing every millisecond.

  12. It annoyed me that the mini bombs Klee generates with her skill didn't get sucked up with his burst while Kazuha's did.

  13. I was so dissapointed to find out that Kazuha pulled enemies better than the archon himself. Good thing is it still useful with those triangle machine things.

  14. Give Diluc a better A1 Passive with some kind of Crit DMG increase in some way to make him more competitive with at least Keqing and Tighnari

  15. this is my biggest pet peeve with a lot of characters ngl. when i pulled klee, i expected her burst to stay if i switched with other characters—it’s not attached to her or dependent on her in any way, so why not, right? i was very disappointed to find out this wasn’t the case

  16. Or, what if, you could recover burst energy by cancelling early? This would be a game changer for "burst buff dependent" characters. Make it so that if an ability has, say, an 80 cost, and an 18s duration, then if you cast it and let it run for at least 14 seconds, that's it, you had your value out of it, but if you let it run for 7-14 seconds and then swap out, then you get 20 energy back, and if you swap out in less than 7 seconds then you get 40 energy back.

  17. The problem with Cyno is that his burst lasts too long. It outlasts most support characters buffs, and you end up switching only like 10 seconds into his burst, but by then, he doesn't have enough particles to recharge his burst again. And his skill is just ass outside of his burst, with a long cooldown, so it isn't viable to recharge his burst.

  18. I was thinking something similar, but the AoE comes from synergy with her burst. Marking an enemy means that every attack, now including her own, procs the explosion with no ICD, allowing for multiple enemies to be damaged for each shot, dealing like 60% of the damage of the original shot or something. With CC this could make her burst incredibly useful.

  19. Klee's C4 switching with her actual ult and/or her current ult staying active off-field (seems like nuking should be an inherent part of her kit and we can use more off field pyro application)

  20. Itto: Better rendered muscles... like idc about his arms but his body looks like he just found out about make up and started trying to draw muscles on him

  21. Make Lisa's tap E generate one particle on q 50/50 chance or smth (instead of 0 currently) in exchange for a slightly longer cooldown (2s?). Currently, if you want to burst on Lisa, you'll either have to completely rely on a battery, or you need to actually cast Lisa's hold E, which sucks so fucking bad lmao.

  22. Using Hold E is still worth it even with Dendro, according to the Keqing Mains guide (probably loses a lot of value in single target though)

  23. I would change Layla to a catalyst, she'd be so much more OP + access to prototype amber (she could heal the team), or thrilling tales and also be able to freeze much better and if her constellation added 2-3 seconds to her shield uptime (14s instead of 12s) and increase dmg from her shooting stars as its non existent rn. Also her burst should have a bit more utility such as adding debuff of some kind or something as rn it just adds some cryo application.

  24. The standard 5 stars. They’re getting outclassed considerably, at least beef up their const so that people are okay with getting them if they miss their 50/50

  25. I'm not sure I agree. Diluc is still solid dps. Keqing has become decent again with the introduction of dendro teams. Mona and jean are still popular and used in many teams. So... Qiqi? No one will fight you on a qiqi buff I guess.

  26. I’d honestly prefer it if featured banners gave the option of multiple 4* instead of the standards. I’ve been playing since launch and I don’t want any more cons for them. Meanwhile, the 4* pool is getting deeper and deeper…

  27. Definitely take away the wet from Barbs E, she is an amazing healer and applicator if you remove the wet part.

  28. Make Qiqi's skill generate particles and have both her skill and her burst not have absurd cooldowns. Her kit isn't even that bad in the way it is designed, they were just overly cautious with these variables because they thought healers would be better than they ended up being.

  29. Make Shinobu Geo and give her Gorou's kit.Then make Gorou either Electro or Cryo with a new kit so he can actually synergize with Kokomi.

  30. i would change that passive talent on diluc that extends the charged attacks to something more useful, like maybe a small atk% increase with each tap of the skill before hitting your burst

  31. Change Laylas voice. Not necessarily her VA, just the way she is voiced. She's cute in jo, I love her to pieces but her whining got annoying quick 😭

  32. I would change all my characters to not do the Burst animations. When I combo, sometimes I mistime the end (because of ping, it lags) and then the animation happens and because I f'd up (or lag) I get whacked and my domain times go up ):

  33. Xinyan's E reaches level 3 with two enemies hit baseline instead of needing a passive talent, and her passive instead gives her a level 3 shield when hitting powerful enemies like bosses.

  34. Klee's burst doesn't disappear when she leaves the field. Keep the C4 as is but still allow the burst to stay active.

  35. I'd let Klee's burst work off field (just make her c4 do the dmg on top). She'd instantly become a viable option. Def shred on c2, 2 charge high dmg skill, and excellent offfield burst dmg and pyro application.

  36. Kokomi to be a sword user. I just feel it'd be more fitting for the strategist part of her persona, and give her a more "cool" vibe when she's fighting verus when she's chilling (even if that's more of a facade according to her story quest). I really love when cutesy characters have more dangerous looking weapons. Of course this'd limit her hydro application a little bit so it might bot be a popular one. Also it'd make way more sense in my mind if she also had an alternate sprint. I get why she doesn't but it's really unfortunate considering her theme.

  37. Klee’s burst to work off field and change C4 to provide the same function if you swap back to her after swapping off of her

  38. Make the hp cost for Kuki's skill lower. Or even better, make it so there's none at all. Or make it so the lower her hp, the better the heals. Anything but the 30% hp cost that only helps with having Kuki half dead at any given moment.

  39. XL’s burst doesn’t snapshot and/or immediately disappears if you switch characters. Would ruin tons of teams.

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