What do you think is the most useless passive or constellation on a character?

  1. He constantly bleeds HP during his burst. It's there to help him take a hit some time into it. Similar reason why Hu Tao has an atrociously high base DEF despite scaling best on HP - it's so when in both cases you're skirting south of 50% HP, the points that remain are a fair bit more sturdy than they appear.

  2. Hey now it helped me hitting Windblume balloons with my godawful aim on controller. I dreaded that minigame.

  3. Not if you have a DPS Build :) It turns him into a lethal machine gun while you wait for your CD… I love that con. And it is just cool.

  4. Jean and Diona's utility passives. Same as Barbara that you got for free, and they all about cooking the same dishes so it's useless to have three that do the same thing when one was enough.

  5. At least Jean can make extra Pizzas ALONG with extra signature Pizzas. Same with Diona, who can make extra Grilled Mondstadt Fish along with her signature dish. Barbara doesn't get the luxury of making signature dish clones...

  6. Exactly, I don't LIKE clone passives but I'll tolerate them for the sake of "not everyone has all the characters" but when you have guaranteed that EVERYONE has Barbara and Noelle, why the hell would you clone their passives on multiple other characters which can provide zero benefit.

  7. Doesn’t one of the Sumeru characters have this talent too now? Maybe I’m thinking of another one that got replicated.

  8. Thomas A4 is literally useless bc his pyro damage is mid anyway and his ascension stat is Atk% for some dumb reason

  9. It works, just inconsistence because of spaghetti codes. Good thing is that in her best team (aggravate), she won't stay on field for very long so you will always get that cons work. Still should have been fixed but it doesn't matter much at this point anymore.

  10. It was kinda useful for farming hydro cube pre dendro. Pop her burst down and get all 3 slimes pretty quickly if you switch targets every shot for icd.

  11. Most usless thing is Cryo ascend stat on Diona. Idc but this is really THE worst crime in Genshin. That and giving Chongyun ATK% as ascend stat.

  12. I'd argue Chongyun's Attack% stat isn't as useless when compared to Attack% on Thoma since sub dps Chongyun likes Atk% (although yeah, Cryo Damage Bonus would've been a lot better)

  13. Jean's first passive. Barbara (who we get for free) and Diona both have the same one. I feel like her passive could've been much better.

  14. It made a little more sense at launch because Barbara was only supposed to be free for early players before they decided to make her permanently available for everyone so there could've been situations where someone just didn't roll Barbara and Jean could fulfil the same function. Diona is the real odd duck because she came out a fair bit later and they still decided to effectively not give her a passive.

  15. I really wish they'd revamp the cooking/crafting/forging system and other passives, where instead of choosing someone to do the task, you do it yourself and the passives are always active. Additionally, the more of the same passive you have, the higher level it would be, making having multiple characters with the same ones useful (albeit with some serious falling-off scaling).

  16. I can’t think of who it is right now but there’s a 5 star that has the same passive as a four star too. I think Qiqi?

  17. Qiqi's constellations are like salted earth. Its not enough that she is a consolation prize for a failed 50/50, but all her constellations do nothing to ensure that she never will be better.

  18. I think this was designed when the game wasn't yet determined to be a brainless auto-win-while-invincible game where only offensive stats ever mattered. Remember how battle was at the very beginning, with high shields and all. The game could have taken a skill-based route, with multiplayer dungeons that require an aggroing tank, a healer and 2 dps. Qiqi would have been great as my a self-healing tank that fears hard CC. Melee DPS would have required some tankiness while ranged one wouldn't have that much. Ningguang's shield would have actually been used for protection, rarely for attack unless to knock away a dangerous enemy. Even Amber's decoy would have been useful to allow her to build a little more glasscanon. Think FF14 dungeons with Genshin gameplay.

  19. Those are for reading, not eating. I like their descriptions of exactly how awfully you cooked something.

  20. I only use revival food for the revival bit, so I don't care about the quality, only the quantity, so it's not totally useless

  21. Nah what’s actually one the best food passives imo. It gives you extra food at a higher rate than most other characters and is universal.

  22. I rolled hutao on her first run for the suspicious dish passive. I don't use her much, but cooking sus dishes is fun

  23. I had to search it up because I didn't remember 💀 It did come in handy during the first Dvalin fight though, and that's pretty much it

  24. I know someone who does it and you’d be surprised by how much a shotgun venti does. And I thought shotgun ambers were insane.

  25. I mean lore wise the guy is established as being terrible with money (even before we learn of his true identity), very intrinsically attuned with the earth, and he's more commonly known as the Lord of Geo and a warrior/protector of his people with the spear being his weapon of choice, so his current passive talent makes sense honestly.

  26. A few ideas I had for Zhonglis passive were: Decrease shop prices by about 20%, Chance to give extra enhancement ores when forging, Increase the amount of mora gained from leylines by about 10% (extra 6k mora per 20 resin which would add up)

  27. Imagine if he had a passive that gave a chance of getting double/refunding some elemental character enhancement rocks when crafting at the alchemy table

  28. She was my first c6 and I loved playing her, but the awkward attack string rng, interruptions, and eventual outscaling hurt. I only use her for fun now. If they eventually make an ascended path for 4 stars / old characters I’d love to see her get some buffs

  29. C2 Qiqi. Even with its bonus, her normal attacks have lower multiplier than any other sword user except Albedo.

  30. Diluc's C1 is meant to work with his burst. You also gotta remember that he was an OG character when Mihoyo was trying things out (less heavy enemies, more focus on CCing hilichurls, bandits and slimes.

  31. It's objectively Raiden's no cooking passive. Every other passive or constellation in the game does something, even if that something is useless. Raiden's no cooking passive literally does less than nothing, it prevents her from doing something without any benefit.

  32. It's supposed to be a joke passive. It doesn't negatively anyone because it's not like you can't cook if she's in the party.

  33. That’s not even a passive though. It’s not taking up a talent slot or constellation like all other passives are. She just can’t cook. It’s a joke that is pretty much harmless because it’s not like it’ll ever actually prevent you from cooking.

  34. C1's extra damage is noticeable though, it's around 5k damage each proc. C4 with Hydro is very noticeable, 25% extra ATK is quite a lot if you are running Mistplitter.

  35. I watched a video of diona dps utilizing its cons and the charged attacks hit like 32k+. But i agree with the suspicious dish passive is kinda useless unless it has achievements hehe. I hope someone will do meme builds with other chars.

  36. The charged attack cons? Best part about it is that Diona is still subject to the 2.5 sec ICD, so shooting faster is only useful for the first shot.

  37. For those who do use them her passive is a god sent though because it gives you back a couple of frogs that you have to actively hunt to collect otherwise.

  38. I actually use them a lot because I'm constantly doing the bait big number showcases on raiden/scara bosses

  39. Isn't Bennett's hold-skil generate more particles? I always use it, especially when there is a shield i need to break and he is the only pyro unit in the team.

  40. The only constellations of limited characters i got are on ayaka and god damn her C1 feels so bad. Like bruh 1 less second max on her E cooldown ☠️. Imagine if it was for her burst instead how much it would be better

  41. Yoimiya's charged attack can be useful with some puzzles (it targets torches, elemental pillars and those sealing stones in sumeru, maybe even those heart frames that you shoot with dendrogramas or baloon flowers tho I'm not sure). It's great on controller, or at least better than any 4 star that I have.

  42. I’ve never understood why Xianling—a cook—only buffs one type of dish. Shouldn’t she make everything cooking-related better?

  43. Diona's C4 would've been way more helpful if it did that for other Cryo bow wielders and not just her-- it doesn't make much sense to give a passive like that to someone whose main thing is support and healing.

  44. Getting back ore from crafting weapons. You find tons of them anyway. Rather give us a chance to return the billet even if this chance is about 1-5%

  45. Oh no that's not useless at all. He saved my entire team in the Abyss a few times thanks to his shield+heal. Everyone was nearly dead and Bennett's Q wasn't up yet so I used Kaeya, who had his own shield, healed himself AND generated enough energy for Bennett to cast his Q, saving everyone else.

  46. I got excited for a sec thinking he'd be good for a touch of healing if you run a decent shielder but a bit of damage squeaks through (thinking Layla), but it's only for him :(

  47. when i temporarily ran rosaria instead of yae because shes just like me fr i just skipped to night every time it became morning because the speed boost feels great

  48. Childes c1 does absolutely nothing if you have c6. Also his a1 passive is a scam since it could have been the default duration of his mark from the start.

  49. hmm no even if you have c6, you're not always guaranteed to have your burst up for the reset, the c1 still helps especially in overworld where you barely use the burst or the abyss if you have weak energy regen. also his a1 is reasonable.

  50. any food buff passive. we have like 5 characters that give us a 12% chance to get double healing food, and hoyo keeps giving us more for various other food types. give us more exploration/stamina buffs.

  51. Yae Mikos passive, where she gives you different books form the ones you crafted doesnt seem too useful, especially when you have xingqiu or eula/laylas passives.

  52. What 😂 I love yae mikos passive sometimes when I'm missing only 1 or 2 books but don't have enuf resin to do a whole run I convert other books to get the smol amount I need

  53. Miko's passive is useful during the few times you have more of the supply of the books than what you need (like when you get them as loot/treasure instead of farming for them). I've used her a couple of times for that.

  54. I like her different books one. I normally use it if I'm on my last books of that particular type I need but am wanting to build others in the region.

  55. Bruh Yae's utility passive is one of the best in the game imo. Every region there's one book type that I never need so I can save a bunch of resin from the free books she gives me for the other two types

  56. Mona C2 makes some of her normal attacks trigger a charge attack instead. Last time i used Mona as an on-field carry was when i pulled her during 1.0 while trying to get Venti

  57. I don't have Mona myself, but when they let us play all the event-characters in the GAA-event in 2.8, I quite enjoyed on-field Mona. I remember seeing charged attacks hitting for about 40k, with only her omen debuff and no support from teammates. On-field Mona does seem reasonable to me.

  58. It is actually a good constellation if you use fav book because you want to do like E 1-2 autos then q and it will frequently proc c2 which is more chances at fav procs

  59. Xiao C4. Extra defence when below 50% or something like that. Yeah you know that stat that everyone tries to avoid. Let's put than in an attack scaling character's constellation.

  60. Childe's Passive 1 has always been so weird to me. Why would you need 8 more seconds for a passive that would be on childe all the time. They could have made his skill 38s uptime and gave him something else.

  61. Diona C4. If it affected party members then it'd be amazing, but it's literally just for the psychopaths who play on field Diona

  62. For utility passives, anyone who refunds ores when crafting a weapon. That's the most useless.

  63. Xin yan comes to mind, her whole kit if full of weird passives, it focus on physical damage but she is pyro so she lacks access to the reactions that are good for physical damage.

  64. C1 venti is way worse because you’ll never use his aimed shots in the first place, and then even if you do the constellation is still trash while Zhongli can constantly get two pillars for a DPS increase, which is more noticable when it can resonate more with other geo constructs and saying this as someone who uses Albedo with c1 Zhongli and sometimes Ningguang aswell.

  65. Zhongli C1 is kinda pog because you can trigger 4pc ToTM more reliably and can increase DPS in full geo team IF THE STUPID THREE STRUCTURES LIMIT DIDN'T EXIST

  66. Not really. This is because Venti is used for his burst, so you'll rarely CA with him. Zhongli on the other hand, is used for his skill. C1 makes it so that you can have 2 pillars on the field, which means more procs of 4pc TotM passive (which is actually good if stacked).

  67. Many replies about exploration, etc. for Zhongli's C1, but not enough for the true benefit: creating two pillars for people to climb and jump back-and-forth on in co-op.

  68. Eh even without c6, Ganyu's c2 is far from useless. Especially if you're running a melt team that can be kinda dry on consistent energy flow, the extra particles definitely are appreciated when trying to reset rotations. And for certain bosses that spawn things that need to be destroyed (Electro cube, Raiden, etc), the extra charge is just genuinely helpful regardless. It's definitely not exciting without c6, but it's got its legit uses and isn't mechanically broken/redundant/harmful/borderline useless like other cons can be

  69. I feel like charge attack Fischl would've been used more if the passive was somewhere along the lines of Oz brings down Thundering Retribution whenever Fischl uses a charged attack. Still would be mediocre, but still.

  70. I'm a Zhongli main on my Asian account but I find his 6th constellation kinda sus (the one that heals). Coz you're basically invinsible already or impervious to damage due to very thick shield (at or prior to constellation 5-even earlier at C0) so why a need for healing? Also its useless if you're using the Staff of Homa where its better if you have low health bar.

  71. Zhongli's heals can be useful for Xiao who drains his own HP, fighting corrosion wolves, and all those instances of Zhongli's shield breaking and characters taking damage (if Zhongli is built for DPS, his shield can break easily). As for Staff of Homa, if Zhongli is the one holding it, heals or no heals he will probably be above the low HP threshold almost all the time unless you purposely take hits with Zhongli at the start of the battle (and most players probably won't do this). As for Hu Tao, not every player owns her. Personally, I just hate everything about Hu Tao's playstyle. I mostly use Zhongli with Xiao, Sucrose, and Albedo, and, thanks to Xiao's HP drain, I really wish I had a healer there. I would gladly have some heals in mono geo Itto team as well.

  72. ningguang C4 - walking through E increases elemental res (edit: you don't have to walk through it, still awful)

  73. Amber C1 could've perfectly been extra crit damage instead of a second weaker arrow that can miss on smaller hitboxes

  74. I feel like a lot of the starter characters could use a major rework not even playstyle just make some changes in their kits to keep them viable w new age characters

  75. How bout diona's cryo damage bonus as her ascension bonus? Mix that in with her c4 with the reduced aimed shots with her burst AOE lol

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